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  1. Resolved [1.5.6]Marrying off clan members is now possible???

    The uploaded video says all! an attempt at marriage between Nathanos and Itariaa I tried to marry my brother to Itaria, but the old cow Viviana wants to get married first. Ok I thought and decided to sacrifice Nathanos, but .... pls watch the video and judge for yourself.
  2. AI behavior and some other balancing issues!

    Hello. AI behavior during a war, still problematic, although, TW claims it has been fixed. Also some other issues. Some examples: Quest given by Istiana. but istiana is already dead :smile:)))) Khuzait are crushed! but my clans do not want to fight. Every day my clans want peace and I...
  3. AI Behavior is a gamebraker!Please fix it!!!!

    Hello.I am in the final stage of the game, but it is not possible for the campaign to be completed in another 10 generations. My kingdom is a leading force in Calradia. I can crush my enemies in no time. And here comes the problem !!!!! As example:My clans are proposing that we declare war on...
  4. Just it's not my game

    Warband was a great game and I still playing it. This thing is very far from the greatness of Warband. Bannerlord must be role-strategy game but I am forced to play only one role and only one strategy. The player has no choice . What I mean? 1. The concept of the game is vulgar. After every...
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