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  1. Funkydarion

    93rd Sutherland Highlanders [Infantry] [EU] [Recruiting] [Sleeping/Inactive]

    Name: Darion
    Age (Experience in Napoleon Wars): Some
    Willingness to listen to orders (Following orders and using TS): Aye
    Willingness to show up for training and events: Aye
    Combat Experience / Skill In: Everything
    Melee: 4 (Do to lag [Texas])
    Ranged: 7
  2. Funkydarion

    Oprec_PW Official Server Thread

    No DOMA, for now Tractor's map will be used since it seems to be very universally liked
  3. Funkydarion

    Oprec_PW Official Server Thread

    PWOC_Kendal said:
    It wasnt a hate message, the point was me saying I AM tired of the Admins.

    It was a disrespectful statement that is your own opinion. When it was the RCC server and the NA server disrespect ended up turning into hateful comments. I simply wish to stop it before it becomes hateful. I just ask for personal opinions about other servers, specifically NA, to be kept out of the forums, or as I said politely taken to the server's administrative team.

    I wasn't trying to bash you or anything Kendal, I just hope we can keep everything civil here  :smile:
  4. Funkydarion

    Oprec_PW Official Server Thread

    PWOC_Kendal said:
    Yay :grin:
    Tired of NA Admins!

    Quite unnecessary, NA runs their server their own way, Oprec will just be run in a different manner. I fully support the Oprec server, but I do not support unnecessary hate back and forth between the two servers. If you have opinions about a server either keep it to yourself or take it to the server's  administrative team in a polite manner if possible.

    I do not want this to become constant hate threads and comments like it has been before. Keep it out of this thread and further Oprec threads, but that does not mean posting hate comments on NA threads.

  5. Funkydarion

    Skahr's Bow Regiment

    Gah, I didn't want to be on the list anyways :razz:
  6. Funkydarion

    [Warband][M] The Wild Wind - Old west roleplaying (patch released!) [Old Thread]

    Shredzorz said:
    I don't know if I've already said this or not, but there will be a lot of different knives in the mod, including bowie knives.

    Sorry I had searched "Bowie" on the topic and no posts by you came up. I just searched "knives" and found the post you are talking about.. Anyways, sounds great and I can't wait!
  7. Funkydarion

    [Warband][M] The Wild Wind - Old west roleplaying (patch released!) [Old Thread]

    A few people have mentioned about it, but I would really love to see a nice bowie knife as one of the melee weapons.

    I live in San Antonio Texas myself, and the Bowie knife is well known here since James "Jim" Bowie died at the Alamo. Some people may not like the design or may not think it very effective, but it was a famous knife of the Old West.
  8. Funkydarion

    Project Keep The Peace

    A lot of arguments are repeat arguments of previous events, and some arguments are meaningless.. It is dependent upon the community to stop bickering and work together to make the mod better.
  9. Funkydarion


    Totaljakeey said:
    I agree. The war in the middle east is distgusting, And the ever growing prejudice against muslims is bad, There is terror everywere. Just look at the IRA. The IRA killed inncoent people by bombing, Yet no body gives ireland a hard time. Let's be honest here, You people have been brainwashed by the TV the news etc. You FEEL like muslims are your enemies and that the muslims in general are the bad guys, They are NOT. It is a very small minority of the muslims that do this act of terror. And also on the point of amercians. Yes i pray too everyone who died in 9/11 but have you not forgot the accusations and the pretty hard evidence that 9/11 was set up bush? Look it up, Bush has said things that suggest it was set up. So stop the hatin' on the middle east. Most of the women, Men and children alike are honest, Human beings. Like the words of tupac, Aint about black or white cos' we human. Same thing for browns, Yellow, Green, Blue whatever. Bottom line were all human.

    Ok this is ridiculous. As someone has said before, Americans do NOT hate muslims, we are against people who terrorize others because of hate. Very few Americans have a very racist view of muslims, but so do many people from other countries. I agree we are all human, and we should treat each other as such. The only reason we should dislike people is because of the way they ACT, as in how we are at war with Al Qaeda.

    I hope everyone is done with the insults towards each other, it doesn't help anything or anyone. I will say that I am proud of my military for helping rid the world of a terrible person. Point has been made, 10k to everyone's accounts.
  10. Funkydarion


    Sushiman said:
    TitoWasFat said:
    It seems Europe gets bombed every weekend while the U.S got attacked once 10 years ago.

    Way to hold a grudge, guys.

    Either your kidding or a giant troll... About three thousand people died in the 9/11 attacks on the US, and some of the people were from different countries. Have some respect or take your troll ways elsewhere.
  11. Funkydarion

    RCC Kingdom Diplomacy RP Event 4-30-11

    Two factions now, "Tidwell" and "The French Expedition". Lets get those other factions together guys and have a great RP event.
  12. Funkydarion

    Money and RP

    Death, now you are just goading RCC members into making more verbal attacks on you and your server. There is nothing wrong with either server, they are run by different people in different ways. Some people like playing on one and other people play on the other.

    We shouldn't be attacking each other, and Death, you shouldn't feel opinions that favor RCC rather than your server or another one are RCC members, as some players make these because they prefer one server over another. I really don't have any respect for you since Splint tried to curb the bashing to be more constructive and you just made another insult to RCC.

    Really people, we should only be working on bettering the mod and servers, not bashing each other about how we run things. I resent your comments against RCC, as we have several very experienced people who work to make things run. I hope you choose to withdraw such comments as I hope RCC members withdraw theirs. If there is going to be any criticism on any server, it should only be constructive criticism.

    Edit: I would also like to point out that at one point NOVICIUS was a staunch opponent of how RCC was run.
  13. Funkydarion

    Across the River (Splintert's Map)

    Bump, Splintert is porting this map
  14. Funkydarion

    History Debate #2...with reward for the winner

    Bearskull21 said:
    Is it right to call the American patriots traitors? If a government is tyrannical enough, or harsh enough, does it give a people the right to rebel against that government? And does success in that rebellion, erase the nature of their insurrection? Whoever makes the best point, gets an Indian chief named after them in 1776...

    For the first question, I believe everyone's opinion is affected by who they are. I, as an American, do not feel that the American Revolution was a act done by traitors. As noted, some people who are from Britain feel that it was a traitorous act, which leads to my conclusion that you cannot put a right or wrong title on the movement.

    The second question is one that is easier to answer from my point of view. I believe that most people would agree that a government that is tyrannical or harsh towards its citizens gives the people the right to rebel. The fact that people will have differing opinions on is whether or not the British government was not treating the American colonists with the same respect as native born British citizens. Some people in this thread have touched upon this topic, but one of the famous sayings from the revolution was "No Taxation without Representation" which meant that the British government was enacting taxes for the colonists when the colonists had no say for themselves on whether they wanted it or not. The taxes were for the most part not being paid by British citizens in Britain, but only by the colonists. The colonists did not have their own representatives in Parliament, so the taxes were being set by British lawmakers without any debate or talks with any colonial leaders. Also, the colonies were controlled by British governors chosen by the King or Parliament, meaning that the colonists did not have much control of things. Quartering of soldiers was another topic that raised anger with the colonists. Soldiers were allowed to quarter inside of colonial houses without paying the owner, and the owner of the house was required to feed the soldiers. This was an issue that angered many colonists, and is something they had petitioned King George and Parliament to stop.

    For the last question, I do not believe that success in the rebellion erases the nature of the insurrection. I am sure many people viewed the United States with hate after it gained its independence, as I am sure many people may still view the US as a country of traitors. I for one know that the US  has committed many a atrocity, so it is not a perfect country. The causes for the revolution in my mind justify the need and I do not feel that they were wrong for wanting their own freedom. One of the reasons for the war ending was that many people from Britain were sympathetic towards the colonist's cause, and after awhile many people were tired of Britain fighting the war. I think many of them did not slight the colonists for their actions, although it was in British law treason of the highest degree.

    As countries of the modern age, I would feel that we should respect one another and not have hatred because of our past. I have been on Ventrilo with friends from Britain, and then had one of their friends come on and talk down upon me for being an American. But I have also had friends from the US who have dogged my British friends for "losing" the American Revolution. I for one do not feel that the US beat Britain, but simply won Independence from them. Britain may have lost the territory, but as I have said many were sympathetic towards the Americans and wanted the war to end. I think such meaningless bitterness towards one another is pointless, as we should not be dwelling on such a thing.

    This is my own personal opinion of course, and I am sorry if some of my facts turn out to be wrong. I do not mind being corrected if someone finds a flaw in my opinion.
  15. Funkydarion

    RCC = Bad RP Server?

    Plazek said:
    Today me and my band of outlaws captured two slaves and put them to work on the island mine. One was an engineer so we forced him to make lockpicks for us to earn his freedom, when it became apparent he had no rich friends to pay a ransom. We let the worthless serf go free after we had sold his share of the ore.

    It was epic RP.

    If you read this big thanks for not just creating a fake death and playing along my slavey friends! :grin:

    I like the way you RP sir.

    +1 for you  :cool:

    PS: I love RP's like this, I think situations like this should be more prevalent in PW.
  16. Funkydarion

    RCC = Bad RP Server?

    Sivart said:
    RCC Cutter told me himself that they were ALWAYS at war with everyone. And he was the leader at the time. A faction with more members than any other is alright, even though it does ruin the fun when no one wants to try and create a force to match the other faction.

    Anyway, I was just bringing attention to the RCC members of what horrible RP goes about on their server.

    Lol. Sivart did you even read this?

    Vincenzo said:

    The Vinces Teutonic Order sneaked up on one of their castles and captured it.
    It grew steadily in numbers. We helped peasents against the Hussites scum.
    After 2 attacks on our castle they gave up, we gathered out men and captured the Hussites castle.

    The Vinces Teutonic Order kept growing and we ended up with 44 players and possession of all castles.

    With great leadership and RP you can win, also most people joined us because we were so nice against everyone we only waged wars against other factions and helped the commoners everywhere without taxing them :smile:

    End of the story, we won against these bastards that were even killing commoners for tax.
    And we shown them what a good big faction can be and how it can support it's people.

    Huzzah for the Vince Knights!

    Sivart said:
    A faction with more members than any other is alright, even though it does ruin the fun when no one wants to try and create a force to match the other faction.

    You want to explain how you make any point considering Vincenzo's post?

  17. Funkydarion

    Banned from the RCC Server

    J12-19 said:
    TitoWasFat said:
    Sushiman said:
    **** up Tito, you useless git. He's only defending himself from stupid comments you made.

    no hes lying.the admins have gotten complaints about him for the past couple of days.I quoted him because he might have gotten smart and deleted his post. i know what i said was harsh but these people keep coming and one must be  swift and methodical.

    Well if no admins post their complaints about him here soon I'd say he should be fine.

    Truthfully I vote not to unban him just because he didn't follow procedure.
  18. Funkydarion

    Banned from the RCC Server

    There is a RCC ban repeal thread on this forum, please put your information there. Opening a new thread like this usually ends up getting ignored as well as giving yourself a bad image as you do not follow the ban repeal process as everyone is supposed to.
  19. Funkydarion

    Persistent World 4.5.1 - download and general discussion

    Splintert said:
    Admin class

    can open all doors
    good stats for wielding anything and running faster than getaway rulebreakers

    also, is it possible to make it so when you go invisible, your 'c' name appears as " "?

    For anyone against this, remember this would only be used for Admin purposes. Using this class while actually playing to give yourself an edge would be breaking RCC rules for admin, subjecting yourself to punishment.
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