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  1. Apocal

    Some Suggestions from ItalianSpartacus

    If a youtuber has more say with Taleworlds, then maybe we should all just try to send our community suggestions to youtubers, instead of Taleworlds.
    They are absolutely way more responsive to his YT videos than to threads here.
  2. Apocal

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    when launching a patch that would break saves but still nothing (and i believe we had a few of those already)
    We haven't yet.
  3. Apocal

    What did you do with Twohanded+Athletics?

    What did you do Talesworld? :sad:
    Nerfed at player request.
  4. Apocal

    Help... my wife won't die

    You're resting in a town, and suddenly you got a message that you died from a crossbow bolt from behind while walking in the town. Now you're playing as your heir, and you have to solve the murder.

    It was the heir.
    Not gonna lie, that would be hilarious.
  5. Apocal

    Dead minor factions get replacement nobles.

    If minor factions could marry, have kids, own land in their own right (I.e. have a development pathway) then they wouldn't need to respawn.
    Yes, they would. Even a 2% chance of death in simulated battle (assuming they are downed four times per year) will have almost all of them dead before the 18 year mark when their children would be old enough to take the reins. After that, sure, go wild but before then they'd need a system to either draw in other characters, pre-made teenagers that could fill in on a shorter timespan or some other system in place.
  6. Apocal

    Is it possible to have a Siege ''load out'' similar to civilan load out ?

    Having a third loadout was rejected internally but I'll bring up the "use your horse to change weapons" suggestion internally.
    Alright, thanks for the response.
  7. Apocal

    Are your companions seriously f---ing idiots?

    The thing that drives me most nuts about companions is that they're stupid. Seriously, stupid! The seem to think it's better that all 100+ soldiers in your army die than it is that you strategically withdraw and minimalize casualties. No, it's not fun, but the alternative is everyone dying and you all captured. No one complements you on making the hard decision.
    You're right. I could be dead broke, starving and raiding the holding of a guy who killed my brother but still get dinged from Merciful companions.
  8. Apocal

    Help... my wife won't die

    OK just an idea. Remove the option on companion to make them a party or a govenour(caravans excluded). Then your spouses mean something. Is it like that?
    You ptobabaly don't need to do something like that. The right wife is already worth her weight in gold in terms is perks and skills. Some of them have literally impossible skillsets and they come fully equipped with top-tier gear. Combined with a bit of luck with perks and you have someone who is objectively better than a companion at everything.

    I think they even skip the *****ing companions do when you act counter to their traits.

    On the flipside, having a huge number of kids isn't really an advantage unless you're going for the long, long, long game...
  9. Apocal

    Dead minor factions get replacement nobles.

    Removing a minor faction also means you are removing an entire unique troop tree and perhaps even a culture from the game and since the game isn't dynamic, they won't reappear again in other factions' troop trees or get merged into somewhere - they will go away forever. I don't see the benefit of this, to be honest.
    Them going away forever is the benefit. I don't want certain groups of crap troops (Hidden Hand, Embers, Skodbertbava) being around for other factions to hire as a boost to their troop strength. Autocalc doesn't care about their live performance so they can still menace other armies/settlements. But since they are crap, and there is a limit on mercs, I don't hire them. If they are alive sometimes my ruler will though, which is kinda annoying.

    In the case of the Lake Rats, I get ****ing sick of getting yeeted off my horse by Wreckers.
  10. Apocal

    Problem with patch 1.5.10

    Patch 1.5.10 has been released. I have a Steam version, but 1.5.10 never came up. There is only 1.5.9. The update was in progress. In the property tab - beta version - (there are all versions up to 1.5.9.) 1.5.10 is not present.
    It is because of the way Steam sorts numbers. You need to look after 1.5.1 not 1.5.9.
  11. Apocal

    1.5.10 Athletics to slow for you? Here a solution

    They reduced the effect of some +speed perks and I think they slightly increased the speed bonus of the skill itself, not sure. I think the goal was more gradual increase in movement rather then sudden spike to sonic mode like many player complained about.
    That sudden spike was (at least in part) due to the -30% encumbrance perk.

    Not a fan of them reducing it, but I understand why.
  12. Apocal

    Dead minor factions get replacement nobles.

    Yeah, I just confirmed it wasn't old save shenanigans. Every time I kill one of these mother****ers or they bite the dust of natural causes, a new one spawns.

    I'm not a fan.
  13. Apocal

    Have you experienced something like this before?

    A few times, yeah.

    Once I was outside the front gate of Omor during a siege, half-tucked and feathering dudes off the wall. I saw an enemy go to re-man the ballista and do a double-take my direction, like we were co-workers who just saw each other unexpectedly out in town. It was sorta surprising; a normal human reaction like that.

    Then his ballista bolt hit me in the ****.
  14. Apocal

    Why 1.5.10 is the absolute worst version

    likewise how much better I would be to have it at 275-333, the range I consider "good".
    lol goddamn
    I consider anything above 150-175 good.
  15. Apocal

    1.5.10 Update and Mods

    As much as I am into this game and want it to succeed, I truly cannot fathom why a guy who is likely a novice coder/programmer, in his free time, can make a mod that objectively improves the QoL of the gameplay experience by simply adding the ability to Sort Troops, Upgrade All Troops (except ones that have multiple upgrade options), and Recruit All Prisoners... and TaleWorlds cannot manage to actually incorporate these functions into the base game month after month after month. And on top of that, that hero of a modder has to rebuild his mod after every patch and these patches do not include ANYTHING that is ANYWHERE NEAR as useful as what the novice, unpaid modder created.

    Perhaps the bolded parts are related? Maybe when you build a feature in the real game, you have to do so in a way that is coordinated with other code (meaning time spent not actually on the feature itself)? Or maybe you just have to commit to fixing it again and again and again and again, for every single patch going forward, so they are reluctant for anything but major features or extremely easy (or durable) fixes?
  16. Apocal

    This Forum is Fun

    I reject this "toxic forum" narrative. Yes there's a lot of whinging and ranting but it's not as though anyone is posting death threats or personal attacks or really anything remotely serious.
    There have been a few f those; the mods just delete them outright.
  17. Apocal

    My final verdict

    Expecting all devs to be like Mexxico is too much.

    That being said, he shouldn't be seen as an exception in Taleworlds, but as the best example of their communication and devotion. That's not good.

    Let's not forget some of the other devs who have tried talking to us, like Duh.
    Yeah, I'm not expecting the guy working on cloth physics to show up particularly often.

    At any rate, people noticed that mexxico was top-tier even back when they were doing developer-focused devblog things. Most of the community hated them, because they were interspersed between actual content devblogs and pretty much all of them were really boring. Then mexxico's dropped and people were like "Damn, that sounds ****ing sweet."
  18. Apocal

    Help... my wife won't die

    Can an allied lord die if you shoot them with an arrow? Might help OP do this faster and with more satisfaction.
    Yes, they can.
  19. Apocal

    New game is broken

    Why would anyone who has never played this game before EVER play it.
    99.99% of your choices in the first hour or two of play will lead to instant death unless you crank up the game to super easy at which point it'll never be a challenge at all ever for the entire course of the game.

    Early game- 100% impossible.
    1/1000000 times you actually lived long enough to do something and now have a few men- 99.9999% impossible
    Now you have a small party- super super hard
    mid-game- medium difficulty if you stick to grinding and never do anything important
    late-game- pretty easy

    You basically force every player to go along a few VERY NARROW paths to ever get anywhere in the game that is interesting.
    What specific issues are you having? Just problems with fighting solo or with a small party against bandits?
    Also even on high end gaming laptop the memory leaks etc. still turn my machine into a hotbox ready to explode after about 20 minutes. i can get 10X better graphics on games with better coding only half the heat.

    This game is a disappointment.
    Under options, there is a box labeled "Set FPS limit" and a slider. I had the same issue until I cranked it down to like 60 or something like that.
  20. Apocal

    Anyone else feels like the progress of the game has stalled?

    For people who missed it, it was here, in the second paragraph.
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