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  1. Unimplemented Features

    Can we get a list of unimplemented features, such as perks that don't work yet. Certain perks don't work and I don't know whether each one is a bug I should report or an unimplemented feature I should ignore for now. Taleworlds, if you want feedback we need to know this type of thing.
  2. Can't Enter Any Settlements

    After a couple years in-game time, I can't enter any settlements at all. None of my faction, and none of any faction I'm at peace with. I don't know what other details to provide but this essentially broke my game. I tried relaunching the game but that didn't work.
  3. More Armor Outfits

    We currently have the two outfits: battle outfit and civilian outfit. This works fine, but in my opinion it could be improved upon. I currently have two set of armor and weapons that I switch out between based on the battle. During normal battles, I'm mounted and use certain equipment because...
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