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  1. Himmo

    [BEAST#2] Division B - Week 1

    I'm very well aware that there are things that cannot be cancelled or postponed. That's why you got a roster of more than 6 players. I just find it laughable how you seem to be unable to stick to rules you agreed to when signing up and then complain about someone sticking to the rules. Those 10 minutes leniency are already 10 minutes that I'd prefer to not have to wait. If I tell you we'll be ready at 20:00 we'll be ready at 20:00 and not 20:10. Those 10 minutes are there for cases just like yours where stuff comes up and you need to deal with it. So no. We did not cancel the game cause of 3 minutes (the earliest that I got a reply from Spooky saying he got his 6th guy was 20:15 btw but that's not the main point) it's because of 15 minutes of us waiting for you to fix your ****.
    Well my response to Draq was mainly about him creating an account on the forum just to write about how ****ty we are for playing by the rules. And yeah, I'm not using TW forum for too long either. Very clever of you to notice. Did you also notice that I was more active on the forum in these 9 months than you were in your 3 years of having an account on this forum? Does that qualify anything? Not really.
    I highly doubt that he was playing Bannerlord before I even heard of it as I've been following the developments on Bannerlord since 2015 (oh no, I'm not a hero of the first hour, how sad)
    On the same note, I've also been playing Warband since 2013 (and got like 2k hours). Does that change anything? Not really. Just wanted to point that out.

    But hey, if you wanna keep on speculating about what would have happened if we did actually play the match you can keep doing so. I'm not going to stop you... but I won't really pay attention to it either. :wink:

    Wow this discussion is getting nowhere. I am amazed in your ability to put the spotlight on everything unimportant to the matter at hand. I will say this for one last time. This is a tournament meant for FUN, if both parties agree the rules can be overridden, they aren't something you have to abide by, we clearly had issues with planning, you could say "hey that's fine we asked for a default but you are here 2 minutes later so let's just play", but you chose to go with it. You can keep on your smirky face and keep blabbing about senseless details but it won't change the fact I have been addressing in the last few posts; you are inconsiderate and cannot understand that all people have timing problems some percent of the time.
    Please do not answer with another post if you are going to say the exact same things you have been saying over and over. Also, I don't care about your statistics. This discussion has nothing to do with them and your answer isn't an answer at all, it's just a diversion on the topic.
    So thanks in advance for not wasting more of your precious time to answer me. I know how much you value your 5 minutes and I'm sorry I wasted your many minutes with this talk. Please if he does continue can some admin tell us to shut up? Thank you.
  2. Himmo

    [BEAST#2] Division B - Week 1

    Well neither of my paragraphs addressed anything you said cause you didn't really say much. You were trying to front us and I just put information out there that make the situation clear to everyone who wasn't directly involved in this.
    Btw it's the same for us. We got jobs or uni to attend to. But we made the effort to organize our day around the tournament match. I called off a DnD session I host early cause we had the match. Another member organized his meeting at work so that he'd be done with work by 19:30 CEST. We planned on using 1h 30 mins for this match as our experience showed us matches can stretch for quite some time. 2 of my guys had to leave at 21:00 which was fine as I still had 6 players after that, another one had to leave at 21:30 though. If we now started playing 20:20 and the games either take too long or there's too much time between the games I'd be a player short on the last, maybe the last 2 matches. I'd have to default those matches then. And why? Cause you guys don't show up in time.
    I already assumed so before, but your posts made it clear to me. You don't see us as equals. You think it's fine to waste our time cause we "were going to loose anyways". Well, seeing this I'm not regretting requesting the default win. Maybe you'll learn from this and show your next enemies the respect they deserve.

    Oh boy. I'm so scared of you talking "roughly" to me. Please, someone save me from this newly created TW account. Sorry man, can't take you serious. And yeah, you're salty. Otherwise you wouldn't be here on the forum whining.

    Poor you, cancelling a game for another game. If you actually have jobs you should realize that some things are more important than a game and cannot be cancelled or postponed. I have infinite respect for every clan we play, no matter if we win 9-0 or completely get destroyed. But your team deserves none of that.
    You say that i didn't say "much", and yet with this answer you are doing exactly that. You had things that can be dealt with, we had things that could not, as i said before.
    I understand that your guy needed to leave at 21.30. In my experience, in the last tournament we had the longest match of the whole thing which lasted for 1 hours 50 minutes. That was 5 games with all of them lasting very long and we didn't have servers for clan wars so we had to leave and requeue which prolonged it even more. Which means a 4 match game wouldn't possibly last more than one hour and a half. Even if it does, you would be OK to play at 20.10, but not 20.13? If you are so caring for this then I'm sure your guy could wait another 3 minutes, right? What you did is disrespectful to the game and to us, you cannot possibly expect the respect you don't have for us.
    Lastly to be very clear and make sure you understand... I'd see you as equals if there was anything to see. You took away both your and our chance to prove who's better. All I see is a group of people who couldn't wait just 3 minutes to play a game of Bannerlord and I'm free to speculate the reasons behind it. You are free to tell me otherwise.
    BTW, what a great answer you gave to Draq there... You accuse me of not seeing you as equals and you make fun of him just because he has a new TW forum account (Yours is VERY old btw, congratz...). He has been playing Bannerlord before you heard of it most likely. I don't believe someone with Warband experience would run from a match.
  3. Himmo

    [BEAST#2] Division B - Week 1

    I was already wondering. When I was eating just now it felt like my food was a little bit salty. This is prolly the reason.
    Was actually already expecting something like this. I wanna point out that my guys and I were ready to go the moment the match was planned for. All 8 of us were here and ready to play. You, however, decided that showing up on time and playing when agreed on isn't worth bothering. Apart from the fact that the rules quite clearly state that a delay of more than 10 minutes has to be reported to the administration, I think it's also showing how little respect you show to your enemy. My roster of 8 players was there and ready to go whilst your roster of 14 can't even muster 6 men for a tournament match.

    Neither of your two paraghraphs reply to what i said at all. First of all i'd be salty if we'd actually played and lost, which is clearly not the case. It is as i said a tournament with zero benefit other than fun, the rules can be overridden if both parties agree. We care and bother very much for the tournament as you can see with the effort we showed in the last tournament. But unlike that one, most of us have lessons/jobs to deal with since summer has ended. 2 players from the main 6 that was planned to play in the match had things that made them unable to play today, so we needed 2 others. I was the last one to come at 20.13GMT and i had just woken up at that minute -i had lessons all day-. I saw the texts asking me to come, replied to them instantly. But you were so eager to not play the game that it was already decided to be a default... You guys are either the most impatient people on Earth or you don't realize this is a game we are playing. Maybe you just were too scared to play. Either way, i congratulate the admins for that rule "...must contact an admin immediately and ask for a default...". Amazing way of setting regulations for a tournament meant for fun. Could've just said "can". And i congratulate House Hessian and their 8 amazing people that were there on winning such a fun match today. I'm glad i woke up 3 minutes too late :smile:.
  4. Himmo

    [BEAST#2] Division B - Week 1

    Amazing work by House Hessian! Congratz on the win. Joining a no-reward tournament that is meant to be for fun and requesting a default because we were 3 minutes too late. Your efforts wont make you win any of your matches, only proves that you are incapable to do so.
  5. Himmo

    [BEAST#1] Congratulations, Thank You and Final Thoughts

    Great tourney! Feels good to be in the best match of the whole thing.
  6. Himmo

    [BEAST#1] Grand Final

    Where are the screenshots? :grin:
    I wanna look at them and I hope spooky will upload the video soon.

    [12:18 AM]
    [VW] Spooky:

    U shall wait, lesser team's leader.
  7. Himmo

    [BEAST#1] Grand Final

    Hey uhh, since we're 3rd place right now, and there is no 1st or 2nd... We are in 1st place until Sunday?
  8. Himmo

    Vineyard Workers [VW]

    Sup biches
  9. Himmo

    In Progress [bug] I cant move my mouse while i playing in multiplayer [video proof]

    This happened to a member of our clan in a tournament match during the group stage of BEAST. We would've lost if the enemy refused to restart. This need to be fixed asap please.
  10. Himmo

    Multiplayerda Steam İsmi Sorunsalı

    Tamamen katılıyorum konuya. Oyun içine Warband'deki gibi bir isim sistemi veya en azından yazıldığı gibi Tag sistemi getirilse çok hoş olur.
  11. Himmo

    Riders of Rohan

    Kaliteli bir post olmuş başarılarınızın devamını dilerim.
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