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  1. Craven4

    New profile themes

    I've never been happier with a TW feature. Please keep it!
  2. Craven4

    Community map contest

    With the newly released map editor I think it would be a lot of fun if TW held a competition for best community made map. It would hopefully get added to the cycle of maps for the appropriate game mode aswell. I think this would ease the pain of not having custom servers and be relatively easy...
  3. Craven4


    Who's got some homemade maps to play around in? Haven't seen any on nexus yet so put a link with yours in the discussion.
  4. Craven4

    Could a dev please interact with us

    It would go a long way if @Callum could come back from vacation its been 20 days since you even made a comment that wasn't hotfix notes. If he's busy with other stuff maybe allocate another CM to interact with us on a daily basis. I've seen barely any dev comments in the main forum pages since...
  5. Craven4


    It never seems to get addressed by TW during or after the fact but is there an official reason or apology for the consistent missing of every self set timeline by the studio.
  6. Craven4

    Reporting system

    Hi! I would like to know some details about how the reporting system works. some examples of what repercussions are given for different offenses would be ideal. I roleplay in skirmish and tdm and can only assume I'm racking up reports with the amount of people who complain about how I'm...
  7. Craven4


    TLDR: Did the release of EA right at the time this whole pandemic started have a meaningful impact on how the game was received in such a mixed fashion? It was a huge release at such a weird point in time leaving so many people so thankful that it came out when it did so we had time to...
  8. Craven4

    UnPoPuLaR OpInIoN

    1.5 will be as exciting for MP as 1-1.4.3
  9. Craven4

    Developer roles

    I'm not sure if this information is already available but I think it would be good to know the departments and positions of all the Devs who frequent the forums. People like @AVRC @Callum @Duh_TaleWorlds @mexxico @MArdA TaleWorlds @NIN3 @azakhi and a few others i may be missing off the top of...
  10. Craven4

    so you think you can stance?

    there you have it folks, take from this poll and @Terco_Viejo's poll what you will but i think its safe to say the majority of the people on the forums (that took part in the two polls) 69% and 82% don't understand and/or don't like stances, at least how they are implemented currently. if @MArdA...
  11. Craven4

    Resolved why the sudden ping

    i suddenly have 250 resting ping, restarted my router and tried other games they are all fine. one other person i talked to has it too. usually at 20-25 ping btw
  12. Craven4

    No love or honesty from the devs to mp

    Two months of promising an MP patch "soon" or "in the next week or two" and you give us next to nothing this patch along with practically nothing but widely hated crush through on the one we have coming next? I am thoroughly disappointed in TW, we could be waiting another 2 months just to get...
  13. Craven4

    One Day Soon :'(

    love you devs but this suspense isn't good for our health. ^what a butcher i am^ ^may 5th^ Edit
  14. Craven4

    (the real) statement regarding plans for mp

    In case you don't have the time to read 70 comments deep in one day before finding out whats actually changing.
  15. Craven4

    Are we done yet?

    I'm curious as to if the community/modders thinks they could do a good job if taleworlds put out the game and its modding tools now as it is, along with custom servers. There is obviously lots to do still but the modding community has shown themselves to be fairly competent at bug fixing and...
  16. Craven4

    Can mods save this game?

    I wont get in to the details because we all know multiplayer is a hot mess of garbage. but are the modding tools going to be enough to reverse the damage done to the MP community? I'm sure single player will evolve into something beautiful when the tools come out but it feels like they're going...
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