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  1. just a quickie (too many variations stickler)

    hey guys, trying again to build my mod up but I'm having trouble with an error and i'm truly stumped. I'm working with Morgh's, using native as a base. When launching the mod I got "too many variations on mesh:Boar Spear" but i'd not actually touched the boar spear (or the other tutorial spears...
  2. morghs editor question (disabling tevern merchants)

    I'm having trouble finding a way to stop merchants from spawning in taverns for my project. I'm just trying to get as much done as possible without python, couldn't get it to work and have been making great progress with Morgh's. I see a tickbox labelled 'inactive' on the troop page/screen in...
  3. bug:stuck in conversation

    i'm playing reploished 1.05 with a female char and am having lots of trouble fighting alongside my fellow vassals. I keep getting lords talk to me at the end of battle (regarding courtship stuff) and am getting stuck here. click to continue does nothing and have to quit and not fight that battle.
  4. question about marshall assignments

    I've been wondering if the quests given to me by a marshall during a campaign make any difference (as in bring cattle to stop vassals from saying "we've been on campaign to long" or "the offensive needs to wind down") or if scouting actually improves tactics in sieges or something. also if you...
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