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  1. Qwezz

    1.5.5 Beta changes

    Browsing the forums I noticed not a lot of pepole got to play the 1.5.5 beta because of the dead servers. I didn't get to play much either but here are some of the biggest diffrences that I noticed while playing. Note-I don't know whenever these will be positive for the competitive...
  2. Qwezz

    Rebelions & how the player will interact with them

    We've had rebelions confirmed for a while now but I was wondering how they're gonna be implemented. Will it be an event that occurs without player input, or something that can be triggered by him? Having a quest for rebelions wouldn't be a bad idea.After noticing that a town has low loyalty you...
  3. Qwezz

    Development after EA

    Many pepole on the forums have been guessing when the EA will end, with varying time periods, from 6 months to all the way to 3 years. This is of course due to the diffrent visions of what Bannerlord should look like at the end of EA. My question--Is EA the end of the line for Bannerlord...
  4. Qwezz

    Item modifiers

    Haven't seen anyone talking about item modifiers on the forums yet, so I though I'd make a thread about them. We already have confirmed fine, masterpiece, legendary modifires for weapons and lame modifier for horses.Do you have any ideas for modifiers that can be more than simple stat boosts...
  5. Qwezz

    Cavalry stair climbing

    Summary:You can climb stairs on a horse as long as you're moving sideways/backwards. This is an old bug and it was mostly more funny than harmful in the begging but now it's just really annoying. There are some pepole abusing this bug on siege maps by picking cav and bruteforcing thier way to G...
  6. Qwezz

    Bracing-first impressions,suggested buffs and nerfs

    My understanding so far: Bracing can only be preformed with certain 2h polearms (lances and pikes).To initiate a braced state a character needs to be either at walking speed (Caps-lock) or standing still.While braced you only deal damage to enemies above a certain speed threshold players on foot...
  7. Qwezz

    Archer perk suggestions/wishlist

    I know the video is a huge meme, but it gave me some ideas about perks for archery. "Master archer"-fire up to 3-4 arrows without having to reload.(Holding the arrows in your draw hand as shown in the video)Increasing reload time may be a potential drawback as to avoid making this perk too...
  8. Qwezz

    [BUG] Train troops quest.

    I got the quest and after training 10 of the troops I came back to the village where I got it from. Thing is, it was razed-I had no way of actually giving the troops back and completing the quest. I failed the quest. Pls fix.
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