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    My discord got disabled, sorry about that

    My discord got disabled, sorry about that
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    To the Prince Yaztachimal of Cholollan,

    We apologize for the delay: messages take a long time to travel to the Mayab from such far-off lands. We greet the new day! For 8 Hummingbird is happy to report, and prevailing on the good humor of our fellow lords and ladies of the Mayab and Cemanahuac, that with only a slight degree of inebriation, we have successfully liberated the Idols of Cacaxtla from the grips of the blasphemers of Cholollan! After a somewhat hectic night that involved only a small amount of pulque, the gods of the Maya have been returned home to their people where they belong, whereas in Cholollan, our gods were starved of the life-waters of proper sacrifice, mistreated by Nahuatl priests, and neglected the proper respect due to the divines. Let all recall the wise words Wey Taketzani Tilputunki of Kushkatan, in his condemnation of the heretical practices of the incense-perfumed priests of Cholollan, that which deserves the stone and the stick, and remember the wisdom of his speech before us all at Tlaxcallan.

    8 Hummingbird thus proclaims she has rescued these idols as an act righteous and dutiful to the gods, even while drunk and only somewhat unplanned (this is nothing less than divine inspiration!), and our idols are now being delivered further onwards into safer hands. In more serious terms, we do regret the loss of life among the guards of the shrine, as none was intended in our liberation of our idols, and shall send compensation in tribute to Cholollan to resolve this spilling of blood. We caution that any further escalation however will only bring not only futile loss and grief, but warn that Cholollan risks the wrath of the gods on their city if they act in pride and raises their hand against holy Tikal. Their displeasure with Cholollan is already evident for all to see in the disfavor shown on their ballplayers in the Championships at Tlaxcallan. Let the lord of the Tollan not compound misfortune with disaster. The eyes and favor of the gods are upon our city, as are our friends: it is not wise to risk their anger. Consider yourself warned.


    Praise to the gods,
    Ix K’uhul Ajaw Waxak Ts’unu’uno’ K’awiil, Queen of Tuumben Mutal, not the Itza
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    Who of the old guard are still around?

    2008 gang representtttttttt
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    Introduction/Hello thread

    Welcome back you old farts. Its been too long. <3
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread


    Partied too hard, missed the game. o_O Haha, there's always next time...?
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    To the Kan Ek and Halach Uinik (if he can really be called a "True Man", after this betrayal) of the Itza and Chactemal,

    We met in trust and good confidence, and with your word we had agreed on the division of the territories of the vanquished K'owoj and the kingdom of Dzuliunicob, which would provide Tikal with access to the sea. And yet, when our blood was spilled and our warriors victorious after many shared trials, what do we find? That our erstwhile "friends" have conspired behind my back and made their own arrangements for the division of the spoils, and greedily claimed the entirety of the coast for themselves while leaving their compatriots denied and blocked off from the sole goal of Tikal's participation.

    On top of this, the Halach Uinik has added insult to injury, and in Tikal's attempts to diplomatically redress this apparent oversight he has not only bluntly rejected all attempts at diplomatic settlement, but has demanded that Tikal pay for the fortification of Chactemal's borders with ourselves. We shall not pay for this wall for this unnaturally yellow-tinged leader, and we hereby condemn Chactemal and its haughty disrespect. Likewise, the Itza of Tayasal were our enemies before when they barged into our lands following their expulsion from Mayapaan, and should they continue their course of action, we may well be so again.

    So warns the Ix Ajaw of Tuumben Mutal; heed her word, or rue the day you ignored it.

    -Waxak Ts'unu'uno' K’awiil (8 Lightning Hummingbird) of Tuumben Mutal, Beloved of Ajaw Itzamna
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    The Official Art thread

    Decided to check back in.

    This is a parody of the crazy Aussie guy who runs into a tornado.
    Instead this is a crazy Roman soldier who runs into a Hun-storm!


    Marcus Licinius Crassus at the Battle of Carrhae, 53BC, uncolorized.
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    [BoP: 1910] BoP: Europe 1910 - Introduction/Application Thread

    I'm in favor of continuing the present game. I'm a ride or die binch, and I'd rather keep a game going rather than start a new one at this point.
  9. Almalexia

    Bannerlord Beta: Looking for a playmate

    Playing the beta is basically like taking anal, tbh.
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    [BoP: The Fifth Sun] Main Thread

    Great Tikal is back! Though disappointed that she has not taken the grand prize, Ix Ajaw (Queen) of the Kingdom of the Mutal is greatly pleased to have led her team personally to be ranked in the top three ballplayers in the Pan-Mesoamerican League! 8 Hummingbird enjoyed the performance, and thanks all those she beat on the court. Next time: the first place is mine!

    And @ our dear host, Curio, a protip on how to play the ballgame:

    use THE HIPS
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    Custom Titles

    Her Flamboyance demands the return of her title.
  12. Almalexia

    u g l y

    titty tho
  13. Almalexia

    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    Give me a custom title back you son of a *****.
  14. Almalexia

    u g l y

    Wow. This is pretty bad.
  15. Almalexia

    What made you happy today?

    Frankly I think that'd be for the best for most of us.
  16. Almalexia

    How old are you?

    Pt.C said:
    I don't really believe that all people will seriously and honestly fill in their age, even if most of them are honest people.
    I'm honest. I'm very young. I'm 17 every year.

  17. Almalexia

    Balance of Power: 860 Main Thread

    Bluehawk Classic said:
    Quarter of a year to process a single turn.

    Correction: half a year to process half a turn.  :razz:

    Delora Filth said:
    I hate you.

    Me too.
  18. Almalexia

    Stefan Molyneux

    Slavs aren't white.
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