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  1. [Announcing] Hundred Years War: 1357

    Gods we need a version of this for Bannerlord.
  2. [Announcing] Hundred Years War: 1357

    Yeah, likewise, I really love 100 Years War, and I'd like a version for Warband.

    Man, was it fun to have an Army of 100 Billmen, and just have htem form a line as Cavalry charged...was rape!
  3. Am I the only one who gets headaches while playing Half-Life?

    ...honestly, you get motion sickness from such a game? Or from any game for that matter, how weird are you? I know that's offensive, but I mean, it's a VIDEO game, and it doesn't even have motion blur that would make you feel sickly.

    More modern games these days are 10x faster paced than the Half-Life series, infact, the Half-Life series is even "Slow-Paced" in a sense.

    Portal doesn't give you motion sickness, but Vanilla HL2 and HL do? That can't be right.

    Team Fortress is also much more fast paced...

    Then again, I had no idea people got motion sickness from  a video game...only seizures and bloody eyes. :razz:
  4. Sieges- Definitely Need the Most Attention Before Release

    With the latest release of NVIDIA's Drivers, CUDA can use PhysX(and the FPS is amazing, in the Game to test it, when I had 8-20FPS before, I now have 50-60FPS almost constantly)

    Since most people own a NVIDIA card, I think it'd be great, maybe in M&B 2, cause I think it can't be put into this one(Engine Limitations), if you included PhysX and you could use Siege weapons to actually rip apart parts of the castle with Siege Weapons...that'd look so epic, you'd see a part of the wall fall, and the men on it screaming as they're crushed and whatnot, and the one guy who was ontop of them all, and is still alive, and goes F**K when he looks at your archers.

    Just an idea, Havok was good, but PhysX Physics seem to just be the best ever, currently, that is(Of course, you could disable or enable it, like some games do) It'll probably replace Havok, as I think ATi is even going to support it(I read about how they were working on Havok on theirs, but dropped it, it appears most people now see PhysX as the top, so probably in 2-3 years, most cards will have a way to enable it, and you won't need a PPU)
  5. Cars, and normal units...and massacre.

    Army of Darkness Mod...that the best M&B mod ever if done right.

    "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun"
  6. Graphical Enhancement 2.5, version 3 is in Pioneer's Guild.

    You are a God sir. I always hated the Grass, and you seem to have everything just right. It'll impact my FPS surely, but I guess I'll get a GFX card update soon ~ so yeh. Good job.
  7. Cars, and normal units...and massacre.

    ...When I said knocked down, I meant in the game, on a horse, I charged and hit 10 guys down...not in real life. Still, funny what you said, made me chuckle.

    Of course it'd be hard, but hilarious like you said, I could imagine so much funny stuff happening...I mean, they'd all be normal medieval soldiers...n you'd just be in a Car...but one that is fast, power and can withstand tons of hits :razz:
  8. Cars, and normal units...and massacre.

    Anyone think it would be funny, this wouldn't be a serious mod obviously, but a maybe a mod that puts a Car into the game, with like, invincible stats and whatnot, whatever it takes, but ALL other units stay the same, except maybe the Lords...and you can just mow down people in your car, or...
  9. SP Fantasy Thalania (RELEASED for .960) (Updated 22/08, see bottom)

    I'm really confused on why people have trouble with it too.

    The other day, I was helping someone over the net download something and they said it was a .rar file(And claimed to have been on the net for years, and never heard of it...)

    So I tell them to download it, install, and extract the .rar, I say it's like .zip(Which they know nothing of again it seems)

    People say "I'd rather just download the files direct" or something, even though WinRar not only makes the file smaller, sometimes even by half, it has all the files neatly assembled into one little place(YOu can't upload Folders!(And not everyone can make an installer program)

    WinRar's extraction time, on any decently modern PC is not that long. Files under 100MB, which most mods on here are, take about...5 seconds or less to extract sometimes...and for people with Dialup, half the size of the file to download is pretty nice.
  10. Sieges- Definitely Need the Most Attention Before Release

    An Army of 500 men or so would easily have at least a ladder per 100 realistically. The Bottleneck was true, but they had a handful of ladders usually.

    One Battering Ram was the usual, maybe a backup, but not always.

    Siege Towers I'm not so sure about, because I've never really seen them outside of Video fact I never really knew they existed, never read about them in History books...
  11. Siege force thread

    But at the rate they die, and the training rate, it's almost like no loss at all. They are the most pwnage of people on Foot. They easily rape Cavalry too. :razz:

    They have a longbow, a axe, and a sword, they pwn. :razz:
  12. Full version complete?

    Yeah, you're all acting like M&B won't get patches / hotfixes or updates....
  13. Siege force thread

    I take 65 Nord Huscarls with me. I usually have 3 knocked out, and 1-2 dead,even in a castle of 200+

    IT's really easy with them.
  14. First Impressions (Long post)

    This game falls along the line of Medieval Simulator, and probably only 1/1000 people back then actually looked good. After enough fiddling around, I have a guy who looks like Jean Reno, so that's cool.

    Don't expect Graphics to get much better with 1.0. Mods will help, but 0.960 is very close to the 1.0's release and as such, it won't drastically change into better Graphics.

    I currently think the world has a very real, dark, and ominous feel to it, and I like it, I don't need Ultra-bloom, unrealistic lighting like Oblivion or so.

    The GE 2.0 Project has some amazing things being doen, go check out that page right now - The latest Screenshots look damned amazing.

    The Graphics were purposely toned down by the devs because even with a strong system, this game can slowdown significantly / crash with a few hundred troops(Anything over 400 like me, it gets down to 25-30FPS, playable, but it will crash alot)
  15. Ladys

    I had TWO ladies in my Castle, BOTH had no WHO I was, and I had about 1200 Re-known, more than twice the most Known King in the game...and they were in MY Castle...I just lol @ stuff like that...must be a game error.

    I wanted to kick them out "Don't know who I am, but you feel free to stay in MY CASTLE?! GET OUT!" lol.
  16. First Impressions (Long post)

    Realistic Steel Textures you may wanna hold off on, they are far to shiny right now.

    I agree with most of what you said, except the graphics, I think they are rather nice...nowhere near as crappy as you say. Buff them out with the mods as you said and they can look really good.You'll be happy when you're in a battle of a few hundred men and don't have Crysis Graphics(CPU fry / GPU fry anyone?)
  17. Rebellion

    I have a plan. I will conquer all the Kingdoms but one, force that Kingdom into one Castle...then join that Kingdom. (And fight against my previous Kingdom, which will control all area's except for the single one I left, which will be the one at the Center of the map, so that all the Lords will swarm thar, and a fight more Epic than anything will ensue!

  18. Mini-map mod?

    Information like that doesn't actually seem public, I just tried it and yer right, it's not the best of Mini-maps, but eh, that is one unusual key. I did read the COntrols once before, but never saw that option.

    Honestly, I don't think alot of people know about it :razz:
  19. How much troop (and what type) do you guys garrison your town/castle with ?

    Rebel Lord, two Castles, about 450 in one, 250 in the other, mostly high tier troops too, so if I took about 300 of them(They could all be Knights!, I could pretty much pwn any Kingdom in the land, lol)

    Overall, I don't station troops to protect castles, I more or less do it so I can go round up a ton of recruits and actually have Semi-hard battles, LOL.

    Seriously, I have over 150 Knights and 170 top-tier's just no fun with such troops.
  20. Why M&B will probably not sell as well as you think.

    If even say, 20,000 units of this game sell, which they may of already, that's amazing for an indie game.

    300k downloads on that one site, say if even a SMALL portion of them actually BUY it, then they've already made their quota I assume. People are over-shooting sales figures...most games don't sell 100k+

    If this game reaches the 50k mark, it can be considered very well sold.

    Although 50k is abit if a farshoot, who knows, this game is doing very well as is.

    Like said, a small 300MB ~ or so game fully installed, has more than most 4GB + games have...that's amazing. I'm not saying this game will be the best selling ever, or even break any records lol, but it will NOT FAIL. I just joined a few weeks ago, but I'm addicted to it so much, and games like Mass Effect had my addicted for 3-4 days, and then I beat it and it was so boring.

    This game is cheap, low system requirements, addictive, and unique = Good things to have for a game, and it shows it'll sell well, or at least reach a "Cult Classic" level.
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