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  1. MP Musket Era [Native Compatible] Bnet Armor Mod

    Mod Status: Hibernating Greetings, This mod adds numerous armors to multiplayer which were previously not available,when you spawn with one of the new Armor/Weapons the other players which don't have the mod will be able to see the Armor you're wearing,without downloading this mod.It is...
  2. Is there any mod which adds cannons?

    This is actually funny xD,since there are already functions referring to a "trebuchet" ,maybe it only needs a model & implementing etc,.  but note a trebuchet not a cannon :/
  3. MP Musket Era [WFaS] Project Remont [abandoned]

    Slawtering said:
    At 600fps I reckon you can up the quality a bit. Also, WFaS has need rebalancing for a while, though it may be too late in its life cycle.

    Yes I should actually  :oops:,might be true, although the playerbase for WFaS is much smaller than that of Warband,it is still there and with the recent indie gala bundle (which included WFaS) our playerbase has grown a bit ,steam statistics shows a steady amount of 500~ people playing WFaS and that alone is not counting the other platforms.

    Unfortunately the multiplayer player base largely consists out of Western EU players,so many times when people come online from a completely different timezone,all they see is a selection of empty servers.This tends to scare people off right away.

    Alas,people come and go,I just hope I made this mod in time for it too be useful.

    (also a admin of westres server recently posted statistics that they had 10k+- unique hits in the second season,this is ultimately what made me change my mind of modding WFaS and not Warband)
  4. Always crashing to desktop!!! For no reason!!! D:

    LordBraxt said:
    I dont see how downloading and installing that helped at all, Still not the option in the launcher and it still crashes :sad:

    Best to do is to check the mods thread for a solution or ask the mod author for help.
  5. Always crashing to desktop!!! For no reason!!! D:

    Try this ->
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