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  1. Inverted troop upgrades vs denar magic?

    Wait, what the **** is denar magic ? To upgrade a vlandian recruit into a levi crossbowman he needs to stab others in the face with his pointy stick (polearm), then a lord has to throw some denars at him and speak the magic words: "levi crossbowman", and he turnes into a levi crossbowman, with...
  2. Resolved Enemy's militia not starving under siege
  3. Suggestion: Make higher perks independent from lower perks

    Please make it possible to pick any perk when u meet the required skill level, without picking lower perks first! This is not meant as a permanent change, but for the time of development until all perks are implemented and stop causing issues. I would really like to pick my level 100 and...
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