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  1. Eleantil

    Workshop Problems

    Hello there :smile: hope evryone is doing fine with their health. Version Native 1.0.0 The rest are version 1.0.10 I made my own kingdom and i had from before a pottery shop in a battanian city and one smithy in epicrotea (was under imperial control then) while i had the income of these 2...
  2. Eleantil

    Unresolved General bugs

    Hello i made some screenshots also from the bugs i encountered so here we go . Game Version :e 1.0.2 In a quest given in the city ''Rovalt '' she askes you to buy some jewels and sale them away she askes for a price of 442 but when you agree she takes 582 before leaving the town one guy stops...
  3. Eleantil

    TaleWorlds Coronavirus Measures

    You guys understand me wrong, i mean If they didn't complete the game and 18 days left to early access and in Turkey, government took measure early and fast. Officially 1 corona case announced. I hope cases does not increase. But im literally bored to wait and I didn't played(i didn't get the key) closed beta. i really want to play this game, i have been waiting for a long time. I don't wanna hear ''release date changed'' news.
    Could not help but smile when reading the line '' in Turkey, government took measure early and fast. '' all the media in Turkey are controlled .. so you believe that they have only 1 case ? dont be naive .. Iran in their doorstep has people dying evry day .. Turkey almost beath the same air with china and its famous destination for work , vacation and import , export ,still closer than Italy .. and yes only 1 case.. Open your minds !
  4. Eleantil

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    First, keep in mind that in M&B cities and castles have also different functions and they try to reflect that in their markings. It makes no sense to have Minas Tirith being handled as castle when the whole government is sitting there and you can't raise up the needed buildings while Osgiliath, a totally ruined place, is handled as city without any civil population at all.
    Second, the city of Minas Tirith was originally a fortress, yes, but became the new capital of Gondor. They have enough civil population to call it a city. In the books you will find these names for Minas Tirith too:
    • Mundburg 'guardian fortress'
    • Stone-city
    • the City of Gondor
    • the City of the Men of Gondor
    • the City of the Kings
    • the Guarded City
    • the High City
    Not to forget: The White City. I think they are fine with calling it a city ^^
    Osgiliath, on the other hand, is a ruin with no civil population at all. Calling that a city makes not really sense.
    Yeah your right and i agree with the most part of it , well that goes that a citadel is a fortress merged with a city at the outskirts so its both fortress and city , Osgiliath may be ruins but still called a city for gondors abition to restore it to her former glory nothing more ,as Aragorn did in the last days of third age .Any way as you said, that has to match the the game mechanics so its fine i was just wondering about the placement ,now you made it clear .
  5. Eleantil

    SP Fantasy Kingdoms of Arda (Lord of the Rings for Bannerlord)

    Fantastic mod and work !! As i saw in the map Minas Tirith is marked as city , Minas Tirith was not a City but a Citadel and i see that Osgiliath is marked as castle while it was a city and the capital of Gondor. @John_M
  6. Eleantil

    Bannerlord Worries

    In terms of content, the EA release will have plenty of stuff for you to do, including all of the core features and mechanics that you would expect of a Mount & Blade game. We would refer to things that we plan to add later to be supporting features that aren't essential parts of the core game loops. As we get closer to the EA release we will share more info about what to expect and what will come later. And again, we would say that if you have any doubts hold on to your cash, watch some videos from content creators and make an informed decision on whether or not to buy the game.
    i ve seen the posts , the only thing that should bother us right now is one i think .
    They have not input in the EA some features and mechanics in the game that maybe cant be imput now because they interfere with the game flow ,i hope they will be later on in the game and not scrapped .
    In my opinion not the combat at its current state nor the price is of great matter if the above happens .
  7. Eleantil

    Your Best Ideas for Making a Month Disappear?

    Work in greece , the month goes by in a flinch of the eye working and paying bills ! The work time here its 8 hours in the papers and 11-12 hours in reality so you wont get much time after !
  8. Eleantil

    Randomly generated weapons


    When you randomise the weapon just right
    dude i am fun of berserk and i am into your idea of this character , maybe youll gonna need to mod it in order to bring such a weapon in life that denies armor damage reduction is magical and stores demonic energy inside it to fuel the weilder , but bannerlord is not that kind of world it remind more the world before the the band of the hawk made midlands knights . So you will only have to craft the earlier version of Guts sword .
  9. Eleantil

    Official release date of EA

    And now ! i will ruin your lives !! What if ... and i say (what if ) march 31 is almost 1 april , remind me what we do in 1st april theres a story going around that there some jokes here and there called Aprils fool day , what if they do the same ? :razz:
    Of course i am making fun of it but maybe they are planning to do something and mask it under that event ..
  10. Eleantil

    Official release date of EA

    prolly you wont have all the freedom to play with ps4 or xbox controller in pc that how i get it
  11. Eleantil

    I would like to purchase some land for a productive enterprise

    well that needs a lot of multitasking since you have to also keep on track with enemy movement on the maps and also the enemy economical movement thats bigger than the first , couse even your allied lords are considered there as enemys since they dont want to help you with your shop since you are at the same function .So i guess you have to choose where to focus more .
  12. Eleantil

    Anyone who is so excited and cound't fall a sleep ?^_<

    Well these posts making me anxius as well is good to wait for something for sure but its not wise to make it your only purpose of your life , patience and evrything will come sooner or later , we waited so many years whats a month or some day more ? You have multiplayer beta to pass your time :smile:
  13. Eleantil

    Most Anticipated Bannerlord Mods?

    i will go with this guy since i am an old Lotr scholar
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