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  1. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    Sorry about that, fixed the mirror link:

    tommylaw said:
    can i use this to change town garrsion sizes?

    Nope, You'll need to wait for the module system to do that.

    Sorry I don't have time to support this any more, but my suggestion to anyone wanting to edit the 1.003 map:  Back up your parties.txt and module.ini, as the current version of the map editor may well mess them up.  I would suggest working in a separate mod (ie make a MapEditor module) then just copy the map.txt file over to the module you are actually making.  I'll fix it at some point, but for now that's the best suggestion I have to offer.
  2. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    Ok, so I just uploaded a minor patch.  It should add support for loading older BRFs.  This should make the porting process a little easier for some of you.  Note that it will still only save in 0.950 format, so you cannot really use it for creating mods for older versions of M&B.

    Also note that this is again a very quick fix.  At the moment I can only manage to spend maybe an hour or 2 every couple of weeks working on M&B projects, and although some people may not realize it, it takes quite a lot of time to keep something like BRFEdit up to date.  Especially when you consider that I have no source code to know what the BRF files contain.

    It is also kind of unfortunate that I got half way through re writing most of the rendering engine, and then ran out of time.  So yes, there are lots of bugs, and some features that don't work at all, and I apologize for the delay in getting things sorted out.
  3. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    I guess the map editor doesn't support Vista.  Oh well.

    I suggest you upgrade to Windows XP anyway... if possible.
  4. Grab 3D models from any openGL/DirectX apps

    There are a number of programs which have similar functionality.  If your interested, you may want to try out this one that I've been working on recently:

    It has a lot of other features for DirectX debugging and analysis as well, but if you hit Ctrl-Z to enter the frame debugger, then hit Ctrl-D it will go through the frame and dump it to an Obj file.  You can also right click textures used in the frame and save them out as well.  It places everything in <app dir>/DXExplorer

    The scene dumping is pretty under developed (I've been focusing on all the other features - scene dumping is just a minor part of what the tool is for) but it somewhat worked with M&B last time I checked.  It's not really likely to work with very many other games though.

    You can always use BRFEdit to get content out of M&B anwyay :wink:
  5. Module System for version 0.960

    Great to see the latest module system in the hands of modders again.  Nice work Armagan.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with :smile:
  6. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    Just uploaded a new version which should work with 0.95x and 0.96x.  Let me know if you find any major issues with it.  I haven't really had any time to test it. :wink:

    spiritwind:  Looks like your module.ini file could have some errors in it.  Take a look at the values for map_min_x etc at the top of the file, and check they look correct.
  7. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    Fei Dao said:
    More details on my problem - Some old brfs can import/open correctly, some can't. The ones that open, the textures don't show up, they just turn into a pink blob. Under the texture tab, it is blank.

    The other old brfs, I get a plethora of error messages, and then the textures load, but the meshes don't appear.

    Ugh... If only I backed up my old brf edit version. (Please, does anyone have it?)

    Try: ( This one had some issues still though)
  8. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    Ok, really quick hotfix so that it mostly works with 0.95x.  Animations etc are broken again of course (And I'll be waiting for 1.0 to fix them), but meshes, materials etc should mostly work.

    You may also notice that BRFEdit now displays normal mapping pretty much as it appears in game.

    Have fun, and sorry I don't really have any time to provide any kind of support at the moment.  Feel free to post any issues you have though, and I'll look into them whenever I can.
  9. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    Hi all,

    Sorry, but chances are I might not be updating this until M&B 1.0 is out.  Armagan has been further changing the skeleton format, so any work I do on getting the current format working, is likely to be thrown away once we get the 1.0.  And in any case. 0.903 doesn't fully support custom skeletons yet anyway.

    I may try to get 0.8.5 to a more usable state, but to be honest I'm not sure if I'll even have time for that.
  10. Recommended Adobe Photoshop tutorials

    Here is a good one:

    Seriously though, 3d total has some fairly good photoshop tutorials in their tutorial section:
  11. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    A map of that size should work... have you tried just backing it up, and creating a blank map of the same size to see if that works?

    As Highlander says though, that error is usually for when the map is too large, or too dense.
  12. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I haven't been able to release an update in a while.  I've been rather busy, and still am...

    I have a bunch of other hobby projects as well as this one, and unfortunately M&B related ones aren't at the top of the list right now, even if I did have the time.  I will try to get back to M&B soon, but it probably wont be for at least a month or more (but you never know, sometimes I get the urge to spend a weekend coding M&B stuff :wink: )

    MAXHARDMAN: In theory, the next version of BRFEdit may allow you to create skeletons, however M&B still doesn't fully support multiple skeletons.  You will be able to use anything which can export to SMD format (So yes, Max, Maya, milkshape or whatever you like).
  13. SMD support

    gMax can do animation.  But it has its problems.  Another option is Blender, which is also free.
  14. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    Hmm, I'll take a look at the end of the week.  I haven't had any spare time for the last few weeks... and I have a heap of things I need to get done in my short break from work... so we'll see.  I thought I tried it with 0.900 and it worked though.  Things will hopefully be a little less hectic next year though, so hopefully I can get a fix out in a few weeks.
  15. An Idea for the UE

    The UE uses .NET, so the gui is fairly easy to modify.

    I still have the source lying around somewhere, but don't have any web hosting at the moment (Had some server issues).  Once its back up I might try set up an SVN repo for it again.
  16. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    zero-cold93 said:
    sorry  for the question but, when i enter the EDITOR this comes up:
    Could not open texture file"
    And i can't read noting it is all brawn and stuff!
    PLESSE tell me what to do :cry: :cry: :cry:?!?!
    P.S.:razz:retty please :sad:!
    P.S.2: Pretty please whit sugar on top :roll:!

    The map editor isnt finding your M&B dir.  try editing the path in editorData/settings.cfg

    welkyn said:
    Got the tiniest of problems..

    I'm working on a map for my mod, and I'm attempting to make the usable space larger - this has worked before.  However, now, there is no red border, and I have only a yellow border, which just happens to be unmovable.

    Hmm, not sure why that would be... try edit the border values manually in module.ini (in your module dir).
  17. Module System for version 0.903 (was 0.894)

    Dain Ironfoot said:
    So I looked in commonres..

    there's a new file called anim_b which is utterly empty.. I wonder what the purpose of it is..

    anim_b was there in 0.89x.  It contained a number of extra animations that have now been merged into skeletons.brf I think ( skeletons.brf contains skeletons for both the human and horse + all the currently used animations).
  18. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    You need to bind a mesh to view the animations.  It may be worth just waiting, or if you really want to try animations, then read the my post from a page or 2 back.
  19. [Outdated] BRF Edit --out-of-date, see OpenBRF-- (last version 12/5/2008)

    The easiest way to do it is:

    - Set up some actions in
    - Run build_module.bat to generate the txt files
    - Open skeletons.brf, then select the animation you want to edit.
    - Export it to SMD, then edit it in max
    - Import it back in.

    Here is a little bit of an explanation from the front post (Back in 0.7 when SMD importing was added)

    Importing an SMD with a animation sequence selected will attempt to import the animation sequence to fit the current sequence.  The user can select if they want to import new frames, new poses, new bones etc.  This feature is still a little buggy.  Some poses will not import correctly, however simple ones such as walk/run cycles etc should work ok.
    Note that only bone 0 may move over time, any other changes in bone position over time will be ignored, however you can import reference bone positions.  Note however that this will change the bones position for ALL animations, not just the one you are importing (This is a limit of the BRF format, not of BRFEdit).
    - A user may also import new bones for the current skeleton.  The first frame (and last if the "Last frame ref" checkbox is ticked) will be used as the reference pose (frame 0, and frame 100000), and other poses will be imported as usual. 

    Like I've said, 0.8.5 was just a test release.  It is un-finished, so I won't really be supporting it too much... your kind of on your own for now :wink:

    Now 0.900 is out though, I'll try get the new version of BRFEdit finished soon.
  20. Thorgrim's Map Editor v0.9.0 (Updated 20/06/2008)

    Servitor said:
    Hey, Thorgrim. When in selection mode and trying to select town, it isn't certain that you actually select it. This is pretty annoying sometimes! Of course, I have to click exactly under the name, not the Icon.

    Hmm, you cant select by just clicking the icon?  That should work...

    Servitor said:
    Also, Whenever you click either right or left you get a freeze of about a second. If you click very fast the seconds stack and you can be stuck for 10 seconds. Isn't much of a problem but makes me curious nonetheless, why does it happen?

    What type of graphics card do you have?

    Servitor said:

    What will this do to my game? The yellow not standing on any vertexes I mean.

    As of 0.89x it shouldn't matter any more.  However in 0.808 or earlier, the yellow border represented the distance a player would be able to view to.  If there was not geometry all the way to that border, there would be strange camera artifacts.  It shouldn't be a problem any more though (apart from seeing the land cut off sharply).

    Servitor said:
    I just had to make a folder named native/editor data/map Data and the export button now works, but if I click on one of those options, which are "hight map", " colour map", "obj file" it does not export anything to the map data folder, for it stays completely empty.

    I tried to create the module/editor data/map data with *module* as the map who's files I am exporting, but I did not see any change. I do not spot any exported files in my computer at all.

    Hmm, I'll look into it.  The files should just be exported to the editorData/mapData directory...

    I'll also make it create the directories if they are not found, thanks for the heads up.

    Servitor said:
    And how do I edit my world map's sky box?  :eek:

    It should just be one of the brf files.  I haven't looked, but it should be in one of them...
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