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  1. Calabanar

    Definitive post about development of Bannerlord

    I mean, there is a lot of negativity, but if you read the 1.5.10 patch notes discussion, you might notice there was a lot less negativity than before. In fact, there was quite a lot of positivity (although it triggered those unhappy with the patch into rage).

    So while the best thing to do would indeed be to avoid taking the game so seriously, it is important to note that it actually wouldn’t be that hard for Taleworlds to completely change the atmosphere here for the better.

    By all means, the ball is in their court.
  2. Calabanar

    My final verdict

    Most of the community hated them, ."
    I don’t understand what you mean, everyone loved the camel devblog :iamamoron:

    Edit: Mexxico was a breath of fresh, I can only agree.
  3. Calabanar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Perhaps there should be a much lower increase to the speed at higher levels, compensated by an decrease of the armors effect on speed?
  4. Calabanar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Something like this is in the works, it will use the same system as executions in the party screen. We hope to share more on this soon™
    This is excellent news! Looking forward to what you have cooking in the oven.
  5. Calabanar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Like Total War does in the warhammer series.
    Exactly! I would even take images at this point (like in Shogun 2). Whatever they feel like as long as it's done.
  6. Calabanar

    The big Forum Depression

    What Nalga said. I'll be the first to complain about Taleworlds if they do something bad (or nothing at all), although in a somewhat civil manner.
  7. Calabanar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10


    This is so nice. Would be great if more stuff like this was incorporated into the game somehow. Like cutscenes for events and stuff like marriage etc.
    Yes, even simple gifs would do wonders as pop ups in this style.
  8. Calabanar

    The big Forum Depression

    To be fair man, you did post multiple posts swearing and saying the patch didn't amount to s***, which is objectively wrong.

    It doesn't adress some of the core issues, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.
  9. Calabanar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Oh, I hadn't noticed the video! It's very well made and definitely helps with immersion!

    See Taleworlds? We can be happy about your work too! :party:
  10. Calabanar

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Looks like a good patchie!

    Good patchies good.

    Keep making good patchies!
  11. Calabanar

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Hey, reading the patch notes, it seems like a good patchie!


    I'm impressed
  12. Calabanar

    Let us join minor factions

    Then by that logic bannerlord has all these features too;

    No? Diplomacy was used in all mods, and when people wanted a more native game (which I did) Diplomacy was still essential for the game to be enjoyable at its fullest.

    Everyone played with diplomacy. I see what you're trying to say but I completely disagree: Warband and Bannerlord don't have the same ambitions. And as a successor to Warband, the diplomacy features should have been a given.
  13. Calabanar

    Let us join minor factions

    That was all from the diplomacy mod...

    • Form an alliance, conclude a defensive pact, sign a trade agreement or conclude a non-aggression treaty with another faction.

    Not native Warband.
    I consider Diplomacy as part of the Warband experience.

    Everyone used it and for good reason.
  14. Calabanar

    Let us join minor factions

    Right to rule was barely a mechanic; and has largely been replaced by clan tier which achieves the same purpose (A checkpoint before starting a kingdom).

    RtR - Softcap on kingdom creation (as making a kingdom too early would cause non-stop wars). Raised sharply by a few game actions.

    Clan Tier - A hardcap on kingdom creation. Slowly raised by pretty much all game actions.

    The only difference between these two is the soft/hard degree of the cap and the fact that clan tier has other mechanics built in (like companion slots). They serve the same purpose - to extend the midgame.

    And as far as warband goes - there was no diplomacy outside of peace/war (the occasional flavour event). I don't disagree with your statement per say... but worth mentioning that Warband has the exact same issue.
    I mentionned those mechanics as elements that should have improved from Warband.

    Right to rule was simple enough, and though it was minimal, it worked: you needed to have gathered support before having a shot at creating a kingdom. The critical difference with Bannerlord is that high right to rule decreased the chances of getting gangbanged by all factions right from the start, which is not a thing in Bannerlord.

    I do agree that clan tier could be used in a similar fashion, though the fact it applies to clans and not characters makes things more complicated.

    What I don't like about clan tier is that it's necessary for everything, utlimately becoming an almost forgettable aspect of the game, you will increase in clan tier no matter what. On the other hand, you could lose right to rule in Warband, (though admittedly very rarely) which made it more of a dynamic ressource, like influence now.

    There were alliances and trade agreements, which is already much more than in Bannerlord. Having the certainty that a neighbouring faction wouldn't attack you (non-agression treaty) and could even support (devensive alliance) you was very useful and good for roleplay. Plus, other factiions did this too, which made world diplomacy already much more nuanced than War/peace.

    Anyway, back to the Minor Factions. I referenced Warband Right to Rule because it would make sense for Minor Factions gameplay: gather support around Calradia so that the Minor Faction doesn't get crushed right away being seen as unlegitimate. Clan tier is nice, but it doesn't seem to have that functionnality. So how do you prevent endless war? Appart from fighting the lords over and over, and executing as many ennemies as possible?

    You don't. Hence why those elements are very much needed for a Minor Faction playthrough to be interesting, which is also why it will never happen.


    I'm mad now 😑
  15. Calabanar

    Let us join minor factions

    I don't really see how joining a minor faction would work... you would still have to be your own clan. So would it just work like any other kingdom? Would be quite boring. If they got the opportunity to become kingdoms by taking ground... maybe - but I don't think it is very necessary right now.

    I'm fine with their current implementation as mercenaries with one caveat - we desperately need a way to reliably recruit minor faction troops. Either through minor faction notables or through some interaction with the minor faction itself. They have made another 10+ unit trees in game and then basically prevented the player from using them (outside of a few prisoners).
    Most of the functionnalities that would make a Minor Faction playthrough truly interesting are absent from Bannerlord: no right to rule, no influence on other factions, no real diplomatic depth...

    Playing as a minor faction would be boring because playing as a major faction is boring too. They both rely on the same repetitive, one-dimensional gameplay loop: fight.
  16. Calabanar

    I can’t wait to build my village into a castle

    I don't know if I have ever been so underwhelmed by the lack of any impressive features in a game that I assumed would have new ideas. This game is bland and uninspiring in every detail. Without mods I would never touch it, that is sad. Everything they do is either lazy or coded badly. Go look at scores of mods for Warband, just pathetic.
    It's not that there aren't good ideas: it's that they don't capitalize on what they create!

    Take the crafting system, appart from the balancing, it's a ton of fun to design your own weapons. But just dropping it in the game isn't fun.

    What about quests? Starting off by forging tools for villagers? Perhaps forging for bandits to gain relations? Making weapons for lords, bringing materials to a blacksmith who would reward you by giving discounts when forging weapons for you or better, who would grant you access to "masterwork" weapons?

    Heck, if you get creative you can actually end up wih unique quests, such as a lord asking you to collect weapons in a low loyalty settlement to smelt them, preventing the populace from being armed, which coudl then give a choice to the player (like the tax quest in Warband): stop smelting and gain relations with all notables or keep doing it and fight.

    Why not allow the player to have a "bodyguard" troop tree, small, expensive, but that you could equip as you wish? And then allow the player to assign the crafted weapons to these troops?

    Like, that's probably what pisses me off the most: there are so many simple opportunities to make the game superior, and they never seize them!
  17. Calabanar

    Let us join minor factions

    It looks like a bad idea. You either get exactly the same gameplay as joining a kingdom or lack of gameplay because the devs need to do a lot of work for special minor faction gameplay.
    Where's the fun in this? Creating custom troops? That's not related to minor factions at all and could be a separate feature available to all.
    Frankly, I see it as a simple challenging option. A middle ground between starting a kingdom by ourselves or joining one. Granted, I expected them to fill a similar role as "claimants" in Warband.

    It's only wish-thinking at this point, though. I'd be surprised if they did anything to change (improve) Minor Factions and turn them into something more interesting than... uncontrollable unit pools.
  18. Calabanar

    Let us join minor factions

    Agreed, that is what I expected at first as well.
  19. Calabanar

    My final verdict

    Expecting all devs to be like Mexxico is too much.

    That being said, he shouldn't be seen as an exception in Taleworlds, but as the best example of their communication and devotion. That's not good.

    Let's not forget some of the other devs who have tried talking to us, like Duh.
  20. Calabanar

    My final verdict

    To be fair, if they're taking a while it's either because:
    a) There are obvious problems that still need to be fixed, in which case... I mean, no real point in sending it in beta.

    b) There are actually somewhat substential additions to the game with the next patch.

    c) There haven't been enough prayers to The Powers of Soon™.
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