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  1. a_ver_est

    Girls' civilization

    TW should join to Girls' civilization team to develop the ultimate game!! :ROFLMAO:
  2. a_ver_est

    Performance benchmark output file

    I am playing with the different graphics settings and running the Performance Benchmark option to compare, the tool let you send the results to a file but ... i am unable to find those files anywhere, does anyone knows where are they write?
  3. a_ver_est

    Lord without banner

    Just thinking a funny feature, maybe for a mod. One party of the clan can be set as without banner so it can do dark war vs a faction to provoque towns rebelions doing villages raidings, killing peasants, etc. This party should have the size small and limited and if it is defeated yhe owner...
  4. a_ver_est

    Unpopular opinions

    Probably not many people will share my feelings but anyway: - Early game is almost non existent: In one or two hours of playing you can easily get married, set you wife as quartedmaster and you will have around 100 men party limit. You can recruit 50 warriors train them to tier 3-4 and join a...
  5. a_ver_est

    Photo mode is coming

    Oh! finally we will be able to take great screenshots !!
  6. a_ver_est

    Family wedding arrangement feedback

    Finally I was able to arrenge my borther wedding, great!!! it was with a lady of Caladog's clan, he accepted my proposal at first glance which honestly it was unrealistic due: - I was a small clan tier 2 - Not a battanian vassall - I have never spoken with him before - 0 relatioship with him...
  7. a_ver_est

    Add a next button in the enciclpedia

    When you are checking heroes to find a new companion, a suitable wife or what ever you usually set the appropiate filter and get a name list then you have to check the first one then go back to the list, go next guy, go list, go next guy .... it's kinda annoying. Should be possible to have a...
  8. a_ver_est

    No cavalry bonus at sieges

    Yap, finally!!! Cavalry don't get bonus at sieges with the new beta !!!! Oh yeah!!! let's do a party at my castle!!!! ... oh wait!!! parties are not implemented!! augh!!! :P Seriously, did you notice any diference in your campaings now that it has been tunned as requested?
  9. a_ver_est

    AI target selection

    I seems that actually the what we have now to select which target attack is an AI who goes after the weakest one even if it is far away from its borders. What usually happens is that after capturing it the attacker army comes back to its core lands leting the recetly captured castle isolated...
  10. a_ver_est

    Slightly improve first person view

    I hope that this is the right forum :) Please, can the camera for first person view be inside the head? I mean, right now it looks too low, like your eyes were at your chest level... just move it a bit, just a bit upper. TIA
  11. a_ver_est

    brother or sister marriage agreement with the king family

    Hi all, Is there a way to get your brother or sister married with a lord/lady? I mean, the king has told me suitable lords/ladys to marry them but I have been unable to find the right way to do it. Tere aren't dialog options for that if I speak with the candidate neither with my family. Is it...
  12. a_ver_est

    Problems to find wanderers

    So when I want to recruit a new companion I check the enciclopedia, look for wanderers, select the one which seems interesting, check where is he/she and then go to that town and look at the tavern. Some times I find he/she but most of them don't. Even if the enciclopedia keeps seing that...
  13. a_ver_est

    Chest come back!! and My Master give me a Town!!

    Does anyone else miss the chest inside your castles were you could store stuff in WB? I fond it useful to store things that you don't have an immediate use for them but you don't want to shell because they might be useful in future. It was a small but nice feature. BTW are people getting...
  14. a_ver_est

    First person view, I am the only one who use it?

    So, I have been watching some streams and none was using the first person view. I use it all the time because I feel far more immersive despite the situation awareness is somewhat worse, am I the only one? BTW I am continuously losing tournaments, get some troops killed by low tier bandits and...
  15. a_ver_est

    My king, don't gift me more castles!!!

    I started playing recently, so probably the main problem should be my lack of experience... but anyway it is supposed that being rewarded with a new fief (castles in this case) should be a great experience for the player but it turned into game breaking for me. That's my history. I started with...
  16. a_ver_est

    Talaya Willowbark - probably stupid question but...

    Talaya Willowbark looks to be allways at Takor Castle but I never can find her... is there a reason for it? do I need to look more carefuly?
  17. a_ver_est

    Lady bryn is currently at Curin Castle

    I asked to many Nords characters where is Lady Bryn and everybody says that she is currently at Curin Castle. But she never is there, at least at the Lord's Hall. I have tried to return some days (even weeks) later and everybody still says that is at Curin Castle but she isn't. I also checked...
  18. a_ver_est

    Managing your kigndom is hard

    This game was played with diplomacy mod, my character was a single non noble woman. After several days playing as mercenary (about 700) I finally feel that was the right moment to start my own kingdom. I conquered a small castle to sarranids surrounded by Veagirs lands. I proposed the peace to...
  19. a_ver_est

    Two (maybe) silly cuestions

    - How can I change the "domestic policies" ?  - it looks like the Chamberlain should give me the option, but I can't find any dialog to do it. - The second one, how can I send emissaries to other kingdoms ? - I am at war with two enemies but the minister doesn't show any option to sent anyone...
  20. a_ver_est

    Tips for nords vs Vaegirs battles

    After being alone for a while I joined the Nords, they were at war vs swadia. After few time swadians were reduced to 1 castle and surrender. I though it was a good moment to get married, but when I was trading to get enough money to do it the war started vs Vaegirs. I didn't put many interest...
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