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  1. Resolved Immediate Declaration of War on Peace

    It's good to know it's being looked into. I noticed some changes mentioned for the beta branch 1.5.8 and decided to give that a try. I stayed at war with the 2 nations I have been able to manage, and it seemed to last a long time. I thought it may have been fixed due to the length of time, but eventually back to back war was declared on me. Good news is that it seemed that they were only neighboring nations so that is definitely an improvement, and it took extra time for it to occur, but will still very much lead to my demise.
  2. Destruction of kingdoms

    Kingdom destruction should be possible, maybe it currently is but needs to be easier. Rather than having several kingdoms with 0 settlements, they should be destroyed in a certain amount of time. The game should allow kingdoms who lost their last settlements to attempt to reclaim land, if it is...
  3. Resolved Immediate Declaration of War on Peace

    Summary: Currently after proposing peace and acceptance, within a day or so of peace, you are immediately at war with another nation, sometimes multiple! I have seen similar complaints, like "At war against 5 factions with 0% support to make peace" but these issues seem to rely on other aspects...
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