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  1. Perks

    Jesus guys its been 6 months only half the perks work come on there's even mods to make them work
  2. Unmentioned New Quest

    I was playing Bannerlord today and i started a new campaign to find the new quests and to my surprise there was a hidden one, dubbed 'Landlord Needs Manual Laborers'. It is a new quest found in villages where you have to bring x amount of prisoners to the village and they pay a premium price for...
  3. New Multiplayer Gamemode

    TW should implement a new game mode, that is just the tournaments from singleplayer, maybe add in a little more variation and other features and just make it a multiplayer game mode. I think it'd be alot of fun to just have a quick 5 minute tournament which you could hop in, and then even a...
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