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  1. kotofey

    J'ai besoin d'aide pour traduire une lettre écrite en français.

    Already I was helped with the translation.
  2. kotofey

    J'ai besoin d'aide pour traduire une lettre écrite en français.

    Hello everyone. I need to know what say in this letter. This need for a rebuttal. This is a letter from this site dedicated to the war of 1812 in...
  3. kotofey

    Ops, wrong forum )

    Ops, wrong forum Sorry.
  4. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    We read all the comments. And take into consideration all the errors.
    It is difficult to answer immediately in a foreign language.

  5. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    maater66241 said:
    Great mod! I've been playing whenever I can. Here are some questions that I think might need some answers:

    I was carrying my musket around. Carrying the musket was fine, but when I switched it to melee mode, my right hand was carrying the musket (also, while my musket was held by right hand, the musket was on my shoulder) while the left hand seems to be holding something invisible. When I switched back to my firing mode, the musket was carried by both hands. Was this how people carried muskets back then?

    Another bug is that sometimes when defeating/killing the enemy, their hand and(sometimes) musket starts flying. They land somewhere else, duplicating the hand and musket. However, this duplicate of hand and musket can't be picked up.

    Also, no one in the game uses bayonets (well, some people use bayonets. The only people that I saw that was using their bayonets were Russian Grenadiers. Other than that, no one else.

    Overall, this mod is great. You should have crouching, formations, able to have hold fire without stopping the reloading of muskets, all fire now and much more.

    Yes, with the animation of muskets shortcomings. But for now, we will not fix it.

    Yes, I saw that weapon flies away from the unit, but I do not know why this is happening.

    I do not know how to make use infantry bayonets. If there is a solution - write to.
  6. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Docm30 said:
    Congratulations on the release. I'm having quite a bit of fun so far. I would like to see an easier way to get the specific uniforms and troops I want, though. Something like my own depot system, which should be really easy to copy.
    If you want to share the code, it would be nice)
    We can make maximum use it.
  7. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    What is needed to do with the smoke?
    In Russian villages, hired different militias, depending on the army. In the French villages can not hire nobody because we thought it was more historical.
  8. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Thanks guys)

    Not all units are available for hire, as there are a lot of them. We think of something on this subject.

    It is necessary to check the party balance on the map. We have options, but need confirmation. Suggestions and comments are accepted.
    Osp and such will be possible in the future.
  9. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Download link in the main header.
  10. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    No, a freelancer will be not, but will be rank system.

    jhspencer said:
    Not sure if I'm too late, but I was wondering if you wanted some custom music?  I could recommend pieces that would fit well with the time period, or compose some myself.  I don't know anything about modding, but I'd like to put my skills in music to use here.
    Music is already done.
    But if you want, you can make an alternative music for mod.
  11. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    The Great Dictator said:
    How are cuirasses and helmets in the mod? They going to make you super stronk?
    Not sure cuirass and helmet will make you stronger, but you'll definitely more protect.
  12. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    And so guys, release will be in the next week or two.
    Yes, Pavvvell promises that there will be new mechanics in the game based on real army movements.
  13. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Except shops and prisons, all scenes changed. Of course they are duplicated. About the village I already wrote earlier.



  14. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Work still ongoing. The date of release is left to wait a bit.
    Pavvvell make global changes in the gameplay. I do interiors. And prescribe the characteristics of items and units.

    If anyone decide to to help with corrections dialogues about Calradia, we are grateful.

  15. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    Dangerdude said:
    I do not understand what it means?

    Town Walls
    Cannons do not act just a part of the fortifications.
    Also made a new interface. And done a "small" optimization of shakos and helmets.





    Well, I hope in a month and a half will be released alpha.

  16. kotofey

    Castle Siege Crashes

    In any BRF files, click "scan module for errors."
    And try to fix them.
  17. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    On the global map certainly there Borodino.
    And you go to this locality. I tried to make both at the panorama Roubaud. where are located three villages - Semenovskooe, Borodino, and Gorki.
  18. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    It seems a recognizable terrain, turned out to make )


  19. kotofey

    Can you translate the text to English?

    Warband Module Decompiler - convert text mod files into Python files modular system, ready for editing and compilation. In fact, this program allows you to get a modular system of any mod, regardless of whether to publish its author.

    Note that resulting from the use of this program files can only be used for personal purposes. Otherwise, including if you plan to publish the results, you must first obtain permission from the author of the original mod.

    Select the folder or file through the user interface module, or drag and drop from Windows Explorer into the program window, or manually enter the source and, if required, the resulting path.
    Select mode decompilation:
    If you decompile events under the Mount & Blade, select Vanilla;
    If you decompile events under Warband v1.153 + WSE or WFaS v1.143, select WSE;
    if you decompile under Warband mod without WSE, select Warband.
    Press Decompile.
    For successful decompilation folder should have all text files of module.

    Names of local variables will be lost
    (store_script_param_1, ": center_no")
    (store_script_param_1, ": var 0")
    Sometimes instead of constant names will be their values
    (unlock_achievement, ACHIEVEMENT_THIS_IS_OUR_LAND),
    (unlock_achievement, 56)

    Move to the folder with the replacement of the modular system the filesand also variables.txt and variable_uses.txt.
    It is advisable to keep the original exported folder variables.txt
    Set in export_dir
    Double-run builder
    If successful, you will receive a text file of the module original almost identical, except for the changes made by you.
  20. kotofey

    SP Musket Era 1812 Russian Campaign

    A few new villages. In most villages i replaced the stone houses on wooden. Also did some completely new.



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