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  1. DaVincix

    SP Dark Ages Viking Conquest Realism

    Viking Conquest Realism v1.0 This is a gameplay overhaul mod based on Viking Conquest v2.028. Requires M&B Warband and VC properly installed. Should work on every Warband VC update versions. The mod is done to play the Sandbox mode (playtested, no errors). Should also work as usually for the...
  2. DaVincix

    Some basic questions to the story (quest) line

    Well, quite new to VC, as old Warband player, i just came back to the game and forums, and to play finally VC (which lingered in my Steam library for a time). Pre-notes, before i put out my points (i call it "basic questions"): a. I did already quite some story starts, but stopped to play along...
  3. DaVincix

    Beserker trait - red vision

    Is there a mod out there, possibly, which negates the red vision back to normal view? Or, does somebody know the file/code which is responsible, and can put it in here? I would be very thankful, as i absolutely do not like the red vision.
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