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  1. Dryvus

    How old are you people?

    I'm eighty six-trillion lightyear's old
  2. Dryvus

    I **** on your tits

    I **** on your tits
  3. Dryvus

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    I'm glad this new tool to crush the voices of the pathetic consumer is operating according to the plan. Supremacy is assured.
  4. Dryvus

    Rate the above forumite's avatar v. V (circular edition)

    Definitely created with construction paper/5

    Hey Delinard check out the knees in my avatar
  5. Dryvus

    Armenian Genocide (?)

    Hey if the armenian genocide tag I put on the happy thread was deleted why is this still here
  6. Dryvus

    Say Cheese v2

    edit: wtf this embed sucks ****
  7. Dryvus

    Stefan Molyneux

    The Roast of Ramjam Dozisnoozovicz 2020
  8. Dryvus

    Wow this guy has two 'heil Hitler's on his profile page, what the ****

    Wow this guy has two 'heil Hitler's on his profile page, what the ****
  9. Dryvus


  10. Dryvus

    Love them forum badges 'n stuff... BUT!!

    Can I get a special one for being a loyal customer/forum member for 12 plus years? I'm not asking for much, just a small recognition of my unwavering loyalty to this game, franchise and studio.

    ŞEREFE !
  11. Dryvus

    popped ur cherry bro

    popped ur cherry bro
  12. Dryvus


  13. Dryvus

    Religion Thread

    god is gay
  14. Dryvus

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    Just like Earth
  15. Dryvus

    Custom Titles

    I don't remember what mine was but I want it back anyway

    Terrible forum

    Edit: Hey are we allowed to have penis avatars here or whatever
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  17. Dryvus

    RIP Kobe Bryant

    what the ****
  18. Dryvus

    Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    1. Circular avatars just hanging asymmetrically in the vague corner of the post box
    2. Almost zero contrast between the important toolbars and the rest of the site.
    3. Colourless icons which are hard to distinguish for no good reason:

    4. "Insert photo" "insert link" "insert spoiler" and all these slow, condescending, pop-out window, automatic web 3.0 functions which don't even give us the option of using BBC code without typing it out manually.
    5. "Messages have been posted since you loaded this page" but I don't get the opportunity to check them without posting first.
    6. Timestamps are in the annoying facebook format of "6 minutes ago" rather than the actual time. I hope this doesn't go as high as "3 years ago" which is much more ambiguous than just putting the date there.

    I honestly don't know what the point of "updating" the forums even was. The changes which have been made just seem like fad upgrades to make it more in line with the rest of the internet rather than actually making it more accessible (taleworlds was fine even on mobile). Speaking of which I'll test it out on mobile and see how gashed great it is.

    7. Clicking on images opens a bouncy web 3.0 popout window which takes up the entire screen.
    8. The character counter in the corner of the reply box blocks you from typing.

    Taleworlds was a completely unique site. It had a colour scheme which was really easy on the eyes, fit with most colour avatars, and was a pleasure to read. This current setup has countless problems (so I guess it fits with bannerlord :iamamoron::iamamoron::iamamoron::iamamoron::iamamoron: ), but please, at the very least callum, give us the option to do away with this horrible colour scheme.
  19. Dryvus

    Tintin, that is, obviously

    Tintin, that is, obviously
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