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  1. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    of course he would, he is a god damned khorne berzerker with a single thought in his head. speaking of my beloved Sturgia. I really hope you guys would add some way to cross that lake or sea. Let say from Varnovapol to Diathma or something along these lines.
    Sturgian reaction time is horrible due to snow, forest and shape of terrain. it almost impossible to react accordingly to the threats from NE and Khuzait.
    I'll pass on the feedback, thanks.
  2. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    pffft magic wands... blood sacrifices is the way to go
    Prince Raganvad would agree, blood eagle for the ultimate sacrifice :wink:
    oh that's great, I hope it comes soon. I will give feedback after the changes then, thank you
    Great, thank you!
  3. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    The new siege map needs balancing, it's impossible for attackers to win. There are way too many high spots for defenders to have archers (and they probably have very good spawns as well), while for attackers it takes way too long to get to flag points and you get shot up by then anyway
    The next patch will bring around quite a few changes to the new siege maps but if you have any feedback, please check out the Maps section and leave your feedback there for the specific map.
  4. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    how about you fix performance?
    Sure thing pal, let me whip out a magic wand. There, done... If you're facing any issues, please report them to our technical support. I believe the last year of updates clearly shows that we improved the performance in a multitude of ways. If that's not the case for you or others, please make sure to report it. Your patience with this is appreciated.
    Thanks for all updates you do.
    You're welcome, thank you for the message.
  5. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Hotfix 21/04/21


    • Fixed a crash that occurred after the initial Skirmish match loading process.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the multiplayer lobby to freeze for several seconds during login.
    • Both range and melee troops AI has been improved in Captain mode. It will now make more accurate attacking and defending behaviour decisions.


    • Fixed a bug that caused ranged units not to swap to a melee weapon when the player charged towards them.
  6. Dejan

    Siege down in EU

    We're aware of the issues with custom servers and are working on fixing them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Dejan

    BL Other Copyright / commercial use of videos made with Bannerlord mods?

    @AW111 any let's play or other videos being posted online and getting ad revenue by platforms such as YouTube and Twitch is allowed. Using game footage to create f.e. a prime video, charging anyone to watch it or otherwise sell it is not. Creating an ad using the game and selling it to agencies is likewise not allowed. In essence, everything except turning on the ads on various platforms isn't allowed.
  8. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Perhaps you could just write this next time for the people wating. No need to mention which crash you tried to fix just say: "We added a potential fix for a crash" and that is all. Sure it is not a real information but it satisfies the interest of the people without raising expectations.
    Also a strategy that could be used in other areas. I think in this forum as silly as it sounds saying something that has no significant amount of information value could be better then just being silent for multiple days at a time.
    Take @Duh_TaleWorlds as an example. He replies to community suggestions and even if he has no important information about a topic it is better to hear him say this because then the people know that it has been noticed and concidered.
    In my opinion if Callum and Dejan would also try this more often we would have way less trouble with unhappy fans because the development feels more alive even if nothing in the actual process changed.
    That's fair feedback and I'll try to take it into account as much as possible in the future.
    Half a year ago i could play the game with maxed out graphics with relative ease. A bit of lag and stutter sometimes and a crash but overall it was playable.
    Now with the current patch even on lowest quality settings the game stutters and lags like hell and is quite frankly unplayable. May i therefore ask what the solution to this will be?

    Another hotfix? Or waiting for another patch? Or should i go back to the version half a year ago to play? I ask because quite frankly i stopped playing because of the crashes but now i would gladly take a crash every 2 hours instead.
    Sorry to hear you're facing these issues. If you haven't yet, make sure to report them to our technical support. You may also check Common Issues and Workarounds or Known Issues. I know it's not much to go on but your and our best bet is to report the issues you come across and we'll do our best to fix them.
    I want to know what the patches are because I can tell you if they worked by performing the relevant in game actions.
    I'll pass on the comment, thanks.
    My comments produced your response.
    Not at all, I would advise you to leave the snarky comments out next time. I am happy to reply if you ping me.
  9. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    tbf i see where your coming from in that it can be pointless to say we fixed this single crash however i know alot of the community even if it is a single crash fixed want to know what is in a patch since it then feels alot more like communciation

    i do know that people will be upset and make jokes like "haha when new sheep texture" but thats more casue people are waiting for the bigger updates
    I understand that yes and we do push out patch notes for all relevant fixes and changes. The one published yesterday was, as mentioned, omitted for a reason though so that we can confirm some of the crash fixes before letting you know they have indeed been fixed. In my opinion, it can and will be even more frustrating for the player to go in-game only to face an issue that he had thought was fixed already.
  10. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Well @Callum @Dejan what was the tiny patch today? Is it you guys's day off? Is this just a micro-part time job to be community managers for tw? I mean that's fine and understandable, I just don't see how else nobody can not be bothered to just post a patch note.

    IS there another community that need managing I don't know about?
    If we release no patch notes alongside a patch, then it contained smaller fixes not worth mentioning or was not mentioned for a specific reason. The one pushed out yesterday contained a couple of crash fixes that we decided to monitor before confirming they've been fixed.

    You can take your passive-aggressive attitude elsewhere, thank you. If you have anything productive to say, I would be more than happy to listen to you though.
  11. Dejan

    Suggestion General A Proposal For TaleWorlds to Provide an Open-Source Fork of Module Source Code

    Well I did. In several threads actually. Perhaps he just blocked me :razz:
    I haven't, of course :wink:

    This idea was rejected at the meeting for now but that doesn't exclude it completely as an option in the future. I'll make sure to relay your concerns with the current setup though and see if we can find a solution. Thank you everyone for your valuable input.
  12. Dejan

    Discussion Suggestion Unseal CharacterObject or Replace Declarations with BasicCharacterObject

    Hello, please refer to this part of the documentation to further understand why the classes you mentioned are sealed, your solution already goes in the direction of the one presented in the page:
  13. Dejan

    complaint to whoever's responsible for the bans in-game

    Communications Abuse
    Respect fellow players
    . Treat people how you want to be treated. There’s no excuse for in-game harassment, offensive language, hate speech, threats or bullying in any shape or form. The TaleWorlds community accepts and welcomes everyone, no matter their colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.
    As mentioned by others, in any shape or form. If you have an offensive steam nickname that goes against our code of conduct such as "I hate niggers" or "rapemaster2000" then we will take action.

    Offensive nicknames and behavior like that don't have a place in our game and community. If you believe that's cool, fun or edgy then you should reconsider your way of thinking or get professional help.

    If you see it in-game, report it.
  14. Dejan

    complaint to whoever's responsible for the bans in-game

    Before actually discussing the ban, why did you bring forward the Steam account linked in the OP when this is the account that was banned for the message shown in the OP image?
  15. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Wow, impressive as always. Thanks!
    Thank you, I appreciate your positivity.
  16. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Hotfix 14/04/21


    • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the launcher.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when talking to an army member.
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when trying to edit the gold amount on the barter screen.

    • Fixed a bug that prevented the colour grade selection from working correctly in photo mode.
    • Fixed the incorrectly displayed name of the army leader in the pillaging menu which occurred if the army leader had died during the siege.


    • Improved stability of the intermission screen.
  17. Dejan

    Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    Awesome initiative @Nodice83, thank you for all the effort you've put into summing it up. Likewise, thank you to everyone that decided to chip in with your feedback, it's appreciated and will be forwarded and discussed internally.
  18. Dejan

    Made a short cinematic montage.

    Nice vid @Jymy175, I too liked the crossbow shot. (y)
  19. Dejan

    Bannerlord Armor System as a bottleneck for tactical gameplay

    @Dejan can you ask if the material flag (Cloth, Leather, Chainmail, Plate) for armor is supposed to be used in armor calculations? It occurs to me that if it is meant to apply an additional bonus for the more protective types, then we might just be victims of an unfortunate and longstanding bug.
    Apologies for the late reply. The material flag is used for sound only, nothing else.
  20. Dejan

    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Just for clarification, no Beta patch is being released today. We're just moving Beta e1.5.9 to Live e1.5.9.
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