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  1. Bloomy

    News multiplayer campign. Dates.

    If you will be not on my side you will crush 0 of the skulls :razz: My arrows will cover the sun.
  2. Bloomy

    Multiplayer Campaign Questions here:

    - So when will campaign start? "Next month" is present.

    - How the campaign will work? It will be something like strategus?
  3. Bloomy

    First Brytenwalda Multiplayer Campaign: Under the reign of the Sword

    . Nick: Bloomy
    . Faction 1 favorite: Britones
    . Faction 2 preferred: Invaders
    . Position 1 to be occupied (king, lord, mercenary / elite troop): Lord
    . Position 2 you want to take (king, lord, mercenary / elite troop): Elite troop
  4. Bloomy

    The Wild Wind Tutorial!

    Guys, how to do crafting bench?
  5. Bloomy

    The Old Assassin Hunt topic (closed and not actual)

    Non-English, do i need to delete all folders with languages except EN?
  6. Bloomy

    The Old Assassin Hunt topic (closed and not actual)

    I have a problem, when i am starting warband with that mod - i have str not found blablabla everywhere. What i need to do to fix it?
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