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    [BEAST 5] Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name:Keyboard Warriors
    Name of player(s):Domcio
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    [Beast #5] Division B -Weekly Matchups

    KW vs BROs Sunday 13.6.2021 20:00CEST
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    Suggestion: change management team

    Poor managment indeed.But what's worse they are getting paid for being unproductive.I wonder if the CEO of TW reads the forums to see how bad things are turning.
    I got fate that eventually developers will be supervised upon what they do.They must have dealines and goals.Right now they are just working and for most of the stuff there is no deadlines which is exactly why everything is happening so slow.
    Features that were in testing and to be released very soon are still being delayed like duel mode.It was almost ready in final testing 5 months later nothing.Just proves they can't make a gamemode that was 80% complete 4, 5 months ago ready for release.
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    An open letter from the (non-existent) server community

    Summer 2022 you will get custom servers until then beg TW for a server for the event you wanna host for the community.
    They can hire an event manager who can host like 7,8 events a week for the community but they are -fellow humans-
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    Why 24.09.2021 will be the last day I play this game

    Apri we need you to make BEAST Statistics bro you can't leave us.
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    Taleworlds, it's time to shut down this multiplayer

    Recently there was a combat test in the beta state of the game with a lot of changes towards the combat and other things. They are working on adding a really big MP update.I must agree with all of you that they are one of the slowest dev teams ever but they are working on big changes have some patience.
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    Player Addition

    Team Name:Keyboard Warriors Dark
    Name of player(s):
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    [Beast #5] Class restriction vote

    Clan/Team: Keyboard Warriors
    Do you want to impose a class restriction? No
    If a class restriction is imposed, which restriction do you prefer? 2
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    Player Addition

    Team Name:Keyboard Warriors Dark
    Name of player(s):
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    Hi my name is Chaotic

    When the Taleworlds community needed such a post he showed up.
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    Glitched spot on Xuana and port - Player punishment needed

    For context here is how long it would take to fix

    That was a good one haha.
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    Glitched spot on Xuana and port - Player punishment needed

    It's been reported long ago and the position is not that great.I mean I don't blame the guy and I don't think he deserves to be punished because I've seen many players abuse it and even I tried it with my friends for fun couple months ago.All you can hope for is for NIN3 to fix it because he is one of the guys responsible for the Multiplayer maps.

    Also next patch we will be able to kick players finally it took only 1 year for Taleworlds to add Kick poll.
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    The game state compared to a year ago

    Don't worry guys.The community will take over the development and create new multiplayer like the russians who created Bannerlord Online.
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    Week 5 Sign up

    Keyboard Warriors Dark

    Set 1 Empire
    Set 2 Khuzait
    Set 3 Sturgia
    Set 4 Battania
    Set 5 Vlandia
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    EU Skirmish In-progress NEW BEAST#5 Sign up thread

    Team Name:Keyboard Warriors
    Team Tag:[KW]
    Contact 1:
    Contact 2: Metal-Luca

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    Heavy Inf

    #MakeHeavyInfCost150 #NewPatchSoonPls #HeavyInfBullied
    Also Vlandia Heavy inf is the worst atm. When it comes to the sword and mace, they are terrible.I made a post about it already.Buff the mace to 93 speed or increase damage to 59 and reduce speed to 88 and for the sword increase the speed to 91 and dmg to 71.
    I say that based on the matches I played because despite the state of heavy inf I still play mainly heavy in official matches.Apart from Vlandia the other heavy inf is pretty okay.
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    week 4 sign up

    Keyboard Warriors Dark

    Set 1 Empire
    Set 2 Khuzait
    Set 3 Sturgia
    Set 4 Battania
    Set 5 Vlandia
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    [Poll] Do you think it is too late for Taleworlds to redo the class system?

    What I would do if I was in charge of making multiplayer "popular" again.
    • Multiplayer becomes a FREE TO PLAY standalone from the singleplayer. This would immediately boost the population, and advertises the singleplayer.
    • You have 3 currencies. "Gold, EXP Points, TWGold".
    • Gold would purchases equipment. This equipment can be saved as "loadouts" in the armoury.
    • EXP Points would be invested into attributes. You would have several characters to choose and customize.
    • TWGold would be "purchasable" ingame currency that would buy cosmetics, extra slots, etc. things that are NOT giving a steep ingame advantage.
    • Everyone would have the same amount of Gold/EXP Points when creating loadouts/characters. Balance of items/stats would be much more precise.
    • Matchmaking is now RANKED ONLY. The modes you could queue for would be 1v1 duels, 2v2 swobos and 6v6 skirmish.
    • Loading into a game would have your "characters" on the left, "loadouts" on the right. You can mix and match as you like. Every respawn would bring up the same screen.
    • At any point in a game you can edit your loadouts. Characters can only be edited in the armoury.
    • If this is confusing for new players there would always be default loadouts/characters combos they can choose that are familiar to anyone, e.g. Sturgian Huskarl, Vlandian Knight, Battanian Fiann, etc.
    • Custom server game modes would have Battle, Captain, Deathmatch, Siege, and combinations like Siege Battle, Siege Captain, etc.
    • Proximity voice chat implemented and disabled by default but able to be turned on in options, polls available on custom servers, report system for matchmaking.
    • Seamless mod support, steam workshop integration allowing you to click on a server hosting a mod and your steam automatically downloads said mod for you before joining the server.
    Mount&Blade Bannerlord MP free? That's never happening
    Your suggestions are nice and are aiming to make the game just like Mercenaries.
    However, if we have to speak from a realistic point of view. TW must release battle mode + battle mode clan matches through the clan system, add ranked matchmaking(with ranks),Host E-sports tournaments 5-6 times a year with small prizen pool like 1200 euro for example and discount the game to 20 euros to bring many new players.
    Having E-Sports scene with money on the line and twitch streams will attract all the teams from Warband who are still hesitating to move to Bannerlord due to the state of the game.Also perhaps speaking to your CEO to assign more people to work on the MP will help you polish the game to a finished product quicker.
    @AVRC @NIN3
  19. DeathBG

    Bump + Hits needs to FK off from this game

    I don't mind the mechanic. It's pretty annoying but it takes a lot of skill to use it well.But bump + menavlion = destruction :grin:
  20. DeathBG

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    Any plans on finally starting to develop properly and release some good stuff?
    Nah they are too busy concentrating most of their resources towards SP. MP can wait another decade I suppose.
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