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  1. Dryvus


    Don't think many or any here play it, but I picked it up a couple of weeks ago. Good fun for a free 2d fighting game. My favourite character is probably Brynn, the axe is OP as **** and the spear is handy for slapping people up and down in the air. Also she's pretty hot. I've unlocked Teros and...
  2. Dryvus

    How Do You Physically Identify USB Ports?

    Two of the ports in my desktop are ****ing retarded and don't work when Windows wakes. There's 16 entries under USB controllers in the device manager. How do you tell which are which?
  3. Dryvus

    Secret Ponchos

    Secret Ponchos Surprised there's no thread, this game's hooking me pretty fast. It's a Western multiplayer shooter game with a lot of situation and reaction tactics ("every shot is a skill shot" - the website or a trailer somewhere). There's 6 characters and a 7th out soon, they all seem to play...
  4. Dryvus

    What made you happy today?

    The real thread.
  5. Dryvus

    Sid Meier's Starships

    I hope it's better than Beyond Earth.
  6. Dryvus

    Endless Legend

    Couldn't find an existing thread. I really, really, really like this game. But I don't know much about it yet. When my Tenei Walkers attack Broken Lord Stalwarts, are they doing 0 damage because the Stalwart's defense is high enough? I haven't figured out why attack percentages are what they are...
  7. Dryvus

    Wireless Connection Constantly Dropping

    I had a perfectly well-functioning wireless adapter - Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - in my laptop. Went to a friend's house. Had the computer plugged in to the router with an ethernet cable. Since then it's been a ****ing piece of ****. Dropping the connection constantly, and getting worse...
  8. Dryvus

    The Universim

    Looks like someone's taking another shot at Spore.
  9. Dryvus

    The Anachronist's Thesaurus

    Necessity is the mother of invention. A poster has a word they need synonyms for. They post a request here, and most keen and unhinged minds of Off-Topic (and beyond?) supply their best. Doubtless one would get better results if they also indicated any connotations they were looking for in their...
  10. Dryvus

    Updating Firmware

    Trying to update the firmware for my router. 1. Found an ethernet cable because my connection drops all the time. 2. Downloaded appropriate firmware file from D-Link website. 3. Discovered it was a .bin file with no association. 4. Tried to find out how to go about installing it. 5. Gave up. 6...
  11. Dryvus

    A Dragon or a Lightsaber?

    Which would you rather have? Keep in mind that the question is not about a guy with a lightsaber against a dragon.
  12. Dryvus

    What blew your mind today: The sequel

    That nobody beat me to the punch on this one.
  13. Dryvus

    Boars And Birds - Part 1

    Would you like to play a game? Begin here. Second poll in 3 days.
  14. Dryvus

    Youtube Sign-In Idiocy

    For some reason I'm unable to sign into my Youtube account. It just acts as though I'd hit refresh instead of 'Sign In'. Created a fresh account, same problem. Anyone know what the deal is?
  15. Dryvus

    What Should I Make For Dinner Tonight?

    This is a thread. It contains people's recommendations on what someone should cook for dinner, based on the list of ingredients said person has provided. If someone makes a dish based on the recommendations of another forumite, this person is expected to provide a small amount of monetary...
  16. Dryvus

    Poetry Slam

    McBool the Fool Thought he was cool, And bottled his stool To sell at his school. McBool the Fool Shopped 'round for a pool, And throttled Sir Hoole Who bartered his mule. McBool the Fool Told Sally Peroule, That they could both rule If her dad choked on gruel.
  17. Dryvus

    Does Drinking Make One Think About A Woman More Or Less?

    Speak with your vote! Talk with your keyboards!
  18. Dryvus

    Occupy Wall Street

    The protest is in its ninth day, still no mainstream media coverage, apparently. Discuss.
  19. Dryvus

    SP Fantasy The Battle Of Evermore

    The Battle Of Evermore The year is 1326. Celestial war has come again. Stories from the nursery, come to life. Tales of old heroes, alive again. Whispers of villains, a thought and a shiver. Toil of long legend, for Man to forge true. Over all, forever, the battle. The Battle of Evermore...
  20. Dryvus

    External Hard Drive Contents Write Protected

    I've got a new computer, and am running Windows 7. I'm trying to get rid of some stuff on my external hard drive, but everything that was put on there previously is write-protected for some reason. Why is this and how can I change it?
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