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  1. Doctor_Noob

    Yarn of insignificant questions

    Thanks for all the answers I will probably start on the sword one this weekend. I don't really have 4 weeks of dedication sadly, school and whatnot.
  2. Doctor_Noob

    Yarn of insignificant questions

    I have lost alot of interest in gaming and now days it's more of a thing to past time or do something with my friends. I have picked up digital art any good guides, how to make 3d models ? I will probably use blender but there is so many tutorials on youtube I have no clue where to start.
  3. Doctor_Noob

    Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    For your information, this person got banned from the game indefinitely a day after those videos are uploaded.
    If he was smart enough to make hacks, he should have the braincells to make a alt account on a separate IP, on a steam account with a separate IP, so his main account doesn't get banned.
  4. Doctor_Noob

    A thread for veterans

    Also @El-Presidente Hello what brings you here?
  5. Doctor_Noob

    A thread for veterans

    Well another NW bro here, my whole regiment bought and installed Bannerlord day 1, we are from North America and we couldn't find a siege match(siege servers didn't work for jack). We had way to many to play Skrimish and also we didn't want to spilit up what's the point of having a group of 14 people all on not to play together. Lack of maps and gamemodes compared to NW made the few of us that played bored of it fast. Withen a month everyone except 2 players fully returned to NW, the other 2 stopped playing a few months later. Now we are still on Nw and try out Bannerlord occasionally. But Bannerlord just feels like **** to play and I would rather form a Mordhau group just because I can own my server.
  6. Doctor_Noob

    Battle mode Competitive clan system.

    I mean they could do a system like minisiege, where only certain maps play depending on the number of people on the server for battle mode so you won't have a problem with a map being to big or small for more then one map. It should adjust but thats just my two sense on battle mode.
  7. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

    Hughie: 25
    KillerShark: 23
    Jeremus_Monk 22
    RMScubaDiver: 16
    Barnow: 9
    Nartu: 9
    RagingMozart: 9
    Beans : 8
    Spartounious: 7
    Jazz: 6
    Charmy: 5
    Dodon: 5
    Ronin: 5
    ArrowSword: 4
    Fredrick: 4
    Lazai: 3
    Finals Scores
  8. Doctor_Noob

    Theories on why Americans don't like this game?

    Well pointing this out, the only warband mutiplayer module that is popular with Americans is Napoleonic Wars. The NA NW playerbase rivals the NA Bannerlord playerbase. I even think the NA NW comp scene is bigger we have a groupfight draft league ending and immediately after a new one is starting back up. We also just like having custom servers you know. Plus the rivalrys between regiments. Also the servers not bring Central really sucks **** for anyone west of the Mississippi. Honestly Bannerlord just spilit the already small Na community on warband native.
  9. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

    One day to the tournment come join the discord
  10. Doctor_Noob

    Is SA getting a server one day or are we not allowed to enjoy this game?

    Remember NA now has two server regions SA only has none
  11. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

  12. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

    Two maps this Cav Race, 4 on the easier map and then 3 on the harder one.
  13. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

    To make it simple
    Join this discord
  14. Doctor_Noob

    Noobs Cav Race 2.0

    Noobs Cavalry Race 2
  15. Doctor_Noob

    I came back after 3 months.... What happened

    I wouldn't take his criticism seriously and I hope noone will.
    I have played every single instance of Mount & Blade, including most of the larger mods, except that Carribean one?

    I think it's very fair to "go away" from warband. The game worked, because it was pretty simple, but I really don't like the mini-tornado melee multiplayer fights.
    It's very hard to do melee in a good way, but Kylbee's comments are honestly just from someone being butthurt and contra productive.
    I'm very sure I wouldn't like a game to his point of view.

    I already like Bannerlord's Multiplayer, but yea, it can use work. I feel like it's going pretty well. Enjoying the 60 vs 60 sieges and hope it'll make it to the old 100 vs 100.
    It took a while getting used to archery and everything, but it's pretty doable. Singleplayer I got no issues, I'm just too casual for competitive online play (and I refuse to be a mini polearm tornado myself)
    I rocked arse in Napoleonic Wars, but that one was relatively simple to Warband itself.
    Ft7 Saturday 3pm Est on BBG_PublicDuels
  16. Doctor_Noob

    Trolls in multiplayer

    Okay there is nothing stopping you from reporting them to the server admins.
  17. Doctor_Noob

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone
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