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  1. Could you give us cinematic prebattle scenes (QOL)

    Hey guys, as this is the suggestions thread, this is just a quality of life suggestion. Could it be possible, to give us cinematic prebattle scenes, representing weather, armys and terrain. Would be so nice to have a camera flying over the battlefield before battle. With some closeups of some of...
  2. In Progress Weierd moving textures are back in 1.5.10

    Sorry, yes. I will record it. Its just that textures seem to be kind of floating if I walk past them. But I'll find another hideout and try to capture it.
  3. In Progress Weierd moving textures are back in 1.5.10

    Summary: The weierd moving textures are back in at least Aserai Hideouts How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Nope Scene Name (if related): Aserai Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: RTX 2070 GPU Driver Version: DCH 461.40 CPU: AMD Ryzen...
  4. Value for visiting town scenes

    Just a quick thought about the value of visiting town scenes. I know, it might be discussed already, but it's just a quick thought of mine as I started a new try with 1.5.10. Entering towns and taverns can already be a benefit if you're looking for trade deals by talking to people. Especialy in...
  5. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Maybe there should be some sort of system that justifies executions. A bounty system of sorts. The more a lord raids your villages/sieges your castles, and kills your companions/family members/lords, the less the relation penalty should be for executing him. It would be cool to see a little icon depicting such information on a lord so that you know who's F-ing you over the most. Can give it colors like this: green (no bounty, unjustified execution), yellow (slightly justified), orange (highly justified), red (extremely justified).

    People that just raid your villages etc (petty things)would justify for an execution, but definitely not as much, but it can stack up in time if they do it a lot for years. As for killing your family/lords, it would reduce penalties of killing the lords a lot more, making it more of a justified execution. But the same way, if you execute a lord that hadn't really done anything to you directly or very little then the penalties would be more severe. And we also need their traits to matter [-honorable (good traits) + positive relations] with you would decrease probability for them to do actions that would make their execution justifiable (but there's still a chance), and [dishonorable (bastard traits) and - negative relations] would increase likelihood of them doing such actions. It's not too in-depth or complex, it would just breathe some well-needed life into the world... otherwise I don't understand the point of having traits to begin with, if they don't influence anything apart of some dialogue success chances...

    The same way a player should be punished - if he just goes around and executes everyone and raids/pillages, then the lords owning certain fiefs/or faction rulers will find it justifiable to execute the player eventually if they manage to capture him. They could also hire mercenaries to specifically go after high-bounty targets. And finally we would have some main character deaths... The bounty would increase more the more renown you get, as well. But if you killed a bunch of lords you would also gain more renown from that. I mean, this system can be really cool if TW just considers the ideas a bit! If they do this then justifiable executions would be a more preferable idea of characters dying rather that dying so easily on the battlefield. Yes, death on battlefield should also happen, but make them more rare. And executions (by both player and lords) would make for a very interesting and dynamic relation system going on. The more "bastard" a lord is, the more chances he does unjustified executions as well, so you better watch out not to lose to such, or your heir might have to revenge you one day and you won't live to see it. I mean, they can make such a good system, it feels like a shame not to try to implement it.
    Agreed! As there is absolutly no religion in the game, which is a shame (even though I'm an atheist), a feud system would bring so much "life" to this medieval sandbox.
  6. Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    I don't get you guys. How can you abuse retreating and then complain about it? If you play it like that and don't enjoy that part.. it's your own fault..
    As I said, I'm weak. :wink: In warband I liked to play - can't remember the correct name - but something without manual saving. Meanig, if you did something, you had nothing to go back to. But I also belive, exploits can ruin a game experience. like smithing, archers and such. because you start taking risks you wouldn't take otherwise. Even the knowledge of possible exploits alters the way you play (Try Subnautica in Hard Mode and you know what I mean :wink: )
    Anyway, my point is there are probably tons wrong with defending a siege like that retreat option that no one is even aware of and talking about because most of us never defend sieges. I think I have had 2 defenses in almost 400 hours of gameplay.
    That's why I mentioned it. Can't hurt having as many of these things fixed as possilbe and especialy this one, even if it might be lowest priority, as it could be fixed verry easy.
    And I'm not one of those guys who is realy emotional about the game. I mean, I like it a lot, but it's EA and I knew it, when I bought it. Already spend more hours in it than in many other games. So even if all of those many things that need to be fixed in my opinion, wouldn't get fixed, I'd still say "hey, we had a nice time, lets play something else" :smile:
  7. Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    Yes, archers are op. But I belive, that will change someday. Make take some time as Balancing isn't trivial. Retreating could just be removed. For sieges maybe until we get keep battles, for field battles the fast retreat should be removed for good. I mean, there already is an order to retreat but I never used it so far. Why should I, as it comes with higher risk of casualties.
  8. Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    works for field battles with archers too
    Yes. Retreating seems to be the most powerful weapon right now 😂
  9. Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    Okay. I'm defending castles and towns the whole time. Every time a caslte or town gets attacked, I just go there, break in to help the defenders end exploit the hack out of the catapults. I belive, it's so bad, because (after +800h) I can't remember, when I last lost a castle or town. Might happen, if you have them spread out over the map and you can't reach them in time. But if you keep them close together, you just don't loose any estates anymore. And I know, there is no need to use this exploit, but hey, I like my home and am kind of weak 😅. Ruins the game for me though as it takes all the thrill.
  10. Exploiting Siege Engines as a defender

    First, I like the way, how effective siege engines are right now. Especially on defender side. It means as an attacker you have to build some too, or your towers and your ram will be destroyed in no time. Nice so far. But in combination with retreating as a defender this means you can hold any...
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    I'm curious how it can be executed. If brother marries and get a kids , sister, younger brother , children after 18 - if they all marry and get kids, well , I guess our clans gonna have like 50 clan members . I don't think tw gonna do that.
    There already is the dialog option to offer your childrens hands. You needed to talk to the candidate but it was a dead end. At least has been since I played last (1.5.3). And as caradia is a deadly place for little ones on the battlefield, I couldn't **** as much to keep my lineage prosper. :grin: Of course I could keep them safe, but who would want to have all these little Joffreys running around? So I don't think that the clans will grow that much.
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.5

    "AI marriages to occur over time"... Nice! But this does not mean, we can arrange marriages for our children yet, right?
  13. Resolved Party still around (somewhere) after death of companion

    I have been informed that this issue is fixed on our development branch and the fix will be implemented with the upcoming patches. Thanks for reporting!
    Thanks for the update! :smile:
  14. Resolved Party still around (somewhere) after death of companion

    Might be related to this, but when Companions in my Party die with an assigned role, this role vanishes and can't be reassigned to another companion.
  15. Resolved Party still around (somewhere) after death of companion

    I solved the ıssue by fıghtıng the party as I found them. But I fear ıt hapened agaın. Thıs tıme I made an extra save fıle. The Party of my dead companıon ıs stıll ın my Army (Agdıl the Lucky) but not lısted as a Party anymore whıle stıll blockıng my Partyslot. As soon as I dısband my army, the only way to get rıd of thıs party ıs by fıghtıng them. I just send you the fıle vıa the lınk. Hope ıt worked (never done ıt before :wink: )
  16. Resolved Party still around (somewhere) after death of companion

    Summary: A Companion of me, leading his own party, died in battle. His Party though stayed in my Army with about 14 men. After disbanding my army this little party wandered arround and is now blocking one of my partyslots. (says 4/4 but only showing 3 on my clan screen). I saw them once and...
  17. Tutorial Coding Creating a quest

    Just a verry short question, as my coding knowledge is basic at best. Is there / or will there be a simple way of creating own quests? Like, I don't know, some kind of framework or guideline enabling potentialy talented writers with limited to no coding experience to create own quests.
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