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  1. Braxton

    Alternative Item pack gone?

    The download link for the alternative item pack is not working:( I would really like if anyone could link me in the direction or possible send me the file. Thanks in advance  :D
  2. Braxton

    1257adsvn crashing on launch

    So I try to launch the svn version of the mod. I just updated it and it gives me the error: RGL ERROR Unexpected End of File while reading file: Modules/1257adsvn/sounds.txt What could cause this? Edit: Im at revision 12.
  3. Braxton

    Tournaments: Not a trial of skill but who the luckiest is.

    Every time I'm playing a tournament I have a 90% chance of not getting a weapon I'm good with. I'll get the slow two handed axe or the nerfed spear that has the ability to almost do damage. What is this all about? Then I finally beat the tournament: Whoops we're retardy u get noes reward...
  4. Braxton

    Thane infantry/cavalry?

    Can you make so thanes all tier are not mixed infantry and cavalry. Its hard to make a proper line with infantry when theres warhorses standing in it. And you cant do a proper cav charge cause theres some people without horses!
  5. Braxton

    Wheres the admins on the servers?

    Trolls are killing the community. No adminning on the servers so they just rejoin to kill everyone. Edit: Oh yea, those mounted grenadiers are kinda very too strong.
  6. Braxton

    I just got told I was cheating?

    I was told if I didn't stop cheating I wouldn't get any achievements! The problem was, I wasn't cheating. I just killed all the enemies with my bow.
  7. Braxton

    Keeps crashing

    It keeps crashing about 30 seconds into the game after Im done customizing my character. What can cause this? I installed the [updated v4.57] version.
  8. Braxton

    Why do I always get stuck in every single wall I touch?

    As title says almost everywhere I can I get stuck in the wall.
  9. Braxton

    Amazing - Really well made mod

    I have been playing this mod for about 4 hours now, non stop and I must say that it is well made, has a good atmosphere and alot of new weapons armor and other nice goodies. You got me addicted to this mod and my scoped sharps-rifle is a beauty to shoot.
  10. Braxton

    Moesgaard Viking Moot

    I don't know if you guys ever heard of Moesgaard, here every year a sNitton of vikings gather and have markets and all kinds of stuff, Including Battles with a lot of vikings.
  11. Braxton

    Mod Fails - One reason

    The admins are letting RDM happening all the time and the community are like adhd kids on speed. Just my 2 cents the rest of the mod is epic :)
  12. Braxton

    World in Conflict will not remove itself from my computer

    Someone please help me, I tried everything people have suggested, but everytime I try to remove the game to reinstall all I can do is modify current installation. The thing is that the game installs itself into the win32 folder. I cannot change this anyways even when I tried to do it through...
  13. Braxton

    I love the shieldwall

    The shieldwall formation has saved my ass plenty of times against the cavalry of the Il-Khanate. I tell my infantry to form a shieldwall then two times of stand closer so they stand shoulder to shoulder and then I can pwn pwn. First off the enemy use all their spears against the front row then...
  14. Braxton

    Why is my allied ai so retarded?

    Me and my 110 man army ride to the savior of an ally. When we get there instead of helping us in combat he just sits back and lets be do all the hard work. As I get knocked out I have no way of telling my archers to pull away from the enemy so they just sit there as atleast 100 guys run straight...
  15. Braxton

    More in depth village control?

    Will there be a more dynamic and more in depth control of villages so I can improve fields or focus on welfare and stuff? More than is existent at the current patch? Right now I feel like villages are just villages and they're there but its not alive.
  16. Braxton

    Bots server?

    Could we have a server where theres permanently 25 bots on both teams? Its fun to have large scale battles.
  17. Braxton

    Minomod for higher damage?

    Has anyone made a minimod where the damages for the weapons are more realistic?
  18. Braxton

    Bows/Crossbows useless?

    I was fighting as the Danes against Lithuanians and I got owned so bad. My archers and crossbowmen couldn't hit a thing but the Lithuanians hit all my soldiers with their throwing spears so I had not chance of even beating them in melee or range :( I remember when I shot a crossbow. Pretty...
  19. Braxton

    Eastern Europe>nuclear fallout

    Seems like moving into eastern europe all you do is getting pwnt by 20 parties of 50 of those stupid rebel. Aint going over there to trade again.
  20. Braxton

    Whered the fun go.

    Before the 1.127 patch I had fun in this mod but now I do nothing but get owned and hunted down by bandits every tenth second. Why was the good armour removed from the start too.
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