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  1. Old-Bull

    Bretwalda: Divided Kingdoms is coming.....I can't wait.

    Looking at the ideas of this mod team, then look at TW's content over the last year. I just hope TW finishes the modding tools soon, I have zero interest in this game until.
    According to one of the devs, we will get an update on the modding tools closer to the release of the next beta patch. That should be the priority for TW, since the mod community is kind of handcuffed until then.

    I'm looking forward to a.i. improvements, especially for seige. The battle terrain feature and keep battles should add a lot of depth to the game.

    Still, I hope I don't see any of those features before they cut the mods loose with the proper tools they need.
  2. Old-Bull

    Becoming King of existing faction

    I created this thread one year ago, but thanks for answering :razz:
    Yeah, I guess I should have checked the date. :grin:
  3. Old-Bull

    Becoming King of existing faction

    Is this feature in the game or not yet? I would like to become the King of my current factions without having to create a new Kingdom.

    Yes. Its in the game. I was part of Battania when Caladog died in battle. There was an election and I was chosen as the new king.

    Confirmed. Its in the game.
  4. Old-Bull

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Strange I cannot see 1.5.10 in steam. The highest beta I can opt into is still 1.5.9 for some reason.
    It's not all the way at the bottom of the beta list. It's between 2 other betas up the list a ways. Just look for it. It's there.
  5. Old-Bull

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    This looks like a pretty solid patch. They did a lot of work on a lot of different things.

    For me the things I would like to see the most focus on are TW giving the modders the tools they need and the battle terrain system. Both of those things will make me very happy.
  6. Old-Bull

    Bretwalda: Divided Kingdoms is coming.....I can't wait.

    Great! I hope it copies everything VC did right, and that they don't have too much difficulty with the code. That bit at the end about them wanting to ensure good progression through the game sounds promising.
    Agreed. Hopefully the Devs are making progress on giving the modding community all the tools they need to create mods with as little trouble as possible.

    My only experience with TW games before Bannerlord was Viking Conquest. That's the only game of TW's that I played.

    It looks like Bretwalda is making good progress though with an alpha tentively set for later this year.
  7. Old-Bull

    Bretwalda: Divided Kingdoms is coming.....I can't wait.

    Here's a good video from ItalianSpartacus that details a Bretwalda mod that's already heavily under development. Ship combat, the British Isles.......almost everything that VC had, except in the Bannerlord game system. Fans of VC need to give this a look if you haven't already.
  8. Old-Bull

    My final verdict

    Devs Moderators

    The damned same red flags are to blame... :smile:

    Good catch. I let my game forums terminology bleed into each other.

    Either way, thanks for helping MostBlunted find his "final verdict".
  9. Old-Bull

    My final verdict

    Thank you to the devs for making this MostBlunted's "final verdict". Theres no way it would have been his "final verdict" without the ban.
  10. Old-Bull

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    I too would like the ability to use the Warband commands, but the commands have evolved so I don't think the Warband one can directly translate into Bannerlord. Perhaps a way to change what each button is assigned to? That would be great.

    You are not going to pull them up because you know they don't exist. Hopefully you are done with your trolling now.

    Just reread the thread. Its like five little babies fighting over one sippy cup full of warm milk.

    I'm not glorifying babies throwing tantrums by re-posting their tantrums.

    Defending devs trying to do their jobs is trolling now? Insulting them is "brutally honest".

    I'm not wasting time arguing with you. I'm out. Feel free to continue making the forums toxic. That always helps.
  11. Old-Bull

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Alright, well, it doesn't fix the problem about the banners through any vanilla means, but there is a recent mod that does it (works for 1.5.9). Hopefully that gets adjusted next patch. :smile:

    Point out these "countless" insulting and disrespectful posts towards the devs. Go on. I bet they aren't, or they would have been dealt with.

    And I don't need to provide you that, because 1) I never said I could nor wanted to show posts of people "thanking" devs only that most people here were not "rude" 2) no one needs to "thank" a developer for doing their job and 3) not groveling to someone doesn't mean they were disrespectful. The fact of the matter is, a very few amount of people in this thread were even doing so and no amount of you complaining otherwise will mean the others were being rude or disrespectful. If there were problematic posts/behavior, the mods would have taken care of it or said something (maybe even both), as they did with MostBlunted. You are confusing brutally honest criticism with attacking developers, which is both asinine and hilarious.

    Once again, it wouldn't matter even if everyone here insulted them (they didn't), it wouldn't justify them ignoring the community that pays them for a service. Of course, that's not why there isn't a lot of communication lately, but since you brought it up I want to point out to you have stupid your view of it is.

    Yeah this thread is full of insulting comments towards TW and the devs. I'm not going to pull them up but they outnumbered positive comments to the devs by a factor of 10>1 or greater. I'm not going to glorify those comments by quoting them. This thread is full of them.

    I just want people to treat the devs like they would expect to be treated by customers of the companies they work for.

    If the special snowflakes on this board had a horde of angry customers show up at the McDonald's drive through to tell them how stupid they were all day long, they would quit, go home to their parents basements and try to stage a mass social media "cancel" session because their safe spaces were violated.

    Treat others like you want to be treated yourself and the world is a better place.

    Or don't. Just keep whining like the entitled children that haven't received payment on all the things the world owes them.
  12. Old-Bull

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    You mean like people were doing, just three or four pages back, thanking him and wishing him a good weekend? You mean like that? You need to stop conflating criticism with disrespect and rude behavior. Let's pretend most of the people here were being disrespectful and rude...that in no way is any justification for a group of developers, whom those people paid, to ignore them and the entire community. The idea that someone could try and justify that with something like this is incredible, really. Lastly, as indicated by MostBlunted, anyone who crosses a line is dealt with by moderators. No reasonable person has a problem with Dejan or any of moderators etc etc.

    It didn't fix it, not completely, but it made the stuttering reduce to a manageable amount. Before hand, I was getting quite ill looking at it (I am prone to motion sickness easy) because it was every half second, turning the camera or opening a menu.

    And yes, I did reinstall, but I think deleting the documents folder (which was pointed out to me) was really the trick that made switching to FXAA work. I also had to turn off cloud saving for Bannerlord, because every time I deleted the folder it popped right back up as if I had never deleted it.

    I would say I look forward to 1.6.0, but all the mods will break again and I will cry. lol

    I think it is just one of those problems that just happens. I don't know why it happens, but it could be a program in the background causing the issue that others also have installed. I've seen it happen in a few games, especially with anti-aliasing.

    I guess I will. Hopefully it helps them pin-point the cause.

    Maybe you can quote the post other than mine on this thread that "thanked" a dev. I just reread this thread. A couple of posts said "have a nice weekend". Countless posts in this thread have been insulting and disrespectful to the Devs.

    If you want devs to interact with the community maybe you should start treating them like they're valuable members of the community. Insulting them and the work they do isn't going to get a positive response.
  13. Old-Bull

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    This seems like a good time to let Dejan know how much we appreciate him communicating with the community in spite of all the negative, disrespectful comments he has to deal with. Thanks Dejan.

    After reading the last four or five pages of this thread, can anyone really say that the Devs don't communicate with us enough after the crap a few of you have given Dejan?

    It's hard for me to understand some people. Are you that disrespectful to people when you talk to them face to face? I would guess you're not because your afraid of getting your teeth knocked down your throats.
  14. Old-Bull

    I'm genuinely curious.... why is it so difficult to get troops going up ladders and siege towers correctly?

    I mean I know it depends on the structure of the castle and the walls.... but come on.... surely it can't be that hard?

    or ...... do you think they are just waiting until the game is fully 'scened' and all of the castles are 'in-game' before they finally go and fix it?
    The A.I. is almost as capable as Gunners Mate First Class Phillip Arsewhole.

    Every time I have 200 guys trying to squeeze up one ladder while the two other ladders are completely empty, I think of these guys, and then I give the order to "keep climbing arsewholes".

  15. Old-Bull

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Heaven forbid anyone that tries to be positive or support development. This forum only has room for whiney, entitled babies.
  16. Old-Bull

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Good question. Something is going on. My handle changed to Smooth Hudson.
  17. Old-Bull

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    That's a good one 😂

    I care. Just imagine how epic it could be . 1 year anniversary sweet patch 1.6 . The fan base would be praising developers. +100 relationships gained. +10 charm gained. But nope , not ready yet. It's ok , understandable.

    Did the devs even mention or hint that there may be an anniversary patch? I didnt see it if they did.

    A bunch of people on the message board came up with this idea, not the devs(as far as I know).

    When(not if) it doesnt happen this board will turn even more negative because the devs didn't deliver on an idea that posters came up with.

    Keep your expectations lower and you'll be disappointed less.
  18. Old-Bull

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Who cares if there's an anniversary patch? Let's celebrate 1 year of a game being in beta....sure.

    People look for reasons to be disappointed.
  19. Old-Bull

    strongly recommend add fortification and command building systems

    Before they allow people to build anything they need to build a map large enough to make sense. I dont see that happening.
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