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  1. Bisoso1893

    WB Coding How can I change the start year for a mod?

    I got the source code from my favourite mod, I just put the folder of the source code in the module of the mod I wanted to edit, I alredy edited ":cur_year" in the "" but in game the year I changed doesn't show, help please
  2. Bisoso1893

    WB 3D Art (Solved) Problems with new armouries for Submod

    Hello, I'm trying to make a submod for "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth 1.16A" in wich I want to include essentially some uniforms and firearms from napoleonic wars, so I did it putting the resource files and textures into the BRF files of "Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth" but the weapons keep showing completly...
  3. Bisoso1893

    I want to change the reload animation of a musket I added for Native Module, HELP! :c

    Hi bros, I added a musket using flintlock pistol in vanilla as the base, but of course, the reload animation is from the pistol itself and is awful af, I imported a BRF animation from another mod so I can change the reload animation but I don't know where to replace the anim or what file I...
  4. Bisoso1893

    Tratando de cambiar animación de recarga para un mosquete que añadí al Native Module

    Hola papis, añadí un mosquete para el Native Module, pero agregué el tiem basandome en la pistola del juego y ahora el mosquete recarga como si fuera una puta pistola, conocen alguna manera de como puedo cambiar las animaciones de recarga ? Tengo un brf donde recarga un mosquete, solo tuve que...
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