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  1. Akarata

    In Progress Significant lag spike in party loading screen, gameplay during battles and everytime loading screen shows up

    Summary: Since the new patch that was implemented at the end of April, the game has become unbearable, with lag spikes in battles that weren't present beforehand, significantly longer loading time for virtually everything, even the loading screen is extended How to Reproduce: Have you used...
  2. Akarata

    Resolved Game randomly crash when starting engage dialog with an enemy or after a battle

    Summary: right when you engage with an enemy party (be it a bandit party or a lord's or an army) or after you finish the battle, the game will just randomly crash, it has been happening since the update and it happens quite regularly to the point its getting irritating How to Reproduce: when the...
  3. Akarata

    In Progress Unit graphic glitch in-battle

    Summary: basically this glitch makes the unit looks like a clump of texture, rendering you unable to know when or where they will strike, very very messed up How to Reproduce: I dont know, it happened when i participated in a tournament in Marunath Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots &...
  4. Akarata

    Resolved Main quest fail, said couldn't complete in 10 years

    Summary: I failed the Investigate 'Neretzes' Folly quest for unknown reason, happended on Summer 9, 1094 Media (Screenshots & Video): Also, i used mods, but they do not intercept with quests in any way (attributeperlevel,V's no workshop limit and Persuasion less brutal mod)
  5. Akarata

    In Progress Messed up Ghulam avatar

    Graphical glitches of Ghulam, dont know if its rare or common, but its there
  6. Akarata

    Resolved Number keys messed up

    As the title suggested, somehow all the number keys from 1 to 0 on the keyboard now act as the 0 key, so now i cant command troops seperately anymore. Tested with another keyboard, same result. Tested elsewhere beside the game, works perfectly fine so it's the game's issue
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