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  1. Plazek

    Poll: Class System vs. Warband Loadout Customization

    Was gonna play some TDM tonight on OCE since I made the mistake of moving to Australia. Hardly any players on the one TDM server we have though (and we don't get matchmaking).

    Where did all the casuals that this new accessible system is suited to go? Weird!
  2. Plazek

    Delay on release of attacks

    Yea, I wouldn't describe it as ideal.
  3. Plazek

    Suggestion: Replace the class system with something that's actually fun.

    My keyboards G button is going to break from having to drop all the useless crap the classes spawn with that I don't want.
  4. Plazek

    it sucks

    Paving the way for the micro-transactions.
    Which is pretty dumb because if they had the picking of armour and weapons there would be potential for even more micro transactions than those just limited to particular classes and the restricted loadouts avilable.
  5. Plazek

    Battle.... please...

    Battle mode is where the Warband competitive community was built, it is beyond me that they thought it was a good idea not to make it a priority.
  6. Plazek

    Login failed

    That they havn't been out notifying us that they are aware of the problem is kinda bizare. It's some rather high viewed posts on the multiplayer section on their forum.
    I don't get it, can it really be that hard? People have payed you money and you are denying some people from playing with their friends and a big part of your game..

    You would think the least taleworlds could do was to notify their supporters that they have heard us, I mean if you havn't even noticed, then that's just unacceptable.

    16 hours, still can't play multiplayer and no news about it yet.

    So far a bad harvesting season.

    Yea it is pretty pathetic, essentially the least they could do is acknowledge it. I am a big fan, I am pretty disappointed tbh.
  7. Plazek

    Dev Blog 06/09/19

    Sundeki said:
    I suppose sooner or later I'm going to get banned for spam, but since nobody is responding:

    What regions will you be providing servers for in the Beta, and specifically: will my region (Australia) have servers (both matchmaking and casual) servers? Will Australians even be involved in the beta at all?

    I'm not going to stop asking.

    I have moved to Australia since my old Warband days so I would like to know this too. Would be a shame if there were no Oceania servers for the closed beta, would be a bad joke if there were not by the EA. Especially given what was said in the dev blog about private servers probably not being possible when early access comes out. Seems a strange decision that one.
  8. Plazek

    We can apply a multiplayer beta account now??

    Don't think anyone said otherwise mate.
  9. Plazek

    We can apply a multiplayer beta account now??

    Sundeki said:
    Yeah of the almost a hundred or so 'hardcore' Warband players from Australia that I know applied, not one has received a key, and nobody has mentioned anyone else they know who got one either. Which isn't a surprise. They won't even bother to answer the question as to whether or not places like Australia or South America will even get servers, and we've had people asking for years now.

    I'm literally in the credits for Warband cause I tested so much during the beta, doubt it will make a difference though, especially since I moved to Australia(or that it would anyway). I imagine if you gave the right answers on the questions and get lucky on a random selection you will get in, I suspect location is one of the more important ones so I am not optimistic, what do I know though. I figure the best thing to do is probably not try think about it and maybe I will get a nice surprise.
  10. Plazek

    We can apply a multiplayer beta account now??

    I doubt anyone knows except Taleworlds, I will be surprised if they say much before it happens though. I am pretty keen to have another go beta testing, was pretty fun last time so I hope it is soon.
  11. Plazek

    Bannerlord, making melee combat more realistic/fun?

    If they make it *feel* anything like WotR or WotV I will die a little inside.
    The only good thing from those two games was the armour system from WotR, which they decided to drop in Vikings, so bad.

    They don't need to revolutionise combat in Bannerlord and I highly doubt they will. All they need to do is refine and improve. In fact I hope the focus is not on improving combat, because really it has always been very good. I hope the focus is on other areas like networking and scale.
  12. Plazek

    Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord - Purchase question

    I would pay Planetary Annihilation alpha prices for early access Bannerlord.
  13. Plazek

    Native Completed [KNL] - Khergit Native League

    Captain Lust said:
    Plazek said:
    I would imagine the variety would be in having a competition with a different style to it and therefore a different style of maps.

    Ain't my competition though so it ain't up to me. Without the ability to play the Khergits strengths though they are just like bad Vaegirs which is kinda boring.
    No real reason that it should be boring. I don't follow any logic here.

    Are you saying that it would be more fun to play closed maps with factions that have 10x speed melee attacks and 5x normal health and armour? Since they would be playing to their strengths and therefore it would be kinda fun.

    Yes Lust, well done, that is exactly what I am saying. It is quite amazing that you were able to extrapolate such a stupid sentence (which happened to be exactly what I was thinking) from something entirely unrelated to what I actually said!

    Screw this khergit league I am going to go and make the times five health league.  :roll:


    Obviously what I am saying is that if I join the Khergit league I want to play Khergit style. Why bother playing Khergit league if you are going to have to play Khergit vs Khergit on foot for half the matches. That is not Khergit style. I wanna roll around with my horse posse shooting people.

    Don't listen to me though I am not sure if we will even join this, though me and a few 22nd are interested, I am not sure if we even have enough so who cares, listen to Lust instead he is like psychic or something.
  14. Plazek

    Native Completed [KNL] - Khergit Native League

    I would imagine the variety would be in having a competition with a different style to it and therefore a different style of maps.

    Ain't my competition though so it ain't up to me. Without the ability to play the Khergits strengths though they are just like bad Vaegirs which is kinda boring.
  15. Plazek

    Native Completed [KNL] - Khergit Native League

    Why would you have closed maps on a Khergit league?
  16. Plazek

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    DcH_Shuffles said:
    oh...that melee nooobish slowly staff?

    I have slain many Jedi with that staff

    Me too, doesn't mean the weapon isn't terribad.
  17. Plazek

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    Plazek said:


    This is just a few of Mulyan's epic scores. In all of these he played droid exclusively.

    All of you people crying need to stop crying and get good. Maybe if you spent less time crying about how unfair it is and more time trying to succeed you could also be a pro like Mulyan.

    We play all classes even droid.

    Perhaps you would like to now explain to me that droids are OP?
  18. Plazek

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    ART0PR said:
    NightHawkreal said:
    ART0PR said:

    Look at the variety of colors. White clones against multiple variants of Mando.
    Umm we arent talking about how pretty the class is, personally I prefer the look of clones but that has nothing to do with the balance.

    EE3 is faster and BH have a greater range of pistols. The DC15 although accurate is slow as hell, which makes the BH overall faster. And you said it yourself the Vibro Sword cant even block, anyone who knows anything about melee can easily win with the staff.

    Oh snap!
  19. Plazek

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    ART0PR said:
    BH also has the EE3 which is alot faster than the Jet troop rifle, and higher armour which allows them to take more hits than a Jet troop in a gun fight. I think BH is stronger...

    NightHawkreal, its not really a choice I play on whichever server is populated.

    I don't dispute that BH is maybe a stonger class. By a small margin.

    However I did dispute your post on the previous page with a massive list of bull**** of why BH was better, half of which was simply not true.
  20. Plazek

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    Suspicious Pilgrim said:
    Aren't dark colors what the cool kids like?

    Also, Plazek, speed is way more important than damage in close quarters, especially in this mod where most people have a gun or some range ability and you get stunned from damage. In CQ, making a charging opponent stunned will pretty much give you time to fly away or take another shot and finish him off.

    As for fighting a ranged opponent, the same applied. Whoever shoots faster wins.

    Yes but Jet troops and BH both share the fastest shooting weapons. So it is balanced in this regard. If you want to shoot fast take the pistols.
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