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  1. Plazek

    !!DRAMA!! - 22nd VS DFD - Trolling, Impersonation and Defamation.

    Disclaimer: I hold no ill will to the DFD clan as a whole. However I have no tolerance for actions such as these and as this is the only experience I have had of DFD to date I feel under no obligation to do this in any other way. This information was handed to me by trusted people, server...
  2. Plazek

    Three Families - Map - WIP

    This is a map I have been working on for a little while. I have wanted to make a city map ever since I made my first PW map but never got around to it until now. It is still very much a work in progress however it is getting pretty close to completion with the main structure of the map already...
  3. Plazek

    Take precautions or die!

    I think there are too many people running around the map carelessly and as a result becoming victims of their own foolishness. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is mine ;) I think when people want to travel around inside the world of PW and they get in a spot of trouble they are...
  4. Plazek

    Storing loaded muskets

    So what with the 2e mess just yesterday it brings to light what would most likely be considered by many as a questionable tactic. However as far as I am aware it is in now way covered by the rules and while I am not sure I am against it exactly I feel many would feel it is nothing more than a...
  5. Plazek

    Conquest Map Pack Release Event - Friday 29th - 8pm BST

    Hello, There has been a long deprived gamemode within Warband, almost never played despite its great potential. The reason? There were not any good maps. That is about to change! Vincenzo has been working on the code and I have been working on the maps. It is also the 22nd Battalion's birthday...
  6. Plazek

    More events?

    So we now have a french army and a british army. As well as many organised regiments who have trained together and who I believe all enjoyed the event. It seems a waste to use these teams for just a single event so... Why should it stop here? Who wants to have more battles like this with these...
  7. Plazek

    Setting up TS Whispers - IMPORTANT FOR OFFICERS

    So when we have this battle we (the British side at least) will be using whisper commands in TS so we can retain indpendant TS channels for each regiment but so that I am able to speak to all regiments and their officers can speak to me. So for all you TSnubs here is how you do it: 1)Tools ->...
  8. Plazek

    Event Attendance

    British: If you are not listed in this picture then you need to post here to say you will definitely 100% be here on the day. You also need to come to the next training on the Saturday. If you do neither of these things I will be looking to replace you. Another thread will go up soon which...
  9. Plazek

    Rule Britannia! - Team Great Britain (Training Saturday 25th at 19:00 BST)

    As you should be aware if you are part of the King's army I am your Lord Wellington ;) I will be commanding you in the Battle of Waterloo, and so I made this thread to try and help organise things a bit better. In it I will post info for trainings, and anything else that may prove important...
  10. Plazek

    Basic linebattling stuff for line infantry units.

    Basic Training Video: View My Video - Created by Sol, 22nd BG2 Legend Other random tips: Highly recommend moving around in single collumn formation as it enables your regiment to quickly and efficiently get into a position where you can fire a volley. That is conga styles(singing optional) ;)...
  11. Plazek

    22nd Server New Rules + Leadership - Live

    We have removed most of our rules however we retain some as you can read below. This has been done for several reasons, that I do not feel the need to explain. If you do not like it go play on one of the servers with a thousand rules. If you want to cry about how you got brutally murdered you...
  12. Plazek

    The City Watch (22nd Server)

    The City Watch is a 22nd endorsed group with special powers on the server. They are there to uphold the law, fighting the brigands and criminals who so cruelly opress the people of our fine city. The idea behind this group is to change the way PW servers are adminned, using the game to punish...
  13. Plazek

    A lil somethin' somethin'

  14. Plazek


    Requirements 2 teams Default clothes One javelin in the middle Free 1h weapons A keeper with a sword and board for each team. A referee with a lot of javelins and a horse A pitch (beta) - beta2: beta2.1: Rules You must score points by getting the...
  15. Plazek

    Ridiculous new patch

    There is nowhere to input password for passworded servers or to enable admins. The new server browser is horrible. I just spend like 10 minutes refreshing before a single 22nd server came up. Of course I could have gone to my faovurites but that is besides the point. Then upon clicking it again...
  16. Plazek

    Protect the Colours!

    So I was thinking it would be pretty cool if you would introduce more regimental colours for the mod instead of the single choice.
  17. Plazek

    An invitation to our new 222 man server.

    Hi Warbanders, We just got a brand new server, it is a very powerful machine so for now we have set the player limit to 222. It should be able to hold significantly more players than our last server with perfectly normal ping. So we invite you all to come and stress test it with us, we need to...
  18. Plazek

    Steam Ded. Server Files

    So where do we find it? Would be good to test and might be nice having VAC.
  19. Plazek

    [SUGGESTION] enable testudo

    So I think there should be a button to hold a shield directly up above your head. In films and stuff you often see people holding their shields this way but they are not looking at the sky while they do it! Furthermore the Romans had a whole formation dedicated to holding your shield in such a...
  20. Plazek

    [suggestion] Linux dedicated server files + RCON equivalent

    So we got a linux server, right now we are running our Warband dedicated server through Wine. However this creates some overheads we could avoid with proper linux server files. Would be nice to get them. My programmer server guy reckons it could take a single skilled guy about a week to...
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