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  1. Dev Blog 24/01/19

    As for 'fixing' an insignificant placeholder really doesn't matter

    It does, and it's not just about editing a name. We can't remove the '_' on that kind of stuff, it's a bit more complicated and has to do with the programing code. And no, don't be so sure they will worry about it even when the UI is completed. I care about trivial things because it's trivial, it's simple, it's not challenging, and I know they have an history with that kind of writing.
    I guess they did not worried about making a decent translation.
  2. Dev Blog 24/01/19

    I believe if they speak about what they have done in just 1 week, you will all be much more dissapointed on these blogs
    :roll: would be empty ? :mrgreen:
  3. Dev Blog 24/01/19

    Hey, at least you know it's coming. You know what game entered my head today? Half Life. It's been 15 years
    I don't want to bash on the developement time of Bannerlord (not now), but Valve can stop working on a project and work on other project. They don't have one single and only project.

    But that's not the point. The point is aserai_town_a. Yes, I won't stop talking about it until it's fixed !
  4. Dev Blog 24/01/19

    and what do you suggest they discuss?
    I suggest they talk about what they have been doing this past week. Things about the developement, what they are working on, like other game companies sometime do.
    And for next blog I suggest they talk about how the team is fixing that aserai_town_a
  5. Dev Blog 24/01/19

    Yea... aserai_town_a. :facepalm:

    You had 8 years.
  6. Dev Blog 17/01/19


    Could you... could... just :dead:
  7. Dev Blog 20/12/18

    Make no mistake: they do not put out a release date because they are not capable.
    To have a release date, a company needs to schedule meetings and to set goals...  :mrgreen:

    But that's only theorical. They have to have a meeting date first :party:
  8. Dev Blog 20/12/18

    I guess it was not clear that the "2022" reference was satirical...I hope.
    2020 was already satirical 5 years ago. Today, 2022 is very very reasonable.

    wasnt it 2018 Gamescom where they said it ?
    I think it was earlier... when it was supposed to be in the player's hand in any shape or form by the end of the year. :party:
  9. Dev Blog 12/04/18

    There are no rumours per se but Taleworlds hinted back in 2016 or 2017 (can't remember now)
    2016... 2016... anyshapeorform announced basicaly two years ago. I wonder what they expected the game to look like if it was so far away from completion :mrgreen:
  10. Dev Blog 18/01/18

    And as we know, the Normans included them in the Battle of Hastings which was one of the main reasons why they won so decisively.
    What ?! They did not have Warpandas, they had Warbirds !!!
  11. Do you think that the game is in a releasable state?

    I think someone's being a bit of a Negative Nancy.
    No, I am beeing realistic, like in 2016.
  12. Do you think that the game is in a releasable state?

    I brought a gaming laptop in August 2016 for this game
    I bought a good desktop in 2016 ='), it will still be good by 2020. Except for the ram, only 8go, now I have to wait for the ram to get cheap again... :facepalm:
  13. My disappointment with Bannerlords current state

    but as you can see it really doesnt affect gameplay and isnt noticeable, especially in battle.
    Lol, like it would be fine... it's just some clipping. But I agree in some extend, if the game is captivating, good and variated, clipping will not prevent me from enjoying the game. But no, a spear running through the leg, it's not fine.
  14. Do you think that the game is in a releasable state?

    But release date wise maybe end of 2018
    Yea, like it was maybe end of 2016 ? I would put my money on past 2020. The 2020 mark was a joke in 2016, now it's a realistic expectation :mrgreen:
  15. Dev Blog 18/01/18

    It was just my hopes.
    Yea, because you saw a bird on a screenshot... do you see where the salt is coming from ? My initial reaction was as much about the bird realism than about the expeditive expectation you built arround of a cosmetic part.

    Don't build expectation, Bannerlord could be crap after all. You know what should be more usefull than talking about what we want in Bannerlord ? Let's talk about what we don't want in Bannerlord :iamamoron: .
  16. [Serious] Here is why Bannerlord is not going to be released in the near future.

    Yea... I can see that to be true. And it makes sense, the scenary will be affected by the game engine, textures, physics... they might want to have all these parts done before building scenes. And the multiplayer beeing done makes even more sense. Their combat system is obviously nearly done, and multiplayer will not have quests and political mechanics, and less complex scenes.
  17. Dev Blog 18/01/18

    To me it makes sense that they use those during battles.
    Yes, birds were used for hunting and some time in war as messengers. But no, they did not used them in battle. Why ? Because eagles are expensive and very vulnerable.
  18. Dev Blog 18/01/18

    I hope that they make those birds use able during battles.
    Yea... like in ancient warfare. We all remember the Battle of Hastings, were falcons won the battle by droping little rocks on the saxon. I hope they also let us use trebuchets in battle, because it is a credible warefare strategy, just like using falcon. Did you look at the carpet in that screen with the falcon ? I hope that they make those furnitures use able during battle, always dreamed of using them as nets to trap the ennemy troops while the hawks peck their buttocks.

    Always bet on warbird !
  19. No Appearance at PC Gamer 2018

    I'd pay $1,000 for early access .. seriously.  I'm an offline player so won't care about multiplayer.
    You should wait :')... the single player is probably what takes so long to develop.
  20. Elephant for Siege, Different Horse Races, Camels for fast travel around desert

    Remember, for each ideas you are giving them, Taleworld is delaying the game for one more month :razz:.
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