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  1. maxoverload91

    Unresolved [e.1.0.1] Horses climbing ladders

    This happened yesterday but I forgot to upload it. I had this happen when I was defending in a siege, and all the attackers' cav? nobles? came through with their horses. Even after the rider died, if I hit fast-forward after getting downed, the horses would climb the ladders. Also I don't have a...
  2. maxoverload91

    Unresolved [e1.0.2] Steward Perks don't work (Most perks don't work)

    I've taken two steward perks that should give me, as clan leader, bonus influence (Supreme Authority and Prominence). However, neither of them seem to do anything. My current influence gain is +3: +4 from notables because the kingdom I'm in has Council of the Commons as a policy and I have a...
  3. maxoverload91

    [e1.0.2] Governors not learning steward skill.

    Just what the title says. The text ingame says you should build projects and buildings in the settlements for governors to earn XP but my companion who I made governor hasn't earned any even though she should be gaining at least a little (she has INT 1).
  4. maxoverload91

    [Suggestion] Resource tooltips should show what they are used for

    I'm having a hard time figuring out what cotton is for, for example - wool from sheep, linen from flax, velvet from silk, but where does cotton go? Also if wool is just a byproduct from sheep made at the village itself, what does a wool weavery do? There are no hops in the game, so does grain...
  5. maxoverload91

    Unresolved [e1.0.2] Blue ?Pathing? Patch visible in entrance of Onira

    As the text says - there's a weird blue patch on the ground that fades in and out near the entrance of Onira some meters past the gates. It's on the left side of the road. I figure this is something from the game's pathing tool? If you go in the gates and go straight from there towards the...
  6. maxoverload91

    Unresolved [e1.0.1] Can't play tabluts with nobles

    Description: There's a noble (Arwa, Southern Empire) visiting my castle (Jogurys Castle) but I can't seem to get her to play Tabluts. I even tried pushing her so she was right next to the table and that didn't work. After I make the suggestion to play, she changes her pose but doesn't walk to...
  7. maxoverload91

    [Suggestion] AI Armies need to pick up more food before making an army

    I'm running into an issue where the AI doesn't bring enough food for sieges, so they just eat my food. Fortunately I've learned to carry around a lot of food, but watching an army fall after two to three days of travel and five or six days of siege doesn't seem intentional. Currently I end up...
  8. maxoverload91

    Need More Info [BUG] Invalid damage type for thrown axes

    Just noticed this a while ago, but I've been enjoying playing so much I delayed sending it in. Image here:
  9. maxoverload91

    Possible Bug report - Duplicate armor with Civilian Outfit

    I don't know if it's intentional, but I can get duplicates of my starting armor by opening the civilian outfit tab and stripping my character. I can also get duplicates of the much higher power tutorial brother's armor by doing this. It only works once of course, so it's not a full exploit, but...
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