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  1. Resolved Cannot Create Save file 1.5 beta

    Hi, please make sure that the game is on the controlled folder access allowed apps list in your security software.Well known security software that may be tied with the issue is Windows Defender. If you are using Windows Defender:- Open Windows Defender Security Center.
    - Click on Virus & threat protection.
    - Click the Virus & threat protection settings option.
    - Under "Controlled folder access," click the Allow an app through Controlled folder access link.
    - Click the Add an allowed app button.

    This setting is actually off on my windows defender, thank you though!
  2. Resolved Cannot Create Save file 1.5 beta

    So game was playing just fine, was having no issues with saves, played a campaign initially to try out things and see what would break the game on me before I tried doing a real campaign and a lot of issues seem tied into the Kingdom Armies and related scenarios (i.e a lot of dialogue options...
  3. I'm afraid to give people advice at this point.

    Don't tell anyone how much fun a horse archer only army is.
    Okay So I just buy as many horses as possible, and then recruit as many archers as possible (They wouldn’t desert...not with that many donkeys.) So then my army speed is 8.0 and the game is unable to process this and then gives my archer units 8x speed in combat and you just have them skirmish the whole time? thats my take-away from this.
  4. forced not to kill generals

    I would be perfectly happy with there being a condition where imprisoned lords could not escape, i.e when locked in a player’s personal dungeon (town or castle), wherein the AI must send envoys to request said prisoners release and propose terms.

    Additionally, It is mind-boggling that allied lords would lose relation with you PUBLICLY when executing lords of enemy/at war factions, clearly we the players never got the memo about the new rules of war in calradia,

    -Cosplay safe/Foam swords only
    -No permadeath (that means stop executing everyone, KAREN.)
    -Arrows & thrown weapons have additional magic damage that is not listed in the handbook.
    -Most importantly, Have fun!
  5. Battanian officer bug?

    Saw one of these monstrosities rolling around amidst a battlefield and got SOOO excited thinking it was a dead bear mount with screwed up was aradwyr. I am disappoint.
  6. [B1.1.0] weapon balance feedback

    Oh god lets not advocate for bows being as strong as thrown weapons... fresh campaign on 2/3rds player damage in asari tournament and its just 1 shot, 1 shot 1 shot with javelins/harpoons... just no.
  7. Recruits should have shields

    i second this, also half tge reason i bother upgrading troops for my frontline in new campaigns simply to get a functioning shield wall going, the t1 infantry having shields would help cut costs at that point in the game
  8. Patch Notes e1.0.10

    No kissing minigame yet, but otherwise good stuff.
    I second this motion.
  9. Pls give us an option to kiss female generals

    When they are at it, i would find it a nice addition to be able to kiss my horse goodnight :smile:
    I second this motion.
  10. Pls give us an option to kiss female generals

    I’ve got it!

    A kissing booth building construct-able in cities & castles, must be manned by the player, provides gold & increase to population morale depending on overall loyalty in settlement ( i.e lower loyalty means peasants are less likely to want a kiss etc and vice versa.) I guess if it got low enough they could assassinate you at the booth... but they wouldn’t do that.....would they?
  11. Make it impossible to miss besieged settlement notifications

    Yeah the governor is 1 solution

    That’d be awesome, honestly I rarely respond to village raids because I trade and are consistently too far to ever actually help, even if the governer would sally out with its own party or portion of the garrison to defend that would be good.
  12. Pls give us an option to kiss female generals

    This would be an acceptable alternative

    Why stop there?

    Kissing mechanic for all named characters and NPCs in cities/towns, I want to give every worker in my Smithy workshop a big smooch for a job well done, 488g a day! eveybody gets a raise!
  13. Alpha and Beta Branches in General!

    ahhhhhh where is my patch notes erotica?! :fruity:
  14. Make it impossible to miss besieged settlement notifications

    For me I'd like a feature that when your castle or town is undersiege you have the option to be put in the defence so your not missing the chance to defend, iv lost some by being too far away to travel, but that's just what I'd like to see added

    So effectively having the option to instead take control of a unit in the garrison i.e The governor or generic militia garrison commander unit? that’d be neat
  15. Circles & Squares are useless

    The balance is pretty strange to me it feels like archers counter cavalry and infantry without shields. While shielded infantry counter archers a bit counter intuitive.
    Its just the rock,paper,scissors formula perpetuated by most other games would indicate cav counters ranger, range counters melee, melee counters cav (depends on games specific mechanics and melee troop types) whereas Bannerlord puts you in the situation where attempting to flank range with cav in order to spare your melee may actually lead to more casualties though I’ve found a lot of success as long as I use Heavy Cav and just skirmish, you linger you die.
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