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  1. Urlik

    Folklore, Legend and History

    since I was quite young I have had an interest in legends, folklore and mythology in general (by the age of 12 I had read about most of the Greek Gods and Heroes as well as Beowulf and a fair bit of the Norse Mythology as well). as I've grown older I have read more and thought about where these...
  2. Urlik

    troop ID number?

    I want to be able to recruit my own troops in my villages. I already have a lot of new units added and I am going to add my own faction troop tree. I have found the changes I need to make to the script, but I don't know how to find out the code for the new troop type I want to be able to...
  3. Urlik

    Ye Olde Worlde Music Hit Parade

    so what were the top ten songs for those knights and squires to listen to? I'll start with this little offering at number 10 it's Militia and the Spearmen with "Don't Levy Me This Way" (which in 723 years will see chart action again with Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)
  4. Urlik

    improving town prosperity

    we all know that it is almost useless to try to improve the prosperity by going and getting the items the guildmaster tells you that the town is short of. but I think I've found a different way to go about it :) go to the villages around the town and give them tools, salt, grapes, grain, buy...
  5. Urlik

    how much do you cheat

    after reading the thread about exporting and importing to reread books, I got to thinking about what cheats/tweaks we allow ourselves to use in SP here is my list I made a few changes with tweakmb so that my fifes and towns are worth having I changed the cattle to follow me rather than run...
  6. Urlik

    possible source of inspiration

    saw this on TV and managed to find it on youtube thought that some of you might find it interesting
  7. Urlik

    tired of unsightly arrows on the world map?

    I am, or at least I was until today  :mrgreen: it isn't perfect yet, but if you want more realistic looking tracks you can download it by clicking HERE it looks better in game than in those pics Installation make a back up of your in your \Program Files\Mount&Blade...
  8. Urlik

    anyone care to explain how this happened?

    I was out for a ride when I saw this and as I'd never seen it before I thought I'd share so, how did they do that?
  9. Urlik

    rigging (is this possible?)

    one thing that bugs me with some of the really well made helms is that the coif under the helm looks great when you are standing still but when you move around it the base of the coif goes all over the place as it is just part of the mesh at the bottom of the helm. is it possible to rig the...
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