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  1. Lespaul521

    POLL: Eliminate Dragon Banner Quest and install Variable Playthrough Styles?

    the entire dragon banner quest line is the only way to make your kingdom and there is a feature similar to Total War franchise where all factions eventually declare war on you by the games design instead of it being other means. it just restricts 1 game play design and the further hurts you. Talesworld can make the setting but dont force a crappy story onto the players. Modders will make the stories. I just want an updated warband experience.

    Again, they’ll only all declare war on you if you choose to do the optional main quest line. As I said, the only real I ssue is that you can’t make a kingdom otherwise, though that should be easily implemented.

    Regarding the story and modders, look at it from their perspective. Sure, mods are a healthy part of the games community, but if you just build the framework and rely on modders to bring the players you’re just waiting for them to make a stand-alone and take your business. Look at DayZ and PUBG.
  2. Lespaul521

    [e1.2.0] So, the game seems to be completely broken at the moment

    Daily? then how come they launched Beta 1.1 like 5 days ago, and are just now on 1.2?

    To the OP @Lesbosisles , yes they seem to be roadblocking everything we want to do, limiting play styles and choices we consumers really want. And in their process to nerf things we actually liked about the game, they are just causing more headaches for themselves and us players.

    If history has taught anyone anything in the video game realm, when you start nerfing, you start losing profits... And people stop playing... And multiplayers servers can't afford to run anymore... And the game enters the dreaded graveyard... And only a wiki post remains...

    We don't want limited #of businesses, we don't want limited #of caravans, and we sure as hell don't want to be forced to make or break a Kingdom in a timed sequence.

    Chill they’re doing this all in their homes, so testing in house isn’t really feasible at the moment. Back and forth on progress is to be expected. They’re also working on three different update branches at the same time. You saw the warning that playing the beta would likely hinder your experience.
  3. Lespaul521

    POLL: Eliminate Dragon Banner Quest and install Variable Playthrough Styles?

    Way to ask guided questions in the poll lol... The quest is totally optional, so I don’t see how it’s restrictive. Unless you’re bothered by the fact that you have a set family in the beginning, I guess. I like it, as it makes the world seem less sterile. The only issue I have with it is how at the moment it’s your only way to start a faction, so I’m hoping that changes.
  4. Lespaul521

    Patch Notes e1.0.11 / Beta Hotfix

    Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but my v1.1.0 is a lot laggier after this hotfix it seems.
  5. Lespaul521

    SP Native Dismemberment & Decapitation (Gore)

    Looks great so far! Would be awesome if the direction of the head at impact we’re dependent on the direction of your swing.
  6. Lespaul521

    Civil War/Rebellion mechanisms

    I would love if each faction had a subfaction the player could side with to start a civil war.
  7. Lespaul521

    Relationship issues

    So I'm unsure of how to build a relationship with spouse.
    Being a good listener is always the first step.
  8. Lespaul521

    This time last week we were all excited

    For Warband they already had Mount and Blades engine done and most of the base core done for the game and simply had to improve on it. Here they had to do everything from scratch, including multiple attempts to make a new custom engine from scratch. Think about how much they had to live up as well to. Warband was a really popular game, so they had to take their time in making the EA a good release to live up to those expectations. Considering the numbers on Steam are still a whopping 220.000+ players per day and a 85% positive rating, it seems like people are happy with what they made.
    This, exactly this. A new engine comes with a lot of problems. But I don't see anything at its core that's wrong with it (looking at you frostbite interaction physics).
  9. Lespaul521

    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    How did they make the map so stable in Warband from 2011? "Months to fix"? JFC - just do what they did almost a decade ago! Is it so hard to figure out that they need months to fix what seems to a simple fix? Just change some values here and there, how did they not see this coming? Did they ever play a game that lasted over a year?
    Bannerlord is a different engine and there are a ton more interacting features. It's likely that the Warband algorithm isn't balanced in this setting.

    As to why they didn't see it before, that's just how testing works. They likely had relatively short patch cycles, so testers don't have time to play 15 hours into campaigns. When I did software testing, they gave me specific tasks to run again and again. "Ad hoc" tests exist where you just play around and see what happens, but it makes more sense to get that data from the community in early access since that's what they'll do anyways.
  10. Lespaul521

    What Mods would you like to be made?

    I'm excited for Monsters' From Men but wish it was just set during the Second Nilfgaardian War or something. Like, I get taking it to a new continent adds more creative freedom, but I want to be able to explore the Witcher's Continent from a different perspective than in the books or games.
  11. Lespaul521

    Auto-block in singleplayer

    Whoever decided to remove the option of auto blocking for SP is not very smart imo. It makes me scared that there are more features that are stupid and could have been optional but they decided to lock it.
    It's more than likely coming once core bugs are addressed. Why remove an optional feature like that? Automatic blocking is more complicated to implement than manual cause the algorithm has to predict what the enemy will do. It's a new engine and AI is likely different than Warband, so it's more than likely not just a copy paste of the Warband code.
  12. Lespaul521

    This time last week we were all excited

    This time last week we were all excited for Bannerlord, wondering what it would be like, how it would compare with Warband. Oh how our dreams were crushed. I mean, it's ok, but it's not as solid as Warband.
    Oh come on, why even post this when you know your view isn't universally shared? The game has 85% positive reviews on Steam and I personally think its far better than Warband. What are you trying to do, discourage the development team?

    It's early access. I know critics don't like to hear that but it's true. Since it's such a large, community driven game, we are seeing a part of development that many games don't show. Of course there are features missing, that's the point. When testing, you don't test all the features at once because there's too many variables when something goes wrong. You start with the core mechanics and add more features once everything is working properly. Then when something breaks, you know it has something to do with the recently added feature. The Bannerlord engine is new, so there's a lot of ironing out to do. Why not make early access private? Because they get way more data this way and speeds up development.
  13. Lespaul521

    Cut his ****ing head off!

    Ex. Total war warhammer is rated Teen, even with the Blood for the blood god dlc (Noted at the bottom of Steam page "Please note that depending on your country of residence, Blood for the Blood God may raise the age rating of the main game" ). If not a mod, then maybe they make a Gore dlc in the future with the suggestions above, with a bit of dismemberment and things.

    Just something the devs can consider when the smoke clears and there is room for another cool feature, because why not? It was in MnB Warband VC dlc.
    I would definitely love more gore, so if a DLC is a way to get around ratings I'd be all for that. For better or for worse, though, TW doesn't seem like the company to charge a couple extra bucks for a DLC feature like that :lol:
  14. Lespaul521

    Cut his ****ing head off!

    This is probably a better thing for mods to do. Adding something like that will likely change the ESRB which might limit their customer base.
  15. Lespaul521

    Option to share equipments between civilian outfit and battle outfit

    This definitely seems like a bug or that it was just looked over, so hopefully they see this and change it.
  16. Lespaul521

    Extend/Adjust Slider Range in Character Customization

    The character customization screen has great potential, but it seems like the possibility range of sliders is too narrow. For example, the jaw line slider feels far too skewed towards wide jaws, and the nose slider seems too skewed towards large/wide noses. The addition of a neck width slider...
  17. Lespaul521

    Is it just me or did the new patch make game optimization ****.

    Definitely same here. I was playing on medium comfortably but now have to drop to low.
  18. Lespaul521

    Nobody reads your suggestions and tips for improving the game.

    This game is more than I could have hoped for, don't generalize based on a vocal minority...
  19. Lespaul521

    Which Empire Faction?

    Those that sided with the Empire, which faction did you choose and why?
  20. Lespaul521

    Improved Character Creation, Low Graphics Hairstyles

    I think the character creation menu is definitely lacking at the moment. I know a lot of people don't care as much about it, but as a thin guy who wants to play a more agile archer, I find it frustrating that I can't make a character that isn't beefy with a wide neck. A body weight and neck...
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