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    Poll - Are u satisfied with how TW has been tackling this EA?

    campaign is so lame that makes me wanna kill everybody... sandbox las pelotas
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    The Final Release Date

    just read the pachs notes you will se that its not just bug fixes. you probely just read a hotfix and said that was the main paches.
    ... so in your perspective the game has change alot since the release? change my mind
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    The Final Release Date

    i dont thinkso.... at least in the next months they should release a big update with real content, not just bug fixes and 2 new helmets... the game will be finished in about 2 more years at least.
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    Alternative main quest trees / clan focus

    The main quest of the game tends to make all campaigns just flat with two possibles outcomes: be a kig or support a king.... In the sandbox concept i think it lacks of choices and make all player characters be what its supposed to be a "bannerlord" (i get it, its the title of the game). But in...
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    Base of Operation

    need more inmersion to the clan family
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    Temporary Camp - Make an enemy stationary for a day/half a day

    AI and player party (max25-50) could be hidden and deploy ambushes, depending on the scouting level of the part they can spot them too...
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    [Suggestion] Mods that should be in the game by default

    and why not STAMINA
  9. bchv

    Generate Your Own Companions

    maybe recruiting a custom character from an announce, or trought a special quest about a kidnapped/talented person in some town in the map to make it a more inmersive mechanism in the game, and more interesting...
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    Mods may worth the wait but...

    maybe in 2 years the base game will be finished... and i will a have to put a mountain of mods anyway to play it... TW should really listen to players and implement basics mechanics if they want a good succesor for warband (dont make the modders do all the hard work). Now its a waste of time, when you see updates that just break the game as you like to play it.... dissapointing and frustrating.
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    Resolved Scene Editor Scene Editor Crash When Trying to Test

    use to have the same issue in 1.5.6 and realise that in the athmosphere inspector the "is indoor" switches automatically, i unswitched it and work for me....
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    Discussion Scene Editor More info on implementing scenes and getting them working

    Maybe mod tools wasnt intended to be used by noobs like us... Or maybe somewhere is a detailed guide that hasnt been released yet..
  13. bchv

    Internal politics

    ive heard that the game its intended to make the player slowly progress, and stay in the firsts stages of the game a long time, but with the political system focused only on the top-ranked lords make this a long farming experience untill you have your own kingdom. As a lord with a settlement, its more similar to the multi-billionare experience than a feudal one, where you´re suppose to deal with hard matters in your lands, and your own vassals/serfs. The middle stages of the game should make the player to take desicions about his territories politically, and make a new way to amass wealth. I know this game its about fighting, but i think it could be more than a constant war conflict. Having a causus belli for attacking its very important to give a sense to war that its indispensable.

    1- The companions could perform other tasks as agents, for spying territories, fabricating territorial claims, sabotage armies, become mayors leading his own levy, gang leaders that can support you in battles etc...
    2- Attending feud/realm matters, quests generated about conflicts in/between settlements, that could turn in a bigger conflict.
    3- A system of a small council, increasing councillors with your rank, they can be assigned to lords or companions, giving bonuses depending on their skills.
    4- feudal tree, mayors/elders should be a part of this chain, and make them no-noble characters, that depending on their origin they can form a new clan and eventually get married and, etc... Maybe the character has te option at early game stages to serve as a commoner.

    i think the system of companions its very adaptable, and in his early access its a very good game with lots of potential. Maybe that the devs already thougt about this kind of things, and i hope this game reaches the expectations of all players someday. I dont wanna see modders getting things working once again...
  14. bchv

    A few suggestions / things I´d like to see [textwall]

    +1 at all... you save me doing almost the same post. Also playing with +25 mods to make it playable, but still annoying...

    The game turns out to be boring when the only thing you can do in the world is go to a nosense war, and when it ends, you get depressed and get back to it again. I really love the game, but it lacks of character inmersion. For example when you take a noble prisioner id love to see him (or them) in his knees begging for his life, bleeding with his armor falling apart, and a sort of dialogue and negotioation, by now its just "im your prisioner now"...punish them at least with an ampute hand or arm that you later can replace it with a wooden hand. Also conflicts between clan members, duels between lords, and lots of mechanics that could take place in this early mid-ages kind of world. These actions should reflect how other character see you, as a tyrant, ruthless, merciful, etc... and it should have effects over your skills, and why not, win yourself a nickname like "the impaler"...

    I think the game has potencial to be a real sandbox, with lots of ways to customize the world, found new castles and towns in abandoned territories (nobody is asking to be easy go for it), custom castle upgrades custom kingdoms troop trees (that you progressive unlock trought time with prestige cost).

    I also miss some kind of territorial frontiers, get claims over teritory and have a more realistic causus belli for declaring wars, like ancestral territorial claims, blood feuds between clans or start a conquer over a territory with an influence cost. This would make the wars more dinamycs and less nosense.

    When the full release comes out i hope, the vanilla version include aspects of the game that are missing from previous mount&blade that are missing, ships, naval encounters, feasts, island territories, and why not,wild animals. The current calradia world lacks of variety and life (i know is a game XD).

    sorry my english, not my native tongue.
  15. bchv

    Kingdom Management: Let Us Give Fiefs Away

    maybe you could also give fiefs to companions, creating new clans and let them "arise" as nobles...
  16. bchv

    Constant War is boring

    by now constant wars are boring, but when you finally achieve a peacetime makes you wanna get back to wars... there´s a lack of mechanics in all aspects of the game, even more than warband has in his latests state.
  17. bchv

    Need More Info Can't create kingdom main quests

    ok, so the quest text is wrong because it says clan tier 3 required...
    when clan tier 4 it works properly. thxs
  18. bchv

    Need More Info Can't create kingdom main quests

    i have collected the dragon banner pieces, i have 100+ soldiers in my company, my clan is tier 3, and i have a cstle, but when i talk to the guys that i supposed to talk they dont give me the choise to create a non imperial kingdom or an imperial kingdom. I only have the choise to create a...
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