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  1. -3 Owner Culture Penalty is Too High!

    Hey, I would like to ask about a possible feature we are thinking about, would it be too much micromanagement if we had an option to exempt towns from taxation to reduce the loyalty penalty.
    No. The loyalty penalty is not unsurmountable, but it does require some town management, which the slash-amd-burn crowd don;t want to bother with.

    Adding this tax reduction option just lets people click a button and move blithely on without having to tend to their subjects.

    Town management in Bannerlord is one thing that sets it apart from Warband, where you could conquer a town, then bim-bam-thank-you-ma'am, ride off in search of more lands to conquer.
  2. Two Handed: Sword vs Axe ?

    It dpends on what my character is going to do wth it. I give my character a big-ass 2H sword for one-hitting bandit bosses and a equally big-ass 2H axe for hacking through the inner gate in sieges.
  3. C'mon Only 2 Kids?

    You just gotta save, wait 10 days(or whatever works for you) in town with her and then re-load and try again until she gets pregnant.
    Don't need relations or wine & sheep or any other nonsense 🤡
    3rd kids chances at 27 isn't too bad, 4th can be annoying though.
    This hits it dead on. You don't have to give them wine and cheese. That is for real women, and I hope out demographic can tell the difference.

    If saving and reloading bothers you because it sounds cheesy (and it is cheesy), Just wait. At 27, the odds are you'll get that third child. Ananda is right -- 4th is iffy.

    Current playthrough without cheesy reloading -- My spouse and I have 4 kids, and brothers and their spouses have 3 and 5. Wives are all too old now, so they are safely in towns governing.
  4. A mod for making high tier armor less expensive

    Do you know a mod which only reduces high tier armor prices?
    I smell cheese.
  5. -3 Owner Culture Penalty is Too High!

    The -3 hit for owning a town of a different culture and the -1 for a governor of a different culture do present a challenge, but there are ways to offset them.

    First, get a governor of the same culture. Either marry someone, or hook one of your brothers up with someone of the same culture. Check for companions of same culture. If you are lucky, you'll find an engineer who fits the bill.

    Having no governor is better than having one of the wrong culture.

    If your loyalty is in the crapper, cancel all production and set daily default to Festivals. This will start pushing your loyalty up.

    Boost your garrison. This will increase security, which increases loyalty.

    When you can build again, build a Fairgrounds to increase loyalty. A fully developed fairground will almost cancel out that -3. Other priority construction -- Orchards (or Gardens in Castle) and Granary, Workshops, Marketplace, Aquaduct. If food is not an issue, start with Workshops to increase Construction.

    Handle every settlement issue and bound village issue to increase security. (Exception - Do not do the ones for gang members, as having these actually increase security.)

    Stay close to defend your villages from raids. Raided villages produce no food, and no food produces unhappy citizens, which will eventually tank your loyalty.

    And if you are in a kingdom, enact policies that increase loyalty. There are several, and these can counteract the -3 malus, too.

    This isn't like Warband, where you could conquer and ignore. In this game, you have to actually be a ruler and take care of your subjects.

    Eventually, you achiev a kind of equilibrium where you don't have to babysit them constantly inluess you are at war. Then you can move on to new conquests.
  6. A mod, a mod!

    I don;t know what is out there, but we need pirates. And pirate ships. In the Carbbean.

    They could call it Bannerlord: Caribbean.
  7. Please fix

    I'll give you the same answer here as when you posted on the steam site --

    What did you expect them to do? Follow Your Sergeant seems to always result in just a charge, or at the very least an advance.

    If you don't want them doing this, put them in their own formation and tell them to follow you.
  8. Food-Prosperity=Bug

    As others said -- reduce the size of your garrison.

    And just let that prosperity decline. Eventually it will drop to an equilibrium where your villages and gardens can support it. 1275 is pretty high for a castle.

    Meanwhile, stick around and make sure no one raids your villages. That will really tank your food supply.
  9. Why is there a time limit for the main quest.

    It was the incredibly fun part, I am surprised people still enjoy the game
    There is just enough new **** trickling in to keep me interested. I start a new campaign about every other update (1.5.5, 1.5.7, 1.5.9).

    But I haven't tried that main quest since way back when Moses was a corporal. I got the banner and created a kingdom, and then everyone and their dog declared war on me. So I haven't gone down that road again since.
  10. Why is there a time limit for the main quest.

    I actually didn't know they declare war upon you once the quest is completed. maybe they just changed a lot of things in the updates.. guess i will find out sooner or later.
    There is a lot of dated, conjectural and out-right wrong information out there. Be careful, especially of the old stuff.

    Originally, you could make a kingdom at tier 3 with the quest, but now that requires tier 4, just like making a kingdom without the quest.

    If you want to enjoy a peaceful period for building your holdings, don't run right out and create a kingdom. Build your towns and whenever you go to war to take something, immediately negotiate peace.
  11. Why is there a time limit for the main quest.

    hrhi260 wrote -- " , , , if you do manage to complete the quest the enemy faction declares peace upon you, so you have an easy start as a king, "

    Where did you get this information? As far as I have heard, it is impossible to complete the quest. Pursuing it just guarantees unending war with half the factions, and this never stops.

    You are better off taking a town, then negotiating peace like I described.
  12. Why is there a time limit for the main quest.

    You can just ignore the main quest entirely. It is not required for creating your own kingdom.

    I do not think you have to start over unless you just want to. If you start over in sandbox, you will not have the benefit of recruiting your brothers and sister because that quest does not exist in sandbox. Those family members can be very helpful/

    To create a kingdom, you need to be independent (not a mercenary or vassal), your clan must be level 4, and you must own at least one fief. Then the Create ingdom button on your clan page will work.

    It is possible to take a town or castle by yourself. Make sure you are independent, then be on the lookout for a fief that either has changed hands recently or is in rebellion. It will likely have a very depleted garrison, then attack. A town in rebellion is the best because (1) no r5elation hit for starting a war, (2) no army will come to rescue it, and (3) it's a town, so it will make more money.

    Once you take it, find a lord from the faction that owned it and offer peace. You can probably get peace pretty cheap (under 50k even) with no tribute to pay. Lords do not take American Express, but they do accept those javelins you've been cheesing.

    Now that you have a fief (let's assume you got a nice town), and you have managed to negotiate peace, you can start preparing to create a kingdom, and you can do it in peace because as long as you don't have a kingdom, no one will declare war on you. Watch for another town to take, grow your army, increase your income, and soon you'll be ready to declare your place among the big dogs.
  13. Leave in Settlement function is fubar -- They don't stay where you left them

    Well, this really bites brown air. I own two towns, and I have two ladies assigned as governor. They are married to my brothers, and I want my brothers to stay in the town to impregnate their spouses. But no -- they wander from one town to the other, and I spend my time riding back and forth from Tyal to Amprela. Sucks.
  14. Leave in Settlement function is fubar -- They don't stay where you left them

    The problem: When I use the Leave in Settlement function to put someone in a settlement, they do not stay where I put them. Thus, when I appoint someone as governor and want to leave their spouse in the same town so they can have babies, the spouse does not stay put. Instead the spouse teleports...
  15. sandbox mode - lack of siblings

    Wah, wah, wah! When we said we wanted a sandbox with no quests, we didn't really mean no quests. We really meant sandbox with the nice quests.

    Choices are -- (1) Sandbox with no quests . . . period.


    (2) Storyquest with . . . quests.

    Suck it up and quit whining. You all got what you asked for.
  16. In Progress Ok, fine, I'll just do it myself!

    I smithed a big-ass axe that I use just for chopping down that inner gate.

    The most irritating thing is that they boys bust down the outer gate, then walk off, and then when I start hacking at it, they see that th boss is doing their job and come back and get in the damn way.
  17. Is Smithing fixed/nerfed yet?

    Question -- If you all dislike smithing so much, why don't you just not smith things. Nobody makes you do it.
  18. It has been 355 days since the release of this game and Siege battles still do not work

    I've recently been having a problem that after the outer gate is destroyed the men stand around and don't take out the second gate.
    I just carry a big ol' two-handed axe and hack that gate down myself.
  19. Sandbox/campaign lifetime kills

    What a waste of the electrons required to compile, store, and retrieve that particular piece of totally useless data.
  20. Acquiring Elite Horses

    The horse-finder perk will occasionally nab them for you.
    I've received some pretty nice horses from that and even a couple of camels.
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