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  1. TimotheusTheReal

    King Derthert owns half of all fiefs

    In my campaign, Derthert takes all the fiefs for himself. Never allowing us lords to get. I feel very rebellious and I want to bring down Derthert! Is there a way to instigate revolt?
  2. TimotheusTheReal

    Trouble understanding workshops

    Allright, I got two workshops running in NW parts of Calradia. Prosperous (4000+) towns. This area is known for hides and mines. I opened a tannery and it was absolute ****e in regards of income (nothing to a few coins). Changed it into a silversmith studio and it nets me around 40-60 gold each...
  3. TimotheusTheReal

    Interest in captain based organization?

    I'm looking for to extend my network with other captains to create lobbies and play with voip/discord, not quite like a clan, more like a loose band/federation with average to better players that are committed to cooperate and follow the chosen generals instructions for each battles/or making...
  4. TimotheusTheReal

    3.9 Literally Unplayable

    I didnt find bug reports thread, however just want to give devs heeds up for this. Btw great mod you have made! edit; This is not a bug, just minor report
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