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  1. fragonard

    Quick way to advance troops?

    The new order system is driving me crazy, too many steps. I used to select troop type and then F6, simple. How can you do that now without going through the order wheel? Is there a shortcut I'm missing?
  2. fragonard

    Mounted Crossbow

    Anyone else tried a light crossbow mounted? Pretty good combo I'd say. As a Battanian, you can only start with 1 FP in Xbow but in less than 30 min RT I had Xbow to 72 and riding to 115. Great synergy between the two it seems. the extra damage from the xbow really shows. The reloading is a...
  3. fragonard

    Resolved Zero renown bug

    Characters all start with 0 renown regardless of starting choices.
  4. fragonard

    Cutural perks?

    Does anyone know if the Vlandian Cultural perk for extra troop XP works? The devs mentioned a few releases ago that they were all being fixed but I'm not sure if it was the description or the actual working. I tried a quick build and it seemed to raise Sharpshooters pretty quickly but I'm not...
  5. fragonard

    Noble bows?

    Since beta 1.4.1, bows seem to have become a little rarer and more expensive but Noble bows seem to be super rare. I can only imagine what the new price would be but I have not seen a single one (long or short) in 11 levels. I've looked everywhere. Is this just bad RNG? Has anyone found one?
  6. fragonard

    Resolved 1.4 beta crash

    1.4 beta will not load a 1.3 save game or new campaign. There are many reports of this on the patch release thread and on Reddit. Consistent crash when trying to load game.
  7. fragonard

    War declaration at level 1

    This happened once before at level 10 but this time I just started a new game and right after leaving Poros, The Northern Empire declared war on me like 1 minute into the game WTF?
  8. fragonard

    What's with starting renown?

    I've been making a lot of new characters and noticed some unexplained differences with starting renown so I did a test. I made the exact same character repeatedly and got wildly different starting renown, from 27 to 52. Obviously there is an unknown random factor here which is unfortunate...
  9. fragonard

    Companion limits

    What determines how many companions you can have? I have 4 at level 9 and if I try to recruit another I get a message saying I can't handle any more even though my party limit is 48.What is the other factor?
  10. fragonard

    Spawn changes in 1.172?

    I recently started a new game, the first since the 1.172 update and noticed a significant reduction in looter and bandit spawns at level one. I first thought just a bad roll in that particular game so I rerolled twice and all three had the same results. The third try was so bad, I rode all the...
  11. fragonard

    Catalyst 13.x problems

    Ever since I installed Catalyst 13.1 (and later, 13.3) I've had graphical weirdness with Warband. Frequently the menu bar and some of the textures disappear. CTRL-ALT-DEL and cancel will usually bring things back to normal. Not gamebreaking but annoying. Has anyone else had this problem?
  12. fragonard

    Weekly income problem.

    Just yesterday I started having a serious problem with weekly income reporting and actual inventory. In the weekly report menu, you get a balance after income and expense followed by your previous amount of money and your new amount. In my game this remains correct but the amount of money in...
  13. fragonard


    I'd like to make the game days last a little longer in real-time and I assume the .ini setting "time_multiplier" is the appropriate value to change. Has anyone tried to play with this value and is there anything to look out for? Limits for the value (default 0.25) for example? TIA.
  14. fragonard

    New leveling ramp?

    Is it possible to change the leveling rates to flatten them out slightly? There are some characters that would be good to explore but that would require relatively high levels to achieve and the current geometric curve makes it very slow going over level 30 or so. Changing the XP factor in the...
  15. fragonard

    1680x1050 menus

    I searched but didn't find anything to address this exactly: I just got a new monitor and set the resolution to 1680x1050 and the game itself is perfect but the menus are distorted (widened). Is there a way to adjust this?
  16. fragonard

    horse archery for heroes?

    I know there are differences in the way some things work between npc's and the player like having power draw above the bow requirement doesn't seem to help npc's accuracy since AI doesn't need a reticle to aim. Is this the same with horse archery? Is it necessary to invest in your heroes' horse...
  17. fragonard

    target reticle and AI

    For the player, bow accuracy is affected by horse archery and having power draw higher than your bow requirement which shows up as a tighter reticle.  Does this matter with AI or does AI use a different method of aiming? Similarly, when the player attacks at speed from horseback, timing your...
  18. fragonard

    Horse size and reach

    Does anyone know if horses have different sizes that affect the calculation that determines if you hit your target? In other words, if I use a slightly short reach weapon like a fighting pick mounted, does my horse selection make it more or less likely that I'll hit infantry from the saddle? TIA.
  19. fragonard

    Bandit quest

    This is very annoying. I accepted a quest from the guildmaster in Rivacheg to eliminate some bandits and went out to find them. They were being pursued by a Lord party and were caught by the time I reached them. I joined battle and they were defeated but immediately after I got a Quest failed...
  20. fragonard


    I've had very stable gameplay with .952 until now and I wondered about reports of problems but since I've hit level 20, I've been crashing a lot. Both assertion error type and hangs that required a hard reset.  Maybe because of save file size? Whatever the reason, the game is now unplayable and...
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