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  1. MartinF

    Make item unmovable from inventory?

    Is there any way to make an item unmovable in the inventory? I'm talking about by the player or by the 'auto lose item when you're captured' script. The second one I can change manually, just make it disregard those items that I don't want the player to be able to lose but it would be really...
  2. MartinF

    Parties attached to eachother, some clarification wanted

    I was hoping that someone here could explain to me how this whole attachment thing works. it would seem that when parties are engaged in combat, they are 'attached', and I think that parties who are in a town are also attached to that town. Anyway, I don't really understand how it works or how...
  3. MartinF

    Problem with finding distances -solved- now problem with random

    I'm working on a code for patrols. Basically right now I'm making a script that chooses a random patrol location within a certain radius of the home base. So checking for faction, etc. Everything works fine. Except.. when using ((store_distance_to_party_from_party, ":distance"...
  4. MartinF

    SP Info Module System Some code to make mod testing easier

    When modding, you tend to have to test a lot. Which means running MNB, starting a new game and then you have to go through the whole spiel of character creation. Then, depending on what you want to test, you have to scour the map for bandits, etc. While more experienced modders probably have...
  5. MartinF

    Bug- faction colors disappearing, lords not spawning, textures weird, etc

    Hey guys, I've had this bug pop up a few times now when I've been modding. First I thought it was due to some weird mod I installed and ran, some stuff I copied into the MNB folder, etc. But I reinstalled MNB yesterday and have only played native and a native with my duel mod in it, so I'm...
  6. MartinF

    OSP Kit SP Duel Kit v0.5 released - duel your troops, companions, lord and kings.

    Hi guys, as some of you have probably already seen I've been working on a kit for duelling based on an idea by Phosphoer in this thread. I've since been adding on bits and pieces until it has come to the stage where I think it's ready to be a standalone kit that you can implement into your own...
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