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  1. rmancrusader

    How to create this texture?

    Is there anybody here that would be able to help me create a texture similar to the one in this photo: mainy it is the muscle fibers bunched together like that, i cant seem to make them in photoshop, but it would also be nice if someone...
  2. rmancrusader

    How can I make borders on textures?

    I can make wood textures easily enough, but i cant seem to figure out how to make the cracks in between them, such as in this picture:
  3. rmancrusader

    Texture Seams, How to make them disappear?

    Recently I made this sword, and decided that I would make a texture from scratch for it. Well, I made the texture, and applied it, but when i looked at the textured model, i noticed that the seams really spoiled the look. Does anyone have tips, or a way to make these disappear?
  4. rmancrusader

    Referances for weapons from the 11th to 13th century.

    Hello, I have recently decided to help out with Calradia Total War mod, and I will be modeling weapons and Armour's. These items will be from the 11th to 13th century, but i have trouble finding references. I have not really hunted around much on the internet, and my school library is horrible...
  5. rmancrusader

    Making transparies, please?

    I have tried many times, but I always have wings telling me that its a bad bmp file. Can somebody give me a quick tut on how to make transparencies, like Highelf did in fantasy Mod.
  6. rmancrusader

    Geeks Land

    Its a pretty good site, its new, and kinda nooby, but register, and help it expand, it may one day be usefull. You can earn some cash off of it, if you put your mind to it.
  7. rmancrusader

    How do you make a wheat field?

    I need help with this, but, can somebody explain to me, how to make a wheat field?
  8. rmancrusader

    Need your help!

    Ok, I have been modeling bodies, and im not to good at it. I need somebody to make me a low poly body. I am willing to trade, models, or whatever help one needs for it.
  9. rmancrusader

    Ask Devs New site, its gonna be full of all kinds of tuts. Started by a pro programmer, who knows a ton of computer languages. Not much to it right now, but it will soon be stacked full of tuts. Its going to be a great site, to learn, coding, 3d modeling, and all kinds of other great...
  10. rmancrusader


    I was wondering if anybody else played warrock here? If you do, and leveling is a *****, I could provide you with som hacks!!
  11. rmancrusader

    SP Fantasy Stronghold 2 Mod

    Ok, I have been playing Stronghold 2 the last few days, and I was inspired to make a mod based on it. I will need scripters, scene editors, moddelers, etc.. I can model most of the things my self. If I get the right kind of feedback and support, I will comence with the mod. It will have...
  12. rmancrusader

    Knights of Honor

    Does anyone else play knights of honor? If you do whats your opinion?
  13. rmancrusader

    Whats going on with Dark Ages of Calradia?

    Has anyone taken over DAoC? Or has it just been totally abandoned?
  14. rmancrusader

    Fantasy Mod Problem!!

    I was playing fantasy mod, just to check out the orcs in it and compare them 2 the onse that I would like in the WC2 Mod, and after a little while of play, it just quit out of M&B. Normally I would put this on the Fantasy Mod thread, but I am still banned off of MBX. Can anyone tell me if there...
  15. rmancrusader

    Is there a Battlesize Changer for .808

    Can someone tell me if there is a battle size changer for .808. I need huge battles in the 300 mod.
  16. rmancrusader

    Amazing 3D Studio Max tutorials!!!!

    If anyone here uses 3d studio  max, these are some amazing tutorials that will make modeling and animations much easier.Enjoy!
  17. rmancrusader

    SP Fantasy Organised Warcraft 2 Mod.Need someone who can rig armour.

    We are now working on a warcraft 2 mod, if you want to join, just email me at [email protected] I dont have any scripting experience but I have reasonable modelling experience. Please consider helping. Team: Rmancrusader Bascavia10 DJNad Aenarion Apollon-04 Visit our very own websit...
  18. rmancrusader

    Need help with python scripting!!!

    I have been trying to learn scripting because I need a scriptor for my warcraft 2 mod. Every time I try to start up the game , I get this message: It says rmantbag because thats the folder in which I keep My mount and blade folder in. Heeeelp!!
  19. rmancrusader

    MBX problem

    Whenever I try to get onto a topic on mbx, i get this message: An Error Has Occurred! The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you. Can someone please help me out.
  20. rmancrusader

    Has Dark Ages of Calradia found an heir?

    Well, the name says it all. I want to know if scion passed dark ages of calradia onto someone who was willing to continue it.
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