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  1. Ascarion

    [WBMM] Unban Appeals

    I ate ban in Mercenaries mode.I've proven my innocence, my ban has opened up
    What happened in merc has nothing to do with wbmm. Thats a whole different adminteam and there are also people running around who should've been banned. You can feel free to prove your innonce also to one of the admins via pm but there's nothing stated from you right now - so there's nothing to change about the ban.
  2. Ascarion

    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    The reason why it dies is because good players will be put into teams which one have a chance vs other teams and there "Warband ego" will obviously shine through and they will quit and then the team follows because they know its useless without them players.
    big fax
  3. Ascarion

    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    Yeah from someone like you - who hosted the past tournaments you took part in. I was basically stating the fact that you refused to play with anyone else than with your friends.

    I‘m sorry if I offended you, wasn‘t my intention.
  4. Ascarion

    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    well if the captains use their brain, they‘ll know who fits good into the team but watch out for thorr he may refuse to play again and go for 9M
  5. Ascarion

    Norman cheater

    Haha norman ottoblock the circle pops up everytime he locks on enemi wtf
  6. Ascarion

    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    As Vincent stated already there will be a little clantournament as kind of weekend cup, then we (might) have a short Fantasyleague and after that I‘m sure Carnage is going to host another clantournament again. I think thats a good mix instead of having an nc. Anyone can participate in these tournaments. Clantournaments are not going to vanish, dont worry.
  7. Ascarion

    Nations Cup or Fantasy League?

    Im afraid that you feel offended about a good looking and well deserved medal.
  8. Ascarion

    [WRC] Congratulations and Thank Yous

    Congrats to the Winners & Thanks to everyone for participating - was quite fun!
  9. Ascarion

    Tournament suggestions V2

    Well it wouldn’t really be an NC but it would be a unique tournament idea
    I think its quite difficult to decide which nations are allowed to ally with each other.

    - E.g. You could say all last 2 nc top 3 nations are not allowed to ally with each other for obvious reasons.

    - Also what about nations that contain only 1-3 active players? Do they count as a "full nation" or half?
  10. Ascarion

    Tournament suggestions V2

    What about a Nations tournament but one which allows any two nations to ally and play together? Idk, could be a fun idea. We've had a series of quite a few regular clan tournaments so something different like an NC, or a tournament with some kind of nationality limit or a fantasy league would be fun, just to do smth different
    Sounds interesting, although I dont know if thats for the sake of NC to create aliances like Russia&World
  11. Ascarion

    Tournament suggestions V2

    please just make a fantasy NC is just not feasible right now, maybe further in the future
    or lets do a lan in tw studios, they owe us something for carrying this MP community
  12. Ascarion

    Tournament suggestions V2

    ... is better idea than NC. Unless u want to make it in boring 6v6 format, so nations like czech republic, austria&switzerland, sweden&norway maybe could get enough players to take part in it.

    Even in 6v6, austria/Switzerland wont be able to field enough players. They were hardly able in the past tournaments and always recruited some rl friends with 10hours experience.

    Also for germany, except there's a new change compared to the former NC system, most people won't participate because the skill gap is way too high.

    NC, at such a stage, is a terrible idea, you should rather just do a quick TR/POL/FRA/NA tournament. Lots of players wont'/Can't participate due to the region-restrictions or the big skillgap. NC is nothing what benefits the small community in 2021.
  13. Ascarion

    [WRC] Streams & VoDs

    Including also some WRC clips :smile:
  14. Ascarion

    Any tournaments in the works ? / Ideas for tournaments ?

    I doubt NC is a good idea, since most of the teams can't really form up a proper competetiv team to compete with TR,POL,FRA and UK.

    Thus lots of players cba to play and might go inactive - doubt the community benefits from that.
  15. Ascarion

    [WRC] Streams & VoDs

  16. Ascarion

    [WRC] Final & Third Place Match - Champions

    Thread locked. Congratz to Gorgonites.
  17. Ascarion

    [WRC] Statistics

    Quarterfinals up and OP updated :party:

    Sorry about the delay, we had a little situation with losing 7eCie vs IW logs. Normally what I'd do in that situation is just manually count kills and deaths from the screens and manually create a table in the weekly stats, but they wouldn't be integrated into the db so those stats wouldn't count towards player stats in the OP. So, i decided to take a bit of time to create a script to fake the match logs from the info on the screens, so that i can parse it properly into the database and have the stats count in the OP tables as well. It took me a little bit of extra time to code, and easter didn't help, but i think it's worth it since i'll be able to use it in future every time we lose a log file which sadly does occasionally happen, tho thankfully rarely.

    NOTE: it isn't perfect since the screens are sometimes taken with a bit of delay after the last live round is complete so they may contain some extra deaths and/or tks. I can't really see tks from screens or tell who died after the live round, so the number of kills and deaths from the screens might not always match perfectly. I tried to tackle this issue by randomising death order to make it fair.

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