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  1. Pinocchio

    toggle through companions with keyboard in character/inventory/trade

    Hi, I would love to toggle through my party members to see which companion needs certain item the most. Moving the mouse to change through the comps and back to compare the items is annoying. Does anyone know if there's a mod out there that does this already?
  2. Pinocchio

    Trying to cheat through main quest

    Hi, my main quest just timed out... and I'm trying to load an older safe and cheat through the main quest (Personally, I don't see this as a cheat, because I just wanna play sandbox without locking my campaign out of something) Problem is, the king of vlandia is nowhere to find. He was...
  3. Pinocchio

    Leveling on realism difficulty - shall there be a XP boost?

    The game is pretty demanding with everything on realism.... especially the forest bandit hide outs... so i tried to lower the difficulty to get the quest down (easily) and I saw that my companions level much faster.... I understand that this is because they live longer and so they can use/train...
  4. Pinocchio

    Resolved [Solved - was a windows number format problem] My saves are RED and don't work anymore

    Hi, first of all, I used mods so my problem is maybe related to them. It could be also the 45 load bug because i'm around my 50th savefile... My savegame says day 3.854.265 which can't be right. Still I need someone to explain me some things: - How does loading/saving infect old saves as well...
  5. Pinocchio

    Resolved Freeze during "Rival Gang Moving" Fight

    Hello, I'm freezing constantly with that. It always happens after I talk to the rivals and they charge each other... I once went to them by horse and it didn't freeze until my party was close enough to charge... so they charging me didn't cause the problem, it has to do something with my party...
  6. Pinocchio

    Need More Info Can't send report files
  7. Pinocchio

    Copied/Pasted face data from character creation

    Hi, I just learned that its possible to copy/paste your character... so far so great, but 2 questions come to my mind: Will the cpoied code from beta work in EA and further advanced versions in the future? Is their somewhere a database/thread with peoples builds and their code? btw @DevS: the...
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