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  1. Bannerlord needs to learn from Warband

    Well basically what we all want is NPC improvement which is not their priority for now and I don't know know whether TW have any plans for it, we can only hope that TW will prioritise the NPC/THINGS TO DO DURING PEACE/DIPLOMACY after the terrain system and multiplayer update. I hope, I already am tired of waiting...but still there is no deadline yet so you can hope for it

    Well, mount and blade was basically about war and battle, diplomacy was never it's strong suit, so I don't expect it anyway but if they do plan to improve it then it will make the game better and one of the best
  2. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    @mexxico I would like ask that were not you guys supposed to tell your roadmap? And what are you guys prioritise for the game? The patches are slow, so i wish to know about it.
    Is there any plan for NPC improvement/Voice over/something like feast? I mean it is already been a year for EA and there is no roadmap yet. So i ask it here.
    P.S.: thanks for the communication you are keeping with all of us
  3. sandbox mode - lack of siblings

    Look sandbox is basically where you are a lone adventurer. I do not see any need of adding siblings, if you want you can ask from modders about it. I believe sandbox is doing well. And even if TW add sibling options I am sure someone later will ask something new or complain about something. Be satisfied at least what we have now.

    I agree bannerlord should have more than what now it have but at least they are adding things little by little. I now that they are slow and i am also disappointed about it. But they still did not set any deadline yet, so let's hope for better
  4. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Voice over is not that simple
  5. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Yep... No false hope. Can any dev give a proper info about it
  6. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    The devs seem swamped by urgent tasks and are late with everything they do. That state of mind is not conducive to looking for ways to improve the game. If you stepped into their studio and said "I think voice overs would add a lot to the game", they would stare at you as if you were at a wrong address, despite being completely right. They just want to finish this and not make more work for themselves.

    Wait, that's reality and reality = bad.
    I mean, the devs would welcome your suggestion and take time to hire a good writer to write a novel-worth of interesting and original dialogs, then hire a voice casting agency that will find the right talent and finally record the voice overs in a professional studio under direction of the talented game designer Armagan himself.
    There's so much potential here! Maybe they already made this and will surprise us in the next patch! This must be the reason why it is delayed! :iamamoron:
    And if they really have no interested in adding voice over then they should remove the istiana's voice over as well because it is gonna looked very weird for tge playes who is playing it for first time.
  7. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    They are being coy about voiceovers and don't want to say they won't do it. But I think they won't - it's expensive, takes time and poor voice acting is worse than no voice acting. Besides, dialogs are roundly ignored as a point of improvement.

    But if you prefer good news because you can't take reality, I've heard they hired Keanu Reeves to voice player responses and a whole bunch of B-listers to voice various peasants, nobles, horses etc. It's going to be great! This game has so much potential! Just give them time! :iamamoron:
    Having voice over in bannerlord will improve the game a lot. Right now the npc are kinda dull and olayers don't like to stroll around castle/town/villages and onky having istinana for voice over in one quest seems very weird

    But if they really do a proper voice over, it will make the npc more alive and player might want to talk with npc to hear their voice for fun which will give a reason to walk in the street. It will also make the game more enjoyable. I hope the devs will give a proper and true response about this matter
  8. Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Hey, can somebody tell me whether there will be more voices in bannerlord or update regarding this matter is in discussion?
    Because if there is only voice for istiana in main quest then this feels very weird. There should voiceover for npc and player as well because it will look better or there should be no voice over at all.

    Well i think with voice over in every character will make npc more alive and gameplay more enjoyable.

    IP.S: am new here. This thread seems responsive.. Should i ask this question here or some where else?
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