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  1. VC Completed [EU] Suisse Saturday: VC Event [Accepting Admins]

    Sorry for today guys, was out today. I will make sure I can do the next event!
  2. Mercia best troll clan EU.

    jingeking said:
    Even then the time he thinks i blocked 11 attacks i only fought 6 people, ; ),  last round of the match and i won it by me self
    gg no re
  3. Mercia best troll clan EU.

    Modified: Personal Information shouldn't be posted, If you have any problem fix by your own.
  4. [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Sharky1510 said:
    I think we are just waiting for a patch to fix the game before it continues
    Style told me on steam, he is waiting for the new patch. So after it he will continue.
  5. Huscarl Clan

    RobinWar said:
    ga weg
  6. Huscarl Clan

                                                                                                                                      HUSCARL CLAN!!! (Official Name) Members! Huscarl_Mard_Odos    (Not Sodo)                                                                                             ...
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