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  1. JohnVicres

    HOW TO SET RECRUITS TO OWNING FACTION'S CULTURE - Viking Conquest Reforged 2.054

    This forces recruits from villages and towns, for both the player and npc lords, to be the faction's troops. AKA if you're part of Northvegr and conquer Scuin (whose culture is goidelic), the recruits you get from Scuin and it's villages will be NORDIC, not goidelic. Because I wanna be a viking...
  2. JohnVicres

    Modifications troop equipment are... not working. HELP PLS

    Playing Gekokujo 3.1 with Sugoroku and 3 Shogun Armor ( And using Morgh's Editor I've been wrecking my head to try to make the specialist monk troops (from Kokawa and Mii) use the blueblood monk armor...
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