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  1. Mopsolini

    In Progress Broken combat system

    Was dueling at EUDuel Server and while practising feints , noticed that the pickaxe is going right through the tree. On attached video you can see how does it works. And I also noriced that a lot of players abusing that bug. Here is the link on the video - My proofs Specs: Intel Core i5-4670K...
  2. Mopsolini

    Resolved Way to go beyond the playing area in MP

    At this video you can see how we ( me - Mops and a member of clan [GH] could get out of the playing area in MP. He could go even further, but fell. That wasn't easy , but if you menage to jump on the orange awning behind Invincible you will be able to get to the balcony and for example as archer...
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